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leytink tiktok BIOGRAPHY, AGE, HEIGHT, YOUTUBE instagram lonely

leytink tiktok BIOGRAPHY, AGE, HEIGHT, YOUTUBE instagram lonely


leytink tiktok BIOGRAPHY, AGE, HEIGHT, YOUTUBE instagram lonely

Real name Nika Leitink
Nickname Mabel
Date of Birth 2003
Place of Birth Ulyanovsk, Russia
Growth 150 cm
Weight 38 kg
In contact with

Nika Leitink is a young blogger nicknamed Mabel. The girl became famous for making funny videos and uploading them to the Tik-Tok application. In one of the videos, Nika said the phrase: “Hi, I’m Mabel, I’m 12 years old, I have a pig. Will you be my fiancé?” After that, the audience began to call the girl the name of the main character of the cartoon Gravity Falls.

Famous facts from the biography

Nika Leitink was born in 2003 in Ulyanovsk. Even in early childhood, she moved with her parents to Moscow. When the child was 5 years old, the mother gave her daughter to the rhythmic gymnastics section.

As a twelve-year-old teenager, Nika began to write poetry and songs. In the future, the young blogger plans to create her own composition. It is known that Leitink has a native older brother. Parents always and in everything support the young talent.

Nicky’s young man’s name is Akim. In joint photos on the Internet, they look happy. Subscribers often call them a sweet couple.


The popularity of the girl came after she began to promote her profile on Tik-Tok. The blogger shoots funny videos, with the help of which she manages to gather a huge audience around her.

Taking advantage of her popularity, the tiktoker began to maintain a page on Instagram and registered her own Youtube channel. The first video on the channel appeared at the end of November 2019 and has already gained more than 450 thousand views.

Nika goes to school, but after graduation she plans to create her own clothing brand. In her video, the girl admitted that she was already working on it. She devotes all her free time to studying and filming videos.

In early December 2019, the girl shot a video in which she reincarnated as Mabel. The video resonated with fans.

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leytink tiktok BIOGRAPHY, AGE, HEIGHT, YOUTUBE instagram lonely

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