Lana and Rusev are just one of the many couples to come out of WWE. The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian won fans over from the moment they made their debut in 2014. The couple was portrayed as heels with Rusev being an unstoppable force and Lana as his manager, who encouraged him to crush his opponents. Throughout the years, the two have been part of numerous storylines, some of which had them splitting up.Rusev and Lana are still married in real-life, and they’re one of the wrestling couples that fans love. Whether they were sharing selfies on Instagram or letting cameras following them for a TV show, fans can’t get enough of the couple’s antics. The couple is getting ready to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary in July. To commemorate the milestone, let’s take a look at Lana and Rusev’s relationship and find out everything we know about the couple.

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