is preparing to return to WWE, perhaps even as soon as tonight’s episode of Raw.

The women’s revolution in WWE has changed a lot of things about the division in the company for the better. A large chunk of the women’s roster is now made up of wrestlers who were hired based on their work in the ring rather than how they look in their underwear. Others who continued to compete after the revolution took hold needed to evolve, and credit where its due, some of them did.

Nikki Bella is a name that stands out in regard to someone who upped her game in the ring in order to remain competitive. However, as all of this went on around her, Eva Marie felt a little like a product of a bygone era in the company. Whether that’s what led to her leaving in in 2017 or not, Marie has instead focused on her movie career since stepping away from the ring.

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Rumors have been swirling that Marie has been nearing a WWE return. According to Cultaholic, the time has come. In fact, the site claims that sources have told it Marie could return as soon as tonight’s Raw. Night one of WWE’s 2020 draft was livened up by the return of Lars Sullivan. Perhaps night two will mark the return of Marie, who hasn’t wrestled a match for more than four years.

One of Marie’s final angles before leaving WWE involved her finding excuses to avoid wrestling. They included getting stuck in traffic and even a famous wardrobe malfunction. She also partnered up with Mandy Rose when the two were in NXT together. That resulted in Rose being branded the next Marie, which hasn’t been the case.

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Since Rose is on Raw, Marie might well be re-introduced via an angle with her former friend. It could be the reason why Rose was moved to Monday nights in the first place but still doesn’t explain why WWE couldn’t hold off on pulling the trigger until the draft. It will be interesting to see what role Marie will play in WWE when she returns and if it’s an in-ring one, whether she has improved at all.

Eva Marie WWE Return RAW photos and video online GIF