Gina Carano’s become something of a big name, a much-loved actress in Hollywood. She’s yet another athlete-turned-actor, and she’s had a decent time in the profession to date, and there’s plenty more to come from Gina on the movie scene. Gina’s worked with some Hollywood megastars, has been a part of some great, majorly successful works such as  The Mandalorian and Deadpool.

One reason why Gina’s already acquired a massive fanbase, is because yes, she can act, she’s beautiful, and she’s fighting fit – literally. MMA fans will remember Gina with a great deal of fondness as she went about doing what she did best, unleashing hell on her opponents in the Octagon. She was once deemed to be the “face of the MMA,” a title which Gina finds somewhat cringeworthy. Gina was one of the fittest, one of the best competitors. She’s still maintained her level of fitness, even going about in the hectic world of Hollywood. Need some motivation during these testing times? Here are 16 Gina Carano pics that are bound to get you up and moving, that’ll make you sweat.

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16Engaging In A Spot Of Yoga


A lot of athletes wax lyrical about the beneficial effects of yoga. Gina’s a firm advocate of yoga, and from the looks of things, she’s pretty decent at it too. She said in her social media post that she feels being upside down serves to cleanse her energies. Her dog’s certainly all into it, attracted to the energy radiating from Gina!

15Reaching For The Sky


Gina created something of a legacy during her time in the Octagon. Now she’s attempted to scale the mountain that is the Hollywood movie industry. She recognizes that she’s only getting started. But Gina’s got high hopes, great ambitions, and wants to reach for the skies.

14Going To Town On The Punching Bag


Gina may be retired from competing in MMA. But was never just going to stop her training. She learned skills, professionalism, discipline from her time in MMA, attributes that’ll hold her in good stead as she goes about trying to conquer Hollywood – after life in the Octagon. She fights her own battles and more often than not, comes out on top.

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13She’s Got Her Guard Up


This is an old-school pic of Gina, one of her lacing up the gloves and boxing from back in the day. Just look at the sweat pouring from her face, the level of concentration and determination in those eyes. When Gina puts her mind to something, she achieves it, and often does so in style.

12Getting Her Groove On


Gina likes to vary her workouts. Now that she’s no longer competing, she can have fun with fitness. It doesn’t need to be all about lifting weights and sparring. Gina posted this video on her Instagram to the delight of her fans. It’s a still from a video of Gina doing a little jig, shaking those hips and getting her groove on.

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11Taking A Breather


When Gina trains, she trains hard. She was certainly put through her paces during this workout session. Sometimes it’s essential to sit back and take a breather, take stock of the situation and evaluate the training session, what’s to come and what she’s doing it all for. Gina had the giggles in this pic.

10Old School Training Pic


Gina’s trained with many different people over the years. That’s part of the reason why she was the best. She acquired snippets of information from different professionals, and it molded her into one truly great MMA fighter. This is a glorious old-school training pic of Gina doing some sparring, being put through her paces.

9She’s A Bird Taking To The Skies


It’s a glorious sight to see a bird flying high, free and seemingly without a care in the world. Gina seems to want to join them. She’s doing her level best to take off, take to the skies in this pic. Gina has a habit of taking off, gaining some perspective from another side of life.

8A Bit Tied Up


Gina’s been roped up in one of her movies before and here she is getting tied up in the name of exercise, for the sake of working on her flexibility and engaging in a different type of workout. Gina’s fit and flexible, but even she found this tough. When she was visiting a friend in Vancouver, she was taught this party trick.

7MMA Beauty

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After some fitness motivation? Why not take a leaf out of Gina’s book? If not, then just having a good look at such an image is bound to get you moving, if not sweating a tad. It’s glorious pic of Gina, and many fans would agree that it’s one of her best. Gina was an MMA star a lot of people crushed on. It’s clear to see why.

6Media Training Session


Fans and the media love open training days. It’s people’s chance to see the athlete in all of their glory. Gina reveled in showing the world what she’s got, showcasing her MMA abilities and level of fitness to the media. She showed off her full repertoire for the cameras during this media training session.

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This is a pic of Gina with her beloved Muay Thai coach, Master Chan. She learned a great deal from her master, her first Muay Thai coach. Gina’s become something of a master herself, at least in the eyes of her many adoring fans. This is a glorious pic of two masters at work.

4Under Armour Photoshoot


Gina, being the woman and superstar athlete she was, was always going to get plenty of sponsorship deals, have many coveted publications all wanting to get her on their pages and get her posing for cameras. Luckily for Gina Carano fans, she was only too happy to oblige at the time and has taken part in a number of stunning photo shoot sessions over the years.

3Resistance Work


When it comes to the preparation stages of a fight, when it’s almost time to shine, Gina’s willing to be subjected to anything if it means she’s in prime shape for fight night. Resistance training has come on a lot since these days. It’s a bit of a crude way to engage in some resistance work, but Gina’s not above anything if it contributes to her level of fitness.

2Media Day Workout


This is a pic that was taken from well over a decade ago. Gina was already something of a big name back then, as is evident from the cameras and various media personnel coming out in their droves to witness her throw some combinations during a media day workout.

1Engaging That Core


Gina’s sculpted one of the most enviable physiques around. It’s because she subjects her body to a range of different exercises, leaves no stone unturned in trying to achieve what she deems to be perfection. Here she is working those core muscles, working on stability. She’s continued this training as she’s transitioned to Hollywood.