It’s been over a year since Jon Moxley made his debut in NJPW, where he won the IWGP United States Championship from Juice Robinson. While wrestling fans tend to concentrate more on Moxley’s current run in AEW, his work in NJPW is quite impressive.

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He’s already a two-time champion, competed in the G1 Climax, and earlier this year defended his title at Wrestle Kingdom. Moxley has faced off with many of Japan’s greatest wrestlers and the matches have garnered high ratings from fans and journalists. While fans are awaiting Mox’s return to Japan, let’s take a look at his best NJPW matches.

Jon Moxley Top 10 Best Matches In NJPW AEW photos and video

10Shota Umino (Dominion)

Moxley’s second match in NJPW took place at Dominion, where he faced off against Shota Umino. The match was short at less than four minutes. Shota got in some offense, but Moxley decimated the Young Lion. Following the match, Mox would then drag Shota backstage with him where he announced he was adopting him as his new tag partner. Moxley and Shota or Shooter as he would later be called, became one of the best teams in NJPW. Fans couldn’t get enough of their backstage promos, where Shooter seem in awe of his master.

9Taichi (Night One Of G1)

In July 2019, Mox was announced as one of the participants in the G1 Climax. On the first night, he faced off against Taichi. Before Mox could make his way to the ring, Taichi attacked the Death Rider.

While Taichi got the upper hand, Moxley soon found his energy and began unleashing his wrath on his opponent. The two had an intense fight and featured steel chairs. At one point, Jon put Taichi through a table. Despite Taichi’s sneak attack from earlier, Moxley walked away that night with a win to advance in the tournament.

8Jeff Cobb (Night Two Of G1)

Moxley’s first match in the G1 may have been considered a walk in the park, but his second match wasn’t that easy. His next opponent one of NJPW’s powerhouses Jeff Cobb. Mox had his work cut out trying to take down Cobb. Their fight would move outside the ring and up to the ramp as they delivered punches.

While Cobb was a dominant force, Mox showed he wasn’t going to back down. When Cobb became caught up in the ropes, Moxley delivered a running knee to secure a victory.

7Juice Robinson (Wrestle Kingdom 14)

Jon’s feud with Juice Robinson is one of the most heated rivalries in NJPW. It all started in June 2019 and continued until January 2020. At Wrestle Kingdom 14, Robinson had a chance to reclaim his IWGP United States Championship from Moxley.

Fans could feel the intensity in the air as the two men threw hands. Juice delivered a series of suplexes, while Mox went with submission moves to get Robinson to tap. At the end of the match, Moxley performed his signature Death Rider move to win the match and end his rivalry with Robinson.

6Shingo Takagi (Night Four Of G1)

As the G1 tournament continued, Moxley would be reunited with a former friend. Mox and Shingo Takagi worked together during their time in Dragon Gate USA. Ten years later, the two would be facing off in the G1.

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Moxley showed no mercy to his friend as he unleashed a vicious attack on Takagi. He slammed Takagi’s knee into the ring post, then later would hit it with a steel chair. Even though his knee hurt, Takagi continued on with the match. But when the pain became to unbearable he tapped out to Mox’s Cloverleaf.

5Tetsuya Naito (Night Five Of G1)

The character Jon Moxley has a reputation of being a crazy man, but he found someone who may be crazier than him. Mox’s opponent for night five of the G1 was Tetsuya Naito, who is known for his humorous antics. Naito took his time coming to the ring, which infuriated Moxley.

The match was heated as Mox and Naito brawled all the way into the crowd. But the men lightened up the tension with some comedy as they engaged in a pose off. Mox and Naito’s match was filled with a lot of craziness that had the audience cheering.

4Lance Archer (Wrestle Kingdom 14)

After being stripped of the United States Championship in October 2019, Moxley was determined to win his title back. At Wrestle Kingdom 14, he got his chance when he challenged Lance Archer for the belt.

The two men would face off in a Texas Deathmatch. The match held up to its name because Moxley and Archer engaged in a brutal battle. With the use of kendo sticks, steel chairs, tables, and even metal trash can lids; the two men sought to destroy each other. While Archer was a dominant force, Moxley managed to win the bout and the championship.

3Juice Robinson (Best Of The Super Juniors 26)

June 5, 2019 would mark Jon Moxley’s debut in NJPW. In his very first match, he challenged Juice Robinson for the IWGP United States Championship. While Moxley may have thought this would be a quick squash, Robinson gave him a run for his money.

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Fans could feel the intensity in the air as they men brawled outside the ring and used weapons to try to take down each other. At one, Moxley bit Robinson on the forehead causing him to bleed. Moxley would win the championship and go on to assert his dominance as NJPW’s newest star.

2Minoru Suzuki (The New Beginning)

This is a dream match wrestling fans and Moxley have been wanting. After successfully defending the United States Championship on night two of Wrestle Kingdom, Moxley was attacked by Minoru Suzuki after the match. At the February PPV The New Beginning, Suzuki challenged Moxley for the title.

The match lived up to the hype as Moxley met his match in Suzuki. The men used chairs and guard rails to knock each other down. While Suzuki was tough opponent for Moxley, the Death Rider managed to take down Suzuki and retain the championship.

1Tomohiro Ishii (Night Three Of G1)

Moxley has had plenty of great matches during his first year in NJPW, but nothing will beat his fight against Tomohiro Ishii. The two men butted heads, literally, throughout the match. Their fight soon went from ring all the way up to the stands.

While fans loved the up close action, the referee was trying to get the two men back into the ring. Of course tables and steel chairs were used during the match, but in the end Moxley delivered a Death Rider to end his battle with Ishii.