When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, every fan has specific ideas about how the characters should come to life. From judging an actor’s range when it comes to swapping between Spider-Man and Peter Parker to complaining about a particular actor’s build in comparison to their comic book inspiration, fans get super into the MCU.

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Yes, fans have ideas about who should play what, and since they’re the ones paying to see the films, it makes sense to explore their opinions. So when a theory emerged about casting Kristen Stewart, it was worth looking into.

Though Kristen Stewart seemed like a bit of a joke in Hollywood after ‘Twilight,’ Cinema Blend argues that the actress has proven she’s worth a watch. She started out at age 12 in ‘Panic Room’ and starred in 2020’s ‘Underwater,’ proving her range is far wider than fans presumed after her hair-flipping as a teen vampire.

Besides, Kristen is totally up for taking on a Marvel role, though she does have some ideas about who she’d play. For example, Cinema Blend says Kristen claimed she’d love to play a gay superhero.

Kristen’s net worth has surged for 2020, reaching $70 million already, and that kind of star power could probably be a benefit to the MCU (if they can afford her).

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Her private life has attracted plenty of attention, of course. Despite people having told Kristen she should pipe down about her love life, she’s perfectly poised to be the MCU’s next LGBTQ-friendly star.

Other diverse MCU cast members like Tessa Thompson, Brian Tyree Henrey, and even Joe Russo (alright, so it was just a cameo) are already leading the way for stars like Kristen to get in on the action.

So, Cinema Blend presented the idea that the actress would be a perfect Lady Deadpool.

Reason one? She’s already played in an awkward juxtaposition on screen alongside Ryan Reynolds (in ‘Adventureland’). Why not reunite the former co-stars for a different type of action?

Marvel Fandom highlights that Lady Deadpool is a counterpart of the original Deadpool; she’s from an alternate dimension but does run into the other Deadpool (well, there are multiple) a few times throughout the comics.

Kristen Stewart News Marvel photos and video online | Love story

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Unfortunately for fans, Lady Deadpool has never been brought to the live-action screen. But fans agree that Kristen Stewart would be amazing in the role.

Kristen’s twisted humor and impressive physical abilities make her a perfect fit for Lady Deadpool, if fans can convince the MCU to take her on. It would be amazing to see Kristen bring the comic book character to live.

Who knows whether ‘Deadpool 3’ will really happen, but fans already know what they want to see next: Kristen Stewart in a Deadpool getup.

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Kristen Stewart News Marvel photos and video online | Love story