AEW star Miro has made claims of getting punished by Vince McMahon for making wedding plans with Lana without informing WWE. The Bulgarian, released by WWE back in April, was in the middle of a storyline involving Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae and was in a kayfabe relationship with the latter when he wed Lana, who remains with WWE.Miro was a recent guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast and revealed having gotten heat from the promotion after he and Lana were accused of leaking photos. According to the former WWE star, Lana sent an engagement photo to WWE and some females and it ended up getting out there.

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“Literally, I have no idea. I’ve never had heat with anybody,” Miro declared. “I remember the one time I had was about the wedding, but it was not our fault either. They said we leaked the pictures, which is not true at all. So we were in the angle, [it was] me and Summer against Lana and Dolph, and the one summer, we did get engaged, but she sent that picture to the office and to some of the girls. It’s her happiest day of her life. She’s getting engaged.

“Somebody leaks that and they blame her. They blame me. I do jobs for six months. Our story gets cancelled that night we were in Chicago. I remember it because I was supposed to win the IC title. I was supposed to get married with Summer. They nixed it that night, and when I talked to Vince, he’s like, ‘well, TMZ, it’s like CNN. It’s world news. Everybody knows it’s true… Everybody will go against it.’ So CJ did nothing for a long time, and I was doing jobs forever.”

He Still Lucked Out

Miro went head-to-head against John Cena in a WWE United States Championship match at WrestleMania 31, which Cena won. He disclosed the match was supposed to take place at SummerSlam but it was moved up to the Show of Shows after Daniel Bryan got injured.

The AEW performer expressed happiness at the fact that he was able to land a WrestleMania showdown with a legend, although it would not have happened barring Bryan’s injury.

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