When it comes to famous performers with an incredible amount of starpower, few people on the planet are currently on the same level as Gal Gadot. The former model has appeared in some of the biggest franchises on the planet, including the Fast and Furious franchise and the DCEU.

Now that she is making the move to Netflix, she has commanded a massive payday for herself. Unlike other stars that have landed a big project on the streaming platform, Gal Gadot secured the bag, netting herself a gargantuan salary in the process. Of course, few performers can do what she can do on the big screen, but this will assuredly open the door for others to follow suit.

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So, how did Gal Gadot get to the point where she’s making a mint on Netflix? Let’s take a look at how she managed to build her empire!

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The Fast And Furious Paves The Way

Gal Gadot Fast

Unlike other former models that try their hand at acting and eventually fall out, Gal Gadot has only continued to build on her acting skills over time. However, let’s rewind back to her first big break in the Fast and Furious franchise and sees how she started to get the ball rolling on her massive empire.

Back in 2009, Gal Gadot made her initial appearance in the franchise in the film Fast and Furious. What makes this exceptionally impressive is that this was her first film appearance, as well. Naturally, landing a role in a franchise this big can do wonders in making someone a star, and this would not be the only appearance that she would make in the famed franchise.

Over the next 6 years, Gal Gadot would continue making appearances as the character Gisele in the franchise, ultimately appearing in a total of 4 films. Given that these movies all generated a considerable amount of cash, it makes sense that audiences wanted more of the beautiful and talented Gadot. Sure, appearing in a huge franchise does not guarantee success in the long run, but there is no denying the type of impact that the Fast and Furious franchise has had on her career.

Impressively, it would be during this time that Gadot would land roles in other notable projects, including Date Night and Knight and Day. These films, while not as big as anything in her first franchise, certainly helped her gain crossover appeal with other audiences. As we would see, however, her transition into another franchise really took things to another level.

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The Wonderful World Of DC

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Now that she had gained a considerable amount of exposure thanks to the Fast and Furious franchise, Gadot was ready to transition into more of a starring role, and once she dipped her toes into the DCEU, it was game over for other performers looking to enter the fold and eventually take over.

Just one year after making her final Fast and Furious appearance, Gadot would land the role of Wonder Woman and make her first appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to IMDb. The film would find a ton of box office success, and many people loved what Gadot brought to the table as Wonder Woman. She was a stark contrast from Lynda Carter’s version of the character, and she made it all her own immediately.

From this point on, there was no looking back for Gadot, as she quickly became the face of the franchise. Despite its peaks and valleys, people wanted more of Wonder Woman, and they got what they wanted in 2017 when the character got her own film.

Turns out, Gadot was ready to be a star the entire time, and the first Wonder Woman film made over $820 million at the worldwide box office. This showed how powerful Gadot’s pull was, and it quickly set the DCEU on the right path.

Now that Gal had been part of two massive franchises and was serving as the face of one, it was time for her to venture out and secure the bag.