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KIRA SIMURINA Hottest Top Photos And Video Biography AGE

KIRA SIMURINA Hottest Top Photos And Video Biography AGE


Real name Kira Simurina
Alias kira smrn
Date and place of birth May 18, 2004, Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta
Zodiac sign Taurus

Kira Simurina became famous thanks to the social network TikTok, which is a platform for creating short music videos. The girl began filming popular videos at the age of thirteen.

Notable facts from biography

Kira is from Crimea. Lives in Yalta with his parents, goes to school. He loves his hometown very much, most of the videos were filmed there. Recently wears braces.

The Crimean woman is very sociable, charismatic and sweet. Likes to spend time with friends and boyfriend. She enjoys interacting with fans on social media and in person. Answers almost every comment.

Subscribers actively support the creativity of the tiktoker, worry about her personal life.

Likes to travel, sing and participate in photo shoots.

In a short period of time, she visited Simferopol, Sevastopol and Moscow.


Kira’s videos on TikTok collect up to 1 million views. The girl has almost 500 thousand subscribers and 20 million likes. Kira Simurina uploads a variety of videos where she dances or teaches dancing, sings, puts on funny scenes herself or with friends. Also there you can find videos with offscreen life, everyday scenes.

Vkontakte has two pages at once. In total, she has 10 thousand subscribers and 700 friends.

She also has two accounts on Instagram. On one he uploads personal photos, the other account is intended for commercial offers. Tiktokersha posts stories every day, where she talks about her life, answers questions from subscribers, announces the release date of a new video on TikTok, Youtube. There are more than 100 thousand subscribers on a personal account.

About 23 thousand people have subscribed to Kira’s YouTube, there are almost 350 thousand views. The channel has videos of various topics: reviews of cosmetics, care products, vlogs about travel, having fun with friends.

Tiktokersha, whenever possible, arranges meetings with fans, and uploads reports.


Personal life

Kira has many fans, friends, has a boyfriend, as evidenced by joint photos on Instagram and vlogs on Youtube.

Her young man’s name is Artem Kobin. He is also popular on Instagram and Vkontakte.

Kira is a very active girl. She managed to gain popularity not only on TikTok, but on Instagram and Youtube. It is not known whether the tiktoker will stop there or will conquer the Russian show business, but the girl’s potential is huge.

KIRA SIMURINA Hottest Top Photos And Video Biography AGE





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KIRA SIMURINA Hottest Top Photos And Video Biography AGE

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