Could WWE fans be treated to Jeff Hardy’s alter ego, a character he likes to call Willow?

For fans who know Jeff Hardy well, they also know the charismatic enigma has not been the only character he’s ever portrayed in the professional wrestling business. At one time, he was the uber-popular Willow, alongside his brother Matt Hardy in TNA/Impact Wrestling. He says he’d like to bring that character to WWE.

Hardy recently spoke with BT Sport and mentioned that before he retires, he wants to introduce his “Willow” to the WWE Universe. And, he knows exactly who he’d like to face if that ever comes to fruition. “I just have a strange feeling that something crazy cool could happen between Willow and The Fiend,” he said.

Hardy first introduced the character while in TNA and it got a ton of critical acclaim. It was at that same time that Matt Hardy’s Broken Matt character was at its peak. TNA tried to revive Jeff’s version of the character on more than one occasion but Hardy wasn’t in TNA long enough to really capitalize on fan interest.

“Willow was kind of my go-to wrestling persona,” Hardy said. Outside of saying he wants a Hell in a Cell match, he added, “That’s another dream of mine before I’m done. I want to bring Willow into the WWE Universe and see what could happen.”

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WWE Would Be Wise To Make This Happen

Hardy and WWE already teased the idea of Willow appearing when Hardy’s eyes changed during his Bar Fight Match with Sheamus. They’ve yet to follow through on that tease.

But, if Hardy wants a match with The Fiend and he wants it to be Willow that challenges him, it makes a lot of sense and could pose for some very interesting, even if confusing, television.

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