WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Beth Phoenix (Beth Kocianski Copeland ...

In his documentary WWE 24, The Rated R Superstar Edge revealed how he began his relationship with Beth Phoenix.

Edge reveals when he started dating Beth Phoenix in the documentary WWE 24

WWE Hall of Fame member Edge never thought he’d find love at work again. However Edge and “The Glamazon” Beth Phoneix, are one of the favorite couples of WWE.

WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Edge (Adam Copeland) and his wife WWE ...

In his documentary of WWE 24, Edge He talked about the first time they met and the things they had in common, where they trained and who they knew outside of work.

“Beth and I started dating after having a special connection the day I left the ring. This happened at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. “

“It was crazy. We were friendly to each other, but we didn’t know each other. That day, we started talking. ‘I had no idea that he trained in the same gym as me and with the same people. I was also surprised that he went to the same pubs I went to. »

WWE Hall of Fame couple Edge (Adam Copeland) and Beth Phoenix ...

“The relationship with the woman I am married to and with whom I have two beautiful daughters began at that time.”

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