When he first made his debut on WWE television, Drew McIntyre was introduced to the ring by Vince McMahon himself. Not only did the WWE Chairman dub him as “The Chosen One,” but predicted in the promo that McIntyre will one day become a future WWE Champion. Over a decade later, that prediction has finally become a reality. The Scottish native did the unthinkable when he defeated Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania 36 to become the new WWE Champion.

As the champion, and as has been the case with every champion before him, McIntyre is expected by the Chairman of the Board to uphold a proud, positive image both on and off camera as someone who is deserving of representing the company with a title with over 50 years worth of history. So far, McIntyre has done an outstanding job of doing just that, but when we look at old images from his past that the Chairman could take umbrage with, we have some second thoughts.

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Debut Drew McIntyre NXT 

McIntyre: There Can Be Only One WM36 Edition

14The Ex Who Abused Him

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While she was still with WWE, former Playmate Taryn Terell (known onscreen as Tiffany) married Drew McIntyre in real life. Their relationship went downhill towards divorce when she was arrested for domestic abuse after attacking him. Getting beat up by a woman probably isn’t Vince’s idea of a WWE Champion.

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13Shooting On WWE With EC3

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Back in 2016, while Drew McIntyre was in EVOLVE two years after getting fired by WWE and while EC3 was in IMPACT, the latter invaded EVOLVE and cut a shoot promo criticizing WWE, which McIntyre co-signed every word gleefully. Within five years, they’d both be wrestling for WWE. EC3 just got fired earlier this week.

12Fighting A Little Person … And Losing

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During his jobber days right before getting released, Drew McIntyre lost to everybody, including a little person named El Torito. Yes, he not only saw himself struggling in a one on one match with someone twice his size, he was actually pinned by that same little person. No one would’ve guessed he’d become WWE Champion years afterwards.

11Hanging Out With Chris Jericho

chris jericho points at the nxt champion with his belt

Granted, Drew McIntyre should be in the clear for hanging out with a former AEW Champion since AEW did not exist at the time (McIntyre was NXT Champion in late 2017), but seeing as Jericho was not working for WWE at the time either and months away from his NJPW return, Vince might think this is a little sketchy.

10Party Boy

wwe superstars at a costume party

As WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre is expected to uphold a positive, professional image as a representative of the company. This throwback costume party pic of him with his now ex-wife Tiffany and his current buddy Sheamus is neither professional or very positive. Unless you think being a party boy is a positive thing.

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9Three’s Company

drew mcintyre at a party

Another pic from his party boy days, but this is actually a pic that even McIntyre himself may not want circulating around the internet. Vince may have his own issues with this shot, but with McIntyre now being a married man with children, this is not something he would want his wife to see, even if the picture was taken a decade ago.

8Partying With Ex WWE Stars

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Sharing drinks with current stars Cesaro and Sheamus is questionable enough, but partying with Luke Harper and Alberto Del Rio provides a new gray area (even if this pic was taken before they all left). Vince McMahon already rarely mentions ex stars on TV, but since Harper has become a McMahon parody on AEW TV and ADR has criticized WWE openly since leaving, this is awkward.

7Scottish Backside

with sheamus and jinder mahal from wwe, drew's wedding day

While preparing for his wedding to his current wife in 2016, Drew got together with his groomsmen (which just so happened to include his co-workers Jinder Mahal and Sheamus) and decided to moon the camera. All in good fun on the best day of his life, but Vince McMahon may not take kindly to the imagery.

6Helping To Bury Jon Moxley

drew mcintyre punches dean ambrose

In the leading weeks to WrestleMania, Vince McMahon was so bitter about Dean Ambrose (now AEW Champion Jon Moxley) leaving WWE that he booked him in several brutal matches where he brutally lost to Drew McIntyre in hardcore matches during his final days as an active performer there. Now, after all that, Vince won’t even let Moxley get mentioned on WWE TV.

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5Practicing DDP Yoga With DDP

ddp does yoga with ddp

In theory, there should not be too much wrong with a photo like this since DDP and his Yoga has made such a profound impact on people like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, but seeing his WWE Champion hanging out with someone who is currently working for AEW might not be something Vince McMahon wants his fans to see.

4Champion For The Competition

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Back when IMPACT Wrestling could still be taken just a little bit seriously as competition for WWE, Drew McIntyre went there after being fired by WWE and became World Heavyweight Champion. Seeing someone he previously booked as a jobber finally reach the promise land on a big stage other than his own has to eat Vince McMahon away inside.

3Dark Days With Shane McMahon

shane and drew with a trophy in the ring

Everybody (as in regards to the fans) loves Drew McIntyre now, but about this time last year, people despised the sight of him because he was working as Shane McMahon’s bodyguard at a time when Shane had go away heat. No fans wanted to see Shane on TV and in turn, they started to feel the same about McIntyre.


Speaking of dark days, let’s go back to talking about the end of days of Drew McIntyre’s run with WWE where he was in a modern JOB Squad with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater; they lost just about every match to everyone. Especially now that he’s champion and with Slater released, don’t expect Vince McMahon to bring up his 3MB days anytime soon.

1Skinny Boy, Before The Fame

drew mcintyre in purple pants

Now that he is hugely ripped with facial hair in the right places, Drew McIntyre looks like the ideal image for what a World Heavyweight Champion should look like, but when he first started wrestling, no one would have thought this scrawny kid would ever get to WWE, yet only become a champion.

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