Apparently the material Vince had him perform in WWE filled him with dread to the point of feeling sick to his stomach, and after a long-standing and frustrating tenure with the company, Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, made a b-line for a better life in AEW.

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But his time in WWE wasn’t always so bad. Moxley himself has recognized that there were plenty of upsides to his run with the wrestling behemoth. So exactly what’s better about his current role in AEW and what stands out from his WWE career?

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10AEW: His Gear

Moxley’s gear in AEW is the stuff he used to wear in WWE just better. Sometimes his outfits in WWE came across as confused/disjointed. Remember the whole Bane thing; what was that about? It was like he was stuck between the Dean Ambrose of the Shield and the Lunatic Fringe. With him now being 100% unadulterated Jon Moxley – the outfit: the waist coat, the combat trousers, have naturally followed. You can tell he feels like more of a badass in it.

9WWE: The Lunatic Fringe

While Moxley has been vocal about his dislike for a lot of the stuff WWE had him do as the Lunatic Fringe, it’s undeniable that for a good while he was the company’s top babyface because of it. He’s spoken out about ridiculous things Vince asked of him, like attacking the groin of a Seth Rollins dummy with a screwdriver, but quite a few fans will remember tuning into the WWE product at the time purely for those insane segments.

The comedy of the Lunatic Fringe is still apparent in his AEW character today, but now he feels lightly seasoned with humor instead of grossly over salted. He can raise a laugh still, but now he isn’t the punchline.

8AEW: The Paradigm Shift

Dean Ambrose using one of his idol’s (Mick Foley’s) finishing moves was already pretty cool, but Jon Moxley’s finisher is called The Paradigm Shift for a reason. It’s quicker, edgier than the standard double-arm DDT he used in WWE.

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In reality, it’s more like a snap double-arm DDT, something which hasn’t really been seen before in wrestling. And it’s possible because of the change in Moxley’s wrestling style and attitude that his move to AEW has brought on.

7WWE: The Asylum Match

In 2016 Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho had an insane feud over potted plants that culminated in the first-ever Asylum Match at Extreme Rules 2016.  The match harkened back to the Vince Russo WCW “Viagra On A Pole” matches of yesteryear and was good for all of the wrong reasons. Today’s hardcore match-ups in WWE come across as largely sterile and the majority of this one was no exception.

For a large portion of the match, the crowd seemed pretty bored – until Dean pulled out a bag of thumbtacks and back-body dropped Jericho onto them, something that hadn’t been seen in WWE for years. Apparently Mox refused to leave Vince’s office before he got the all-clear for the spot that had fans leaping out of their seats.

6AEW: His Eye-Patch

Moxley’s facial get-up is definitely more Solid Snake than it is Captain Hook. There aren’t many wrestlers that can pull off an eye patch. And even though it’s the kind of “hokey” gimmick Vince McMahon might have asked him to wear in WWE, Mox somehow made it look awesome in AEW.

5WWE: His Brief Heel Turn

In an October 2018 episode of RAW, Dean Ambrose turned heel in a spectacular fashion. It came after years of goofing around in comedy segments and acting as the third wheel to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in The Shield. Reigns had revealed his leukemia diagnosis earlier in the night, leaving two of the Hounds of Justice remaining. Dean took advantage of Seth’s sadness to turn heel and brutally attacked him.

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It was a move that was long overdue and was timed perfectly as a sadistic heel angle. Dean has spoken openly about feeling uncomfortable with the storyline and the company largely wasted the momentum from it, but the turn itself was crazy.

4AEW: Death Matches

Jon Moxley came up through fighting death matches for indie promotions like CZW. It’s what he’s best known for. For good reason, WWE has a lot of rules to protect its superstars from severely hurting themselves in the ring, though, so you can’t help but feel that the Moxley we got in WWE was a touch diluted. His matches against Kenny Omega, Jericho, and Joey Janela in AEW so far, have shown us that’s definitely the case. Being allowed to use barbed wire and thumbtacks on the regular is just another way that AEW has allowed Jon Moxley to be Jon Moxley.

3WWE: Seth Rollins

Seth and Mox go way back. They came up through the Indies together before settling in WWE’s developmental territory, FCW. Once in WWE they formed The Shield and went on to win numerous titles together. But nothing will top their chemistry in the ring than their various rivalries over the years.

They’re arguably two of the biggest stars to come out of WWE in recent times and their feud after Seth left the shield will be remembered fondly by fans for years to come. The history between these two made them a highlight of WWE programming.

2AEW: Finally, Recognition

It’s not that Dean Ambrose didn’t win anything in WWE; he enjoyed several stints as tag-team champion and had good runs at US and Intercontinental Champion. But he never really made it into the big leagues. His WWE Title reign lasted just a few months at a time when fans would have liked nothing more than to see him have a decent run with it.

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The fact Moxley was elevated to AEW’s main card right away and captured their title less than a year after his debut shows the company recognizes the star’s superior talent.

1WWE: The Shield

It’s significant that Moxley’s last match in WWE was with his Shield brethren. His role in the Hounds of Justice really kicked his career into the limelight and turned him into a household name in the wrestling business. The Shield is one of the best wrestling factions of recent years and has been involved in some incredible feuds, both as a team and against one another individually.

WWE really got The Shield right – they saw the talent of three superstars and recognized that they could be elevated even higher as a trio. Their styles complimented each other perfectly: Moxley the unpredictable one, Seth the architect and Roman as the muscle. But there’s always a risk that exceptional talent will want recognition for its own merits as an individual. That’s definitely true of Moxley, but he no doubt misses his Shield brothers.

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