One of the most legendary rivalries of the Attitude Era was Trish Stratus and Lita. These two women put on matches that inspired the Women’s Revolution in the WWE years later. There isn’t a female wrestler in the WWE today who wouldn’t want to mix it up with one, or both, of them.Trish and Lita are two of the greatest wrestlers to walk through the ropes, with a list of legendary matches between them. From Raw to pay-per-views, they have made history on more than one occasion. Sometimes against each other and sometimes side by side. Even though they’ve both had they’re swan song in their own ways, fans still want to see one more match between them. Without further ado, here are Trish and Lita’s 10 best matches of all time, ranked.

Lita and Trish Stratus Hottest Top 10 Matches Career photos and video

10Street Fight (2000)

This started off as one hell of a match on a July 2000 episode of WWF RAW is WAR. The Street Fight should have been a rough and tumble affair, but thanks to Steven Richards it never happened.

Trish entered first with Lita quickly following. She took the fight straight to Trish, brutally and quickly taking her out. But Steven Richards of Right to Censor interrupted the match and escorted Trish out of the ring. The beginning of the match was quite promising but just Steven couldn’t let it happen.

9Raw #573 (2004)

At an inauspicious edition of Raw in San Diego in 2004, Lita and Trish went up against in each other in a great match up. While they faced off numerous times, this turned out to be one of their better matches.

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The evening also featured an 18-man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. For Lita and Trish’s match to stand out on a night like this says something about its quality.

8Strap Match (2000)

The on screen rivalry between Trish and Lita went up a notch on a July 2000 edition of Raw when they engaged in a Strap Match. They both brought leather straps down to the ring and beat each other with them.

It was a relatively quick match with Lita getting the upper hand until the ref got knocked down. This allowed Stephanie McMahon, the current Women’s Champion, to get involved and take Lita out. Stephanie practically handed the win to Trish!

7New Year’s Revolution (2005)

In January 2005, the WWE took their first pay-per-view of the year on the road to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In one of many title matches between the two women, Trish and Lita faced off over the Women’s Championship. It was a quick match but a good one, ending with Trish taking the title from Lita.

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Trish really laid into Lita, with doctors coming to check on Lita in the ring while’s Trish’s arms were raised in victory with the championship in her hands.

6Bad Blood (2004)

The best way to enhance what was already one of wrestling’s greatest rivalries was to add in more fantastic wrestlers. In addition to Trish and Lita, this Fatal Four Way for the Women’s Championship included Gail Kim and Victoria.

It was four of the greatest female competitors of the past 20 years squaring off in the ring together. The end result was Trish taking the championship from Victoria, which was the beginning of another title reign of many for Stratus.

5Triple Threat In Raw #600 (2002)

Molly Holly is a name that WWE fans from that era still love to hear. She was an incredible competitor with different look than her contemporaries. A lot of fans wonder what she would do if she was active in the current era. But in the early 2000s, she had some amazing matches with both Trish and Lita.

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On the 600th episode of Raw, the three wrestlers faced off in a great Triple Threat match for the Women’s Championship. Trish walked in with the belt and left with it, but all three women put on a hell of a match.

4Unforgiven (2006)

Trish is one of the most successful wrestlers to come out of Canada, so any time she gets to perform in front of a hometown crowd is a treat. Unforgiven (2006) went down at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, with Lita and Trish having one more match for the Women’s Championship.

Lita was the champion but was unable to retain after a nearly 20 minute match that allowed both wrestlers to put on the best possible show. The pop Trish got for her championship win was simply incredible.

3Royal Rumble (2018)

In their odyssey of history making events for the Women’s Division over the past few years, WWE had their first Royal Rumble match for women in 2018. It featured a healthy mix of female superstars, both past and present.

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Trish and Lita were involved in the match, though they unfortunately never crossed paths in it. Still, it was an incredible moment for both women since they played such a huge role in getting the division to that point.

2Evolution (2018)

Speaking of history-making events, Evolution was a high point for the Women’s Division. The 2018 pay-per-view was the first event the WWE had that featured only female wrestlers.

Lita and Trish joined forces to face Alicia Fox and Mickie James in a tag team match. Trish and Mickie also had a long-standing rivalry, so it added another dimension to the event. It was a great match up that Lita and Trish came out on top of, and a fitting end to their extensive in ring tenure together.

1Headlining Raw For The First Time (2004)

June 12th, 2004 was a huge day for the Women’s Evolution in WWE before there was a Women’s Evolution in WWE. Lita and Trish would face off over the Women’s Championship but this time was a little different. This night would be the first time that a women’s match would main event Raw, a huge moment for both competitors.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t happen again until 12 years later when Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair would face off. Still, the 2004 match was one of the biggest of their careers, and Lita got to walk away with the belt.

Lita and Trish Stratus Hottest Top 10 Matches Career photos and video

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