Jon Moxley is currently relishing in being part of AEW, showcasing more of his personality and having increased creative freedom in promos and matches. Moxley has been one of AEW’s top names, and his decision to go from WWE to AEW was certainly one of the first big moves that happened in the new era of wrestling.

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But there’s no denying Moxley had an incredible WWE career as well. Working as Dean Ambrose, he achieved everything that there is to do in the business, and that’s why he was given a major send-off by WWE. He had some brilliant matches on his way out the door, but which one was the best of the bunch?

Jon Moxley Top 10 Final WWE Matches Ranked From Worst To Best

10Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre (February 18th, 2019)

This match was pretty much the nail in the coffin of Dean Ambrose’s WWE career. Being squashed by Drew McIntyre in less than two minutes, it felt obvious here that Ambrose was done with WWE in the long-term.

It was barely a match to really rank due to how short it was, and while it was effective in building McIntyre, it was something that fans didn’t expect as Ambrose was such a big star that being squashed felt strange.

9Dean Ambrose Vs EC3 (February 11th, 2019)

This was very early on in EC3’s main roster career and because of how poorly WWE introduced him, the audience really didn’t care about this match at all. The silence was deafening throughout this one, which was kept incredibly short.

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While EC3 was made to look good throughout and they got more time in the ring than their previous match. However, the poor crowd response and lack of energy just meant this fell very flat.

8Dean Ambrose Vs EC3 (February 4th, 2019)

This was the official in-ring debut for EC3 and it was obviously a big moment for him because of that. The two men didn’t get much time to work in the ring, but Dean Ambrose did a good job of making him look like an established talent.

It was an aggressive match between them that worked well for Ambrose’s erratic style. The finish did come out of nowhere though with EC3 randomly hitting the jackknife cover for the win, and just like the previous entry, it felt like a true match between them never happened.

7Dean Ambrose Vs Elias (March 4th, 2019)

Unlike the previous matches, WWE gave this match a little more time and that was showcased in the quality of the match. It was very much a standard Monday Night Raw match and it was never anything too flashy, but that didn’t stop it from being enjoyable.

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It was technically sound and the match certainly did a good job of putting Elias over as a legitimate threat in WWE. They brawled on the outside and put together some good work in the ring, and all in all, it was very solid.

6Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins (January 28th, 2019)

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins always had great chemistry together, either as teammates or as enemies. This happened the night after Seth won the Royal Rumble and because of that, he had tons of momentum behind him.

That really played into things with this match, which was a competitive and enjoyable clash between two great talents. It was a technically sound match and while they’ve had much better outings, it was certainly still entertaining.

5Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre (February 25th, 2019)

Bouncing off the week before where Dean Ambrose was squashed, WWE brought together a no disqualification match for them the week after and they had a brilliant encounter. Ambrose and Drew McIntyre are two that do a great job with making things feel gritty and like a true fight, which is what made this match so great.

It was a really good fight that saw a variety of weapons used and the two men really took the fight to each other. While Elias interfered to help Drew get the win, that didn’t stop this being a great fight.

4Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre (March 25th, 2019)

This was Dean Ambrose’s final ever match on Monday Night Raw and he certainly went out swinging with a last man standing match. They tore each other apart right from the start and really made it an exciting encounter.

While it was a little short for a last man standing match, coming in at less than 10 minutes, they certainly made the most of their time inside the ring.

3The Shield Vs Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, & Baron Corbin (The Shield’s Final Chapter)

This one was officially Dean Ambrose’s final match in WWE and it showed WWE’s respect for him to provide such a send-off. This was a case of the group hitting their best hits that fans have come to know and love, which is all anybody wanted.

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The match itself was decent, purely because it was given enough time to really breathe. It was the perfect way for the group to bow out and a really enjoyable and exciting six-man tag.

2Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre (March 11th, 2019)

This was the second of the trilogy of matches that Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose had and it was certainly the best. With the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation really adding to things, they made the most out of it and brawled around throughout the arena.

There was a real element of danger and aggression in this one as well, especially with the finish. Drew placing Dean’s head in between the metal railings to then nail him with a Claymore Kick was a really unique finish that brought an end to an incredible encounter.

1The Shield Vs Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, & Baron Corbin (Fastlane, 2019)

This was the exact same match as Dean Ambrose’s final ever bout in WWE, but this has the slight edge as it was fresher and was at a bigger, more polished event. The two teams worked well together and Dean Ambrose himself put in an incredible performance throughout.

He was incredibly aggressive within this match, really taking the fight to his opponents. But it was much more even, simply because the whole event wasn’t tailored to The Shield, which made things more competitive and enjoyable.

Jon Moxley Top 10 Final WWE Matches Ranked From Worst To Best