The evil manipulative boss trying to wield their power over certain Superstars has been commonplace in wrestling for a long time. The Austin-McMahon storyline from the late 90s really kickstarted the boss vs employee angle to great effect. Since then, there have been attempts to replicate the success this storyline had.

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However, authority figures in wrestling are not always heels. We have seen Commissioners and General Managers down the years be babyfaces and it has worked very well. Clashes between these authority figures and wrestlers have been played out a lot in the past 20 years or so. Some of them a very memorable, other not so much.

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10Karen Jarrett Vs Velvet Sky

The Velvet Sky vs Karen Jarrett feud from TNA is easily forgotten. Jarrett was an Impact executive during this time and her stint in this role consisted of her hurling abuse at TNA Knockout Velvet Sky.

This would include Jarrett labelling Sky as a ‘stripper’ among other demeaning insults. This storyline garnered a lot of negative press among wrestling journalist and although Velvet Sky denied that there was any real-life animosity between her and Jarrett, it certainly made for uncomfortable viewing.

9Teddy Long Vs Drew McIntyre

Normally in wrestling, the authority figure would exercise his power over the wrestler. In the case of Teddy Long vs Drew McIntyre however, the opposite happened. Long was the long-time babyface General Manager of SmackDown and McIntyre at the time was the villain.

After Long was suspended as SmackDown GM by Vince McMahon, McIntyre proceeded to make his life a misery at every available opportunity. This angle did not quite get the heat that WWE was probably expecting and it fell rather flat.

8William Regal Vs Tajiri

William Regal was WWE Commissioner in the first half of 2001. He left his post when he joined Team Alliance after turning on Kurt Angle, defecting to the team led by Shane and Stephanie McMahon. He was then made Alliance Commissioner and was involved in a feud with former tag partner Tajiri.

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The two faced off at Survivor Series 2001, where Regal was victorious over his former ally rather quickly after a double underhook powerbomb on the Japanese Buzzsaw.

7Kurt Angle Vs Torrie Wilson

After Big Show quit WWE on an episode of SmackDown in 2004, he confronted Torrie Wilson whom he suspected of laughing at him. Show looked like he was going to throw Wilson off a balcony until SmackDown General Manager Kurt Angle talked him out of it. Show then grabbed Angle and chokeslammed him off the balcony instead.

In the next few weeks, Angle, now wheelchair-bound, took the injury out on Wilson. At Judgement Day 2004, Angle forced Torrie into a match with Dawn Marie, with the stipulation being that she would be fired if she lost. Wilson won the match and kept her job.

6Vickie Guerrero Vs Santino/Santina Marella

Vickie Guerrero was appointed interim Raw General Manager in 2009 in Stephanie McMahon’s absence. After her separation from Edge, she became the permanent Raw general manager where she began a rivalry with Santino Marella.

After Santino Marella had insulted Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero for her weight, Vickie faced Santina Marella on Raw with his/her “Miss WrestleMania” crown on the line. With help from William Regal, Vickie won the match and the “Miss WrestleMania” crown.

5Triple H Vs Big Show

In 2013 Big Show became involved in a feud with The Authority. After speaking out against Triple H, Show was placed in a 3-on-1 handicap match against The Shield, which he lost. He was then subjected to more torment. Triple H and Stephanie claimed that Show was “broke” and couldn’t afford to lose his job. In order to keep it they forced him to KO Punch Daniel Bryan, Dusty Rhodes and The Miz.

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The storyline would culminate at Survivor Series 2014 when Show was on Team Cena’s against Team Authority. In the match Show turned on Team Cena, knocking out John Cena and shaking hands with Triple H before eliminating himself by getting counted out.

4Paul Heyman Vs John Cena

Paul Heyman was hired as SmackDown General Manager in 2003, replacing Stephanie McMahon. Heyman was, of course, a heel and did his best to keep down the top babyfaces on the roster, John Cena.

On the January 15th 2003 episode of SmackDown, Cena faced Rhyno in a “Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap” match. Cena won the match and afterwards, he fed Heyman some soap.

3Corporate Kane Vs Daniel Bryan

Kane was announced as Director of Operations by The Authority in late 2013. Kane began wearing suits during this time and was being referred to as ‘Corporate Kane.’ He began a feud with former Team Hell No partner Daniel Bryan.

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Kane booked himself in a match with Bryan on the February 17th, 2014 episode of Raw where he was disqualified after refusing to break the referees five-count. Kane would go onto cost Bryan his shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Elimination Chamber, helping The Authority do everything possible to keep Bryan down.

2William Regal Vs Triple H

William Regal became Raw General Manager in 2007 after winning an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. On New Year’s Eve 2007, Triple H was scheduled to face Ric Flair in a Career Threatening match. GM Regal added the stipulation that if Triple H did not win, he would not be able to compete in the 2008 Royal Rumble.

During the match Regal would punch Flair in the face with the brass knuckles forcing a disqualification, thus ensuring Triple H would not compete at the Rumble. The following week on Raw Roulette, Triple H got his revenge defeating Regal in a First Blood match after repeated blows to the Raw GM’s forehead.

1John Laurinaitis Vs CM Punk

Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis and CM Punk became involved in a rivalry during 2011 and 2012. After repeatedly questioning Laurinaitis’ integrity, Punk was placed in a gauntlet match and frequently had the odds stacked against him.

Laurinaitis was scheduled to face Punk on the January 23rd episode of Raw. However, the Raw GM backed out of the match, putting David Otunga in his place. Punk did hit Laurinitis with a GTS but was subsequently hit with a sneak attack from Dolph Ziggler.

The Raw GM announced himself as the Special Enforcer for his WWE Championship match against Dolph Zigger. However, he could not stop Punk from retaining the title.

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