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Khabane Lame meme BIO youtube GIF ferrari Real Life Love story

Khabane Lame meme BIO youtube GIF ferrari Real Life Love story : All About Life Hack Destroyer

Full name Xabi Lame
Occupation blogger
Date of Birth 03/09/2000
Family status not married
Height Weight 185 cm / – kg
Instagram Link
Tik Tok Link

Khabane Lame is a tiktok and instagram star. Known for funny videos in which he makes fun of life hacks (sometimes real, but more often fictional). For a long time he filmed game videos, but retrained as a tiktoker, where he gained success.

Who is Khabane Lame : biography

Khaby was born in Turin (Italy) on March 9, 2000. The guy has African roots. In October 2021, he announced that he was a Muslim . He does not spread information about the family, but Italian sources claim that he has a large family (there are brothers and sisters). The blogger’s father is in business, and his mother is in charge of the household.


Xabi studied at a local private school, after which he did not continue his studies. From early childhood, Leim was fond of shooting game videos. He calls himself a professional in this matter. This is what brought him his first popularity and prompted him to seriously engage in blogging.

The young man is very fond of basketball and is a fan of the Lakers. This is not irony, as in one of the famous songs of the Chaif ​​group. Xabi doesn’t dance hip-hop, but he plays basketball at a high level. He managed to participate in several junior championships.

Even before the explosion in popularity, the guy tried on the role of a model. In 2020, he starred for several magazines.

Career at Tik Tok

The young black guy has incredible facial expressions. He conveys emotions without words. First, he shot classic vids like lip-sync. In 2021, the guy decided to find his own niche in the new blogging school.


Xabi began filming short reactions to dubious recommendations in solving various problems and life situations. Later, the blogger’s reaction was awarded to absurd life hacks. These videos quickly began to gain tens of millions of views, pumping the popularity of the young man to unprecedented heights.

Experts and just meticulous lovers of counting other people’s money assessed Xabi’s income during his blogging. Presumably, in two years, he was able to help out more than $ 1 million from tiktok and instagram.

Personal life (is there a girlfriend)

The social media star does not go into the details of her amorous adventures. He limited himself to a few photos with friends, turning accounts into work sites. But there is one post on Instagram that suggests that Xabi has a girlfriend. Few people are honored with such gentle photos from Khaby. The chosen one is Zayra Nucci.

Khabane Lame now (memes and new videos)

The young man is actively working on new videos. Sometimes it seems that Internet users began to specifically shoot stupid videos in order to get into the field of vision of a talented tiktoker. Sometimes social videos aimed at combating racism slip into stories.

Xabi has become the face of hundreds of memes and gags. Only the lazy one does not try to invent a funny picture with the blogger’s face. In addition, many of Leim’s imitators began to appear in the tik tok.

Funny is the fact that in the profile of his social networks the young man indicates his YouTube channel. The point of the situation is that this channel is completely empty. It has been that way for a long time. Probably, we should expect a loud appearance on YouTube, for example, a debut fit with some kind of star.

Khabane Lame meme BIO youtube GIF ferrari Real Life Love story

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