John Cena is one of few revolutionary superstars who was able to seamlessly make the jump to the big screen before his wrestling career was over. As a larger than life (bad pun intended) icon, he has become an A-list superstar who is as recognizable as anyone in Hollywood.

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Cena has played the role of the leading man in countless movies, but he also has just as many guest appearances on his acting resume. While he often makes a cameo as himself, his proven acting chops also allow him to play a variety of roles.

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10Hannah Montana

Cena guest-starred on the seventh episode of the fourth season of Hannah Montana titled Love That Lets Go. His role in the series was to motivate Hannah’s older brother Jackson to read his crush’s favorite book to impress her. While it turns out Cena’s odd form of brutal motivation turned out to only be a nightmare, no one can question the results as Jackson began reading as soon as he woke up.

Shockingly, despite the vast differences in each of their statures, Cena and Hannah Montana star Jason Earles (pictured above and in the feature image) were born only three days apart.

9The Substitute

Cena gave a whole new meaning to his classic “You can’t see me” catchphrase when he guest-starred on the October 4, 2019, episode of the Nickelodeon TV show The Substitute. The special effect artists were able to transform Cena into a man who looked as though he had been stowed away any form of civilization for decades.  Little did his students know, their substitute had 25 championship victories to his name.

With .71 million viewers, the episode had one of the show’s best turnouts in its first and only season.

8Ready To Rumble

Cena once again masterfully executed a disappearing act in his guest appearance in the 2000 WCW film Ready To Rumble. If you blinked you might have missed Cena training on a workout machine in the background of one shot.

The movie was made before Cena, who made his on-screen WWE debut in 2002, even stepped foot in the ring for a professional wrestling organization. No one would have thought that Cena, who was a complete unknown at the time, would end his career as the most accomplished wrestler in a movie that starred Goldberg, Sting, Randy Savage, and Rey Mysterio.


While the 2015 rom-com Trainwreck may have received mixed reviews, John Cena’s character in the film was lauded as an absolute highlight. He did a masterful job playing the role of Amy Schumer’s sensitive teddy bear-like booty call. His “I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg” quip in the film was clever enough to rival any of his classic quotes during his wrestling career.

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The comedy stint was the first in Cena’s career, as he was previously only seen in roles that matched his hulking size, like his starring roles in action films 12 Rounds and The Marine.

6Parks And Recreation

John Cena guest-starred on the eighth episode of the tenth season of the comedy sitcom Parks and Recreation, which aired on February 10, 2015. Outside of his countless guest spots on late-night shows, this episode marked the first time that Cena made an appearance on network television.

The episode saw Cena get dunked underwater in front of an audience full of children for stealing a guitar. While his theft was downright criminal, it was hardly the most egregious act that he has done in his career.

5True Jackson, VP

John Cena guest-starred on the eleventh episode of the second season of the Nickelodeon show True Jackson, VP, which aired on April 3, 2010. Ryan and Jimmy (pictured above) attend a movie premiere of a Cena action film and end up meeting the wrestler.

He takes the two unsuspecting teens on an action-packed day trip that includes blowing up a truck full of mummies. Only time will tell if he attempts to reach out to his former co-stars to see if they are still open to more stunts in his newest career endeavor.


John Cena appeared on the 2001 reality TV series Manhunt, which aired in the summer of 2001. Many forget that this show existed, and that is mostly because the show was canceled after only six episodes.

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Showrunners lied about the show being filmed in Hawaii (It was actually filmed in California), and that was one of the deciding factors in pulling the show off the air. While this may have been Cena’s first role where he received lukewarm reviews, it was certainly not his last.


Cena made an appearance on the tenth episode of the fourth season of the comedy-drama series Psych, which aired on January 27, 2010. He played a man named Ewan O’Hara, who is the brother of main character Juliet O’Hara. Much like many of his starring roles, he played the role of a battle-tested soldier and spy.

He made a return when the show made the jump to the big screen for the 2017 made-for-television film Psych: The Movie.

2Daddy’s Home

Cena made his entrance in Daddy’s Home in the final minutes as he was revealed as the biological father of one of Mark Wahlberg’s stepdaughters. He returned with a much bigger role in the second installment of the franchise, and one would think that would be a testament to how well he was received in his short stint in the first film.

That “Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg” joke in Trainwreck was looking a lot funnier after the two were pitted against one another in the Daddy’s Home movies.


Cena guest-starred alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a tatted-up drug dealer named Pazuzu in the 2015 comedy film Sisters. While his role in the film may have been incredibly out of character for Cena, it was certainly not the weirdest thing that he has ever done.

Cena’s stint in the film further cemented the fact that he has the ability to act in a variety of different roles.

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