Lita was one of WWE’s most popular Divas during the Attitude Era. With her red hair, attire, and punk attitude; she was a hit with wrestling fans.

Throughout her career, Lita has accomplished a lot. She’s a four-time WWE Women’s Champion and considered an icon in women’s wrestling. When Lita wasn’t competing inside the ring, she often served as manager for other wrestlers. Whether she was fighting inside the ring or helping her clients, Lita commanded attention every time she came out. Lita excelled as both a wrestler and manager, so for today’s article we’ll examine why she was great at both roles.

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10Manager: Romance Angles

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Wrestling is known to have romance angles between managers and their clients. When Lita was a manager, she was involved in a few romance angles. Of course her real-life relationships with Edge and Matt Hardy were displayed on WWE television.

In 2004, she was paired with Kane in a bizarre onscreen romance angle, which had the two wed in one of WWE’s most memorable weddings. Romance storylines were a huge part of Lita’s time in WWE, and no matter who she was paired with onscreen, she helped elevate the wrestler’s career.

9Wrestler: Her Appearance

Aside from athleticism, it’s also important that a wrestler has looks and personality. With a stacked roster, wrestlers need to stick out from their co-workers, and Lita certainly did.

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During a period where most of WWE’s Divas were blonde girls, Lita’s appearance went against WWE’s vision for their women wrestlers. Known as a punk rock girl, Lita’s tattooed physique, red hair, and colorful ring attire had fans taking notice of the wrestler. Lita’s look was so popular during the Attitude Era that young girls began dressing up as the star.

8Manager: Wasn’t Afraid To Stand Up To The Guys

One memorable moment during Lita’s managing days is when she and The Hardys received a beatdown by Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Even though she suffered a vicious attack, Lita showed she wasn’t afraid to step inside the ring with the guys.

7Wrestler: Underappreciated

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Even though Trish Stratus is considered WWE’s most iconic female star, fans argue that Lita was a better wrestler and more over with the crowd. While WWE seems to ignore Lita’s success, fans won’t forget the milestones the underappreciated star achieved inside the ring.

6Manager: Her And The Hardys Were A Popular Stable

Lita served as manager for her boyfriend Matt and his brother Jeff. Her popularity grew when she become a member of Team Xtreme, and whether she was teaming with the boys or cheering them on, fans were always ecstatic to see Lita come out to the ring with The Hardys.

5Wrestler: Pioneer For Women’s Wrestling

4Manager: Showed Her Heel Side

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Lita’s heel turn occurred in May 2005 when she turned on her onscreen husband Kane to team up with Edge. Lita excelled in her new role as a heel as she began cheating to help Edge win. Fans went from cheering to booing the redhead, who shrugged off their insults. Whether she was a good girl or a bad girl, Lita’s commitment to her role was perfection.

3Wrestler: High-Flying Moves

Whenever she competed in a match, there was always a guarantee Lita would break out one of her signature moves. Seeing a woman perform those movesets stunned fans, and made Lita one of the women to watch during the Attitude Era. In recent years, whenever Lita comes back for a match, she breaks out a moonsault for old time’s sake.

2Manager: Helped With The Rated-R Gimmick

Their onscreen storyline was inspired by the real-life triangle between Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy. Edge stealing his best friend’s girlfriend got him major heat with the crowd. Lita also helped up the ante by proclaiming her love for Edge and bashing her ex-boyfriend. If it weren’t for Lita, one has to wonder if Edge’s Rated-R gimmick would have worked.

1Wrestler: Rivalry With Trish

Lita vs Trish is one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history. Trish was the heelish blonde bombshell of WWE, while Lita was the redheaded, punk tomboy. Their different personalities is what made them mesh so well together in their storylines.

The two women often brawled inside the ring and backstage as they both set their sights on the Women’s Championship. Fans were divided in the battle between Lita verses Trish, which helped spark life into the women’s division. Even though Lita and Trish were enemies onscreen, in real-life the two are best friends.