When Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019, the world was introduced to The Mandalorian, a live-action television series about a Mandalorian bounty hunter, which is set within the iconic Star Wars universe. People instantly fell in love with the exciting action, The Child, and the overall story. Fans enjoy seeing and hearing the show’s actors and actresses, such as Giancarlo Esposito, Amy Sedaris, Richard Ayoade, Bill Burr, and Gina Carano.On the show, Carano plays Carasynthia “Cara” Dune, who used to be a rebel shock trooper. Cara teams up with the title character. Gina Carano actually got her start as a mixed martial artist. Since retiring from competition, she has been focusing on acting. She had roles in popular films such as Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool, and now, she is known by even more people around the world, due to her part in The Mandalorian.Whether she is in the ring, on the red carpet, hanging out with furry friends, posing in a magazine, or taking behind-the-scenes selfies with notable celebs, one thing is for sure: Gina Carano is simply stunning. We can’t wait to see even more of her, on Disney+ and beyond!Gina Carano photos and video online top pictures

20On The Red Carpet

Джина Карано рука

At a red carpet event for the show, Carano was giving off major Belle vibes…and she is sort of a Disney princess now! The golden color of this dress is just beautiful, and the low ponytail and red headband were both nice touches. We love this elegant, yet whimsical look.

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19In The Ring

gina carano in the ring

Sometimes, she is not in a gown, she does not have full glam going on, and she is not posing pretty for the cameras. In those instances, though, she is just as gorgeous, including in this example, where she is in the ring, wearing athletic clothes and covered in sweat.

18Rocking A Leather Jacket

gina carano leather jacket

On another red carpet, she went for a more casual ensemble, and the main attraction was this amazing leather jacket. From the shoulders and the zipper to the overall fit, this was a good choice and a very appropriate one, since it has a toughness to it, just like Carano does.


gina carano laughing

For some further proof that this star is stunning, just look at this photo: We don’t know what she is laughing at, and we don’t even care…

All that matters is that megawatt smile that lights up the room and the screen!

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16In Fast & Furious 6

gina carano Fast & Furious 6

As mentioned, Carano was in Fast & Furious 6, which was released in 2013. It starred Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Walker. In that film, Carano played Riley Hicks, a DSS agent.

15Covered In Sparkles

gina carano white dress

It is amazing to see this celebrity go from tough, athletic, and fierce looks to the sparkly and shimmering ones, such as this white dress. It is covered in interesting geometric shapes, which are silver and eye-catching. Once again, the hair and makeup choices finish it all off nicely.

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14Lounging Around

gina carano bed

In this next image, Carano is just hanging out on a bed. She is wearing a sheer yellow coverup with some ruffle details on the sleeves. Her luscious locks are down, waving gently around her face, and she is smiling softly. In short, this is stunning, and she is stunning!

13In A Crop Top

gina carano crop top

It is common to see her in form-fitting outfits since she is an athlete and since she does have that body to show off to the world. For instance, there are several photos out there of her in a crop top. If we looked like this, we, too, would rock this style as often as possible.

12At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

gina carano star wars galaxy's edge

Recently, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions opened up at Disney theme parks (Disneyland and Disneyworld), and tons of people have gone to visit these magical lands, including some celebrities. So, since Carano is now featured in a Star Wars TV show, it certainly makes sense that she would visit, as well.

11Looking Fierce

gina carano fight

Remember: this chick is a fighter. She started out in Muay Thai and then switched to competitive MMA (Mixed martial arts). In Muay Thai, she had a competitive record of 12–1–1, and in MMA, a 7–1.

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10In Deadpool

gina carano deadpool

In 2016, Deadpool came out, starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. In this film, Carano portrayed Angel Dust, an artificially-mutated member (with extreme strength and speed) of the program that made Deadpool.

9With Braids

gina carano braids

Next up is another photograph from Carano’s competitive fighting days, and in this particular image, she has her hair in braids. So to recap, whether she has an elegantly styled ponytail, natural waves that flow down around her face, a short cut for a movie, or an athletic look like this, she is stunning.

8On Conan

gina carano conan

Since this star is in notable films and television series’, she has made her rounds on popular talk shows, such as Conan. While appearing on that show, she opted for a red dress with black details. She looked sophisticated and stylish, yet also strong…which is her in a nutshell.

7With Her Pets

gina carano pets

Recently, Carano shared this pic to Instagram, with a caption about trying to get fighting siblings together for a family photo. She used the hashtags, #MoonB and #OllieG. The fact that she has furry friends, and that she poses with such adorable animals, makes us love this celeb even more!

6During This Photoshoot

gina carano photoshoot

Here is an additional photo that shows off this woman’s beauty. She is modeling in a photoshoot. She is standing against a plain blue background. Gina is wearing a blazer-style dress and some black, high-heeled shoes. From head to toe, this is true perfection, as usual, and of course.

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5In This Selfie

gina carano selfie

As stated, Carano looks amazing, even when snapping a simple selfie. In this one, she is wearing a dark-colored ensemble, made up of a sweater and a beanie. She is flashing that soft smile again. And she went with a black and white filter, which adds some depth and drama.

4Striking A Pose

Once upon a time, this actress wore this blue dress and it was everything. It had thick straps at the top, which showed off her strong shoulders. It had a slim fit, which showed off her curves. And the color was very flattering against her skin tone and hair color.

3Having A Pin-Up Moment

In this photoshoot, there was a pin-up theme! Her outfit has a retro feel to it. The pearl necklace added a nice touch…it’s like she was channeling June Cleaver. The hair and makeup were the cherries on top of this super cute look.

2In Her Element

It is obvious that Carano looks fabulous when starring in movies and walking the red carpet, but there is just something about seeing her in a sporty way and in a sporty atmosphere. These are her roots, and she is simply glowing, giving off a feeling of strength and determination.

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1Back In The Day

Last but not least, there is this picture, which she also shared on social media: This is ‘Baby Gina Carano’…with a super excited expression on her face…and in a lacy white dress. She’s holding a dinosaur toy. Has anyone ever seen anything this awesome?

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