Considering she’s had a rough go of things in 2020, it will be hard not to cheer for Lana at Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. But, as the WWE star points out, there’s still a ton of fans who hate her and it’s led to major issues of depression which she talks candidly about in a feature on the WWE Network.In 2020, most people have had a hard year. And, while some fans are pointing out that Lana has been the brunt of brutal attacks and perhaps the butt end of unfair treatment by WWE since Rusev left, all of that will be discussed in an upcoming Chronicle episode that is all about Lana’s year and her struggle to cope.

Lana shared WWE’s post today promoting her WWE Chronicle episode which you can now watch on WWE Network and in it she talks about her trials and tribulations, losing her travel partner after Rusev was released and how awful fans can be on social media. You can see the video below as she breaks down a number of times trying to talk about how difficult things have been.

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Lana News WWE Emotional Video About Depression pictures

Lana’s real name is CJ Perry and, to say the least, she’s a polarizing personality in WWE. Some fans dislike her because she’s not the most technically skilled performer in the company. Others aren’t fans of her annoying character. On the other hand, some fans are rooting for her since she’s gone through a table nine times, is often on the losing end of her matches. Either way, the treatment she gets on social media is probably the most shocking part.

Despite terrible messages from fans, she’s forges ahead trying to do her best and fight an uphill battle.

Lana Could Shine Tonight At Survivor Series

It might not go down this way, but WWE has set the stage of Lana to pull off the biggest upset in WWE in 2020. She’s been beaten and bruised and no one is giving her a chance to walk out of Survivor Series the winner.

She could be the lone survivor, assuming she doesn’t go through a table for the 10th time.

Lana News WWE Emotional Video About Depression pictures

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