Dominik Mysterio has very quickly settled in as part of the furniture on WWE programming, coming across as a complete natural in feuds with Seth Rollins and Murphy and interactions with his father Rey Mysterio on Monday Night RAW.

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But is there anyone who the younger Mysterio would love to wrestle against if given the chance? Well, actually there is! During a recent interview with prominent wrestling interviewer Chris van Vliet, Mysterio mentioned a very interesting name as someone he’d like to face in the future.

That name was none other than David Benoit, the son of the late Chris Benoit, who has previously expressed a desire to step foot inside a ring and pursue a career in professional wrestling. Here’s what he said,

“I’d love that. I think that in itself is a historic generational match because that’s so cool. I haven’t talked to David in a while, but we’ve communicated when I was at Storm’s because, I believe, he lives in Edmonton and that’s a three-hour drive from Calgary. So, we communicated and we’ve talked before, and I would like to say we were good friends back in the day because our parents would always take us out to dinner together. We would go to eat at Rainforest Cafe and go to Dinosaur Museums together, so it was really cool, and I’d love to eventually work with him one day.” (H/T WrestlingInc)

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Now, the likelihood that actually happening are pretty slim as David Benoit still hasn’t undertaken any official wrestling training, and even then, the two would have to find themselves working for the same wrestling promotion at the same time.

Still, generational clashes between the children of famous wrestlers are always sought after matches to book, so if there’s a possibility that it could happen it’s very likely a promotion somewhere, WWE or otherwise, will try and make it happen!

Until then we’ll have to make do with seeing Dominik Mysterio on SmackDown Live, where he’s recently been drafted alongside the rest of his family.

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