WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is the man on top of the wrestling mountain right now and is someone that everybody is rightfully talking about. His storylines are getting more attention than ever before, and he really has stepped up his game to new levels.RELATED:Drew McIntyre WWE News Injury photos and video online

But throughout his career, Drew hasn’t always been a top performer. He’s had great feuds with tons of wrestlers, although there have been some low moments as well.

10Best: Bobby Lashley

This is one of Drew McIntyre’s most recent rivalries and is certainly one of his best. The rivalry was incredibly engaging and not only helped establish Drew as a top champion, but it brought Bobby Lashley to a totally new level.

At Backlash 2020, the two strongmen had an amazing match against each other for the WWE Championship and with MVP also bringing plenty to the table here, there were tons of positives that fans really enjoyed.

Drew McIntyre WWE Top 10 moments Career photos and video online

9Worst: Kofi Kingston

The storyline between Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre was early on in both men’s career and while it was obvious they both had big futures, this one just didn’t quite connect in the way it should have.

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Their matches were fine, but nothing special and that stopped this from becoming a memorable moment of Drew McIntyre’s career, which was a shame.

8Best: Ethan Carter III

Drew McIntyre’s run in TNA was an important section of his wrestling career as it allowed him to step up and prove himself after his WWE release. He had a lot of great storylines during that time, but his best rivalry was absolutely against Ethan Carter III.

WWE really would have benefited for having them feud against each other in NXT or on the main roster as they had fantastic chemistry together which meant they really could have done something special as they did in TNA.

7Worst: Bobby Roode

This was Drew McIntyre’s first major feud since he returned to WWE with NXT, but it wasn’t one of his strongest. While it did a fine job of establishing Drew as a totally different prospect, their matches just didn’t connect.

Bobby Roode’s old-school style didn’t fully mesh with Drew’s in-ring style and hard-hitting approach which meant this didn’t fully click. Plus, Drew hadn’t fully found his footing yet, which meant they never did hit top gear.

6Best: Brock Lesnar

This was the rivalry that put Drew McIntyre on the map as far as being a main event star and while they didn’t get the epic WrestleMania clash in front of a major crowd, this rivalry was still an amazing one.

The pop from the Royal Rumble elimination alone makes this feud iconic. The Beast sold for Drew perfectly whenever they encountered each other and it just allowed for a truly special storyline that created a brand new main eventer.

5Worst: Trent Baretta

Most fans have likely forgotten Drew McIntyre’s brief feud against Trent Baretta on SmackDown which was a very one-sided one. Trent Baretta worked against Drew for several weeks and sometimes shockingly getting the better of the Scotsman. This storyline also had Kelly Kelly in the mix as Drew tried to court the blonde Diva.

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The entire situation with Kelly Kelly was one that just didn’t work at all. He was a heel and Kelly Kelly was always a perfect babyface, with his attempts to woo her just ending in disaster, which made nobody look good.

4Best: Roman Reigns

This storyline created Drew McIntyre’s first-ever singles match at WrestleMania and it was certainly a major turning point for his career. Roman Reigns was fresh back from his battle with Leukemia, and having Drew be his first big feud instantly made him a big deal.

They had some fun matches as well during this period and even though Drew didn’t come out on top, he was instantly made to be legitimate. This story also opened up the chance for Drew to have a major PPV tag team match with The Undertaker, which created one of the Deadman’s best bouts in recent years.

3Worst: Teddy Long

While this wasn’t a feud that resulted in a match between them, it was a major part of Drew McIntyre’s time on SmackDown. However, the fact that they could never really have a big pay-off match was part of the problem.

Things just never hit the final gear and the lack of finish didn’t help things. The feud always ended up with Drew coming off the worst and that really stopped him from building momentum.

2Best: Andrade

NXT was a turning point in Drew McIntyre’s career, and during that time he had an amazing feud with Andrade. They had fantastic chemistry together in the ring and they really made their storyline be one full of passion and desire.

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The fact that Drew McIntyre got injured may not have been ideal, but it meant that this feud ended in a perfect manner, leaving plenty on the table for the future.

1Worst: Los Matadores

Drew McIntyre’s lowest point was when he ended up as a member of 3MB. It led to plenty of poor moments from him as he was clearly being wasted as a talent and the storyline against Los Matadores was the worst of the bunch.

3MB were usually just dragged out to be defeated by someone, but with Los Matadores, there was a legitimate storyline. The only problem was how over-the-top with comedy it was, which just didn’t work.