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Julia Gavrilina birthday Wiki BIOGRAPHY, AGE, TIKTOK, HEIGHT

Julia Gavrilina birthday Wiki BIOGRAPHY, AGE, TIKTOK, HEIGHT


Julia Gavrilina birthday Wiki BIOGRAPHY, AGE, TIKTOK, HEIGHT

Name: Yulia Gavrilina (Yulia Gavrilina) Middle name: Mikhailovna

Birthday: June 26, 2002 (age 20)

Place of birth: Altai Height: 160 cm Weight: 46 kg

Zodiac sign: Cancer (characteristic) Eastern horoscope: Horse Career: blogger, singer Marital status: single


– YULIA GAVRILINA Yulia Gavrilina is a TikTok social network star, singer and model. Also known under the pseudonyms GAVRILINA and Yulka Shpulka. Ranked #4 on Forbes 2020 list of highest paid tiktokers. The girl stands out with a slightly hoarse voice and a pretty appearance.

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Yulia was born in Altai on June 26, 2002. When the girl was about two years old, her family moved to Moscow, staying with her maternal grandmother. This happened after a tragic event – the girl’s father died, and his relatives blamed Yulia’s mother for what happened. Little Yulia was raised by her mother and stepfather, who had close and friendly relations with the girl – she sincerely calls him dad. Yulia also has an older brother named Sergei and a younger sister.

The girl’s parents were ordinary people. But in many ways, it was thanks to them that her talent was revealed. So, when Yulia was five years old, her stepfather drew attention to her unusual voice. Since then, the girl dreamed of becoming a singer, and at some point her dream came true. The girl was fond of music and dancing and even got into international competitions that were held in Denmark, and took eighth place.

Julia studied well, maintaining friendly relations with classmates. Those, however, sometimes made fun of her blogging activities, because at an early age the girl decided that she did not want to work at a boring job, she would connect her life with creativity. Back in her school years, Yulia began to develop her social media accounts and gain followers.

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At the age of eight, the girl began to promote her page on VKontakte. It was followed by a YouTube channel in 2013. She recorded letsplays – online passage of various computer games. The genre was and is very popular among schoolchildren. Now, unfortunately, Julia has hidden her early records. At the beginning of 2021, Yulia had half a million subscribers on the channel.


In 2017, the girl discovered the music platform, which was later integrated into TikTok. She was lucky: one of her videos fell into the “recommendations” category and quickly gained thousands of views. It was a video recorded to the song ALEX&RUS “Wild Lioness”. Someone even decided that this was Yulia’s song – her video looked so authentic.

Although the parents supported the girl in everything, they were still sure that the blogger was not a profession, and insisted that Yulia receive a normal education. The girl, of course, listened to them and entered the university with a degree in management, but began to study at the correspondence department.

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In 2019, a very important event happened in Gavrilina’s career – she was invited to the show of the popular YouTuber Amiran Sardarov. There, however, an incident happened: blogger Edward Beal mispronounced her last name, and then stated that since she does not have a million subscribers, he can distort her name as he pleases. Later, the prankster publicly apologized to the girl and helped her gain her first million subscribers.

For a while, the girl went with the flow, releasing videos without any concept. But in April 2020, Yulia was accepted into the Hype House Russia team. This is the second most popular Tiktoker house in Russia (after Dream Team House). There, Julia began to collaborate with Valya Karnaval, Katya Golysheva, Veronika Zolotova and other guys. After that, the number of subscribers on Yulia’s TikTok skyrocketed. At the beginning of 2021, there were already more than 8 million.

A scandal was connected with Yulia’s career at Hype House Russia. Parents did not want to let Yulia live in a house with other young people, especially during the period of self-isolation. As a result, the girl simply ran away. Producer Zair Yusupov managed to reassure her family. He convinced them that it was a worthy job. Reluctantly, they agreed with Julia’s decision.

Julia leads Instagram, where, in addition to TikToker videos, she also posts photos from her life. At the beginning of 2021, Instagram had over 3 million followers. However, the girl admitted that TikTok is in the first place for her.

Social networks bring a girl a good income. Forbes ranked her as the fourth highest paid tiktoker in 2020. According to experts, for one advertising post on Instagram, she receives 3-4 thousand dollars, and for a post on Tiktok – 4-6 thousand.

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At the beginning of 2020, Gavrilina was offered to star in the series. She happily agreed, but after the pandemic period, the script of the tape was rewritten, and bed scenes appeared in it with the participation of her heroine. The girl could not go to such a thing and refused. MUSIC In the summer of 2020, Yulia managed to fulfill her childhood dream – she recorded two music tracks at once: “Ping-Pong” and “Zhu Zhu”.

Soon, Yulia managed to perform on stage – she performed one of her compositions at Graduation 2020. Fans greeted Yulia’s musical creativity quite warmly. Yulia Gavrilina at Graduation 2020 Video doesn’t play? In October 2020, the girl recorded her third track “Only You”, and a month later she released a video for this song.

At the very end of the year, Yulia recorded another song called “Zamelo”, and on December 30 she presented a video for it. Julia plans to continue to engage in musical creativity, for which she takes vocal lessons. GAVRILINA — Zamelo Video down?


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Julia is extremely reluctant to talk about personal matters. At the beginning of 2020, rumors appeared that she was dating her colleague Danya Milokhin, and in one of the interviews, the young man called her his girlfriend. They spent a lot of time together and took photos and videos together. So, in September 2020, Yulia appeared in Dani’s video for the song “Love”. Julia Gavrilina with Danya Milokhin In 2021, Julia and Danya broke up.

They diverged and converged several times, but in October they nevertheless put an end to the relationship. “Yulia was my girlfriend, but something didn’t suit me and I didn’t want to meet,” Milokhin said, provoking a wave of hate from Yulia’s fans, offended by his act. Julia is crazy about the work of Yegor Creed.

In 2019, she met with an idol and immediately shared this good news with subscribers. Julia Gavrilina about Dan, relationships and running away from home Video doesn’t play? The girl is very sensitive to criticism and hate in social networks, not understanding those who write caustic comments to her. Also, Yulia did not believe in the possibility of female friendship for a long time, explaining that in childhood she was betrayed by a close friend. Sometimes a girl reads her poems to the camera. Fans love it!




In October 2021, Yulia Gavrilina celebrated an important anniversary – 5 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the girl’s TikTok followers have crossed the threshold of 14.5 million. Then her song “It doesn’t matter” was released, in which Gavrilina, as in the previous April single “Omut”, hints at parting with Milokhin: “But now I don’t care who and where you are there.

Too, fool, believed your words. Gavrilina – Still Video not working? In addition, the girl took part in the reality show “Stars in Africa”. Another participant, actress Svetlana Permyakova, criticized the girl for her lack of education: She did not know who Boyarsky was! She doesn’t know anything. It’s not normal! When we had conversations about modern cinema, about poetry… She doesn’t know anything not because of her youth, but because of her ignorance.

However, Yulia still easily found a common language with both Svetlana and other stars, although she was the youngest participant in the show. She had a hard time though. So, during the test with a jump from a height, the tiktoker almost got a nervous breakdown.

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Julia Gavrilina birthday Wiki BIOGRAPHY, AGE, TIKTOK, HEIGHT

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