or Miss Congeniality is best known by fans as Lita. She signed with the WWE in 2000 after a short stint spent with ECW and retired in 2006. This may seem like a short lived career, but in that six years she took the WWE by storm. In just her first year, she had earned the Women’s Championship in a match against Stephanie McMahon and had become a fan favorite while working with Matt and Jeff Hardy in a popular fast moving, high flying team known as Team Xtreme.Throughout her career, she won the Women’s Championship Title another three times and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for her brilliant achievements on April 5th, 2014. She was a fearless competitor in the women’s division with her incredible high flying moves, tomboy style, and fierce ‘I don’t care type’ attitude, which also made her one of the most controversial women in pro wrestling of that era. Not only did she give her all in the ring with her outrageous storylines, but she also allowed the WWE to incorporate her personal life into their themes, making her life an open book for all to see.

Towards the end of her career she came to be more well known for her personal mistakes in life rather than the great wrestler that she was. There are many things that WWE would like to erase about her and their misuse of her character, so here are the top 15 things the company wants you to forget about Lita.

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14Paul Heyman Signed Her To ECW First

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Lita was originally signed by Paul Heyman with ECW in the spring of 1999. He came up with her first persona of Miss Congeniality, who was the girlfriend of Danny Doring. The storyline was good and even back then you could tell she would turn out to be a great high flyer, however, she didn’t particularly like the persona given to her by Heyman and later went back to Angelica which was her wrestling name before being signed by ECW.

Lita has talked about this gimmick that Heyman gave to her in interviews and jokes about never really understanding the character or the angle. She only stayed with ECW for five months before signing with a WWE developmental territory and quickly moved on to the WWE roster from there. Seeing as how she became so popular so quickly and the fact that it is never really mentioned that she spent time at ECW, it makes it seem as though WWE would prefer for fans to believe she got her start in WWE first.

13That She Was Paired With Essa Rios Before The Hardy’s

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Lita was paired with light heavyweight Essa Rios when she made her WWE debut. Lita shined in her debut and was an instant hit with the WWE fan base. The duo peaked during a feud with Chyna and Eddie that ended with Rios losing a title match. A new storyline led to the pair splitting up as they began to have onscreen issues relating to The Godfather and his “Hos.”

Lita began to become a distraction shine to Rios, which eventually caused the team to split in typical Attitude Era fashion, as he powerbombed her after losing a match. The difference between that era and now is that you likely wouldn’t see a male powerbomb a female in today’s WWE climate.

This would lead to the sensational pairing of Team Xtreme and the rest is history, but it seems WWE leaves out most of the details of Lita and Essa.

13. Lita Miscarries And Snitsky Punts Baby

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Following her marriage to Kane, an unwilling, pregnant Lita was forced down to the ring by Kane for a match between himself and Gene Snitsky. During the match Lita was doing everything in her power to sabotage Kane. At one point, she even stopped Kane from hitting Snitsky with a chair, which caused Kane to turn his attention to her. This gave Snitsky the opportunity to hit Kane from behind, pushing him on top of a pregnant Lita.

She was rushed to the hospital where it was later revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage. This was actually supposed to be a one-time thing for Snitsky, but the fans reaction to the storyline caused the WWE to add to stretch out the sabbatical. Snitsky and Kane had a few more matches and, in the meantime, Snitsky would torment Lita about the loss of her baby. He even went so far as punting a baby doll into the audience. Snitsky has relayed that they had a lot of fun with story at the time, but never again would a storyline this gruesome fit into their image.

12Trish Straus Takes Lita’s Storyline With Mickie James

One of the best female storylines of all time occurred when Mickie James was first introduced into the WWE spotlight in 2005. In the angle, Mickie was obsessed with Trish and stalked her matches while helping her win. The storyline eventually came to a head at WrestleMania 22 between the two female competitors.

During an interview, Mickie admitted to coming up with the storyline. James’ confirmed that Lita was actually supposed to play Trish’s role, since she knew her better in real life. It wasn’t until after turning the story over to Vince that the roles were switched and the other role was pitched to Trish instead of Lita. The storyline was a huge hit, but I bet that WWE wishes fans would stop wondering just how this would have played out with Lita in the main role…

11That Lita Was So Hardcore

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It is pretty rare to see a woman interfere in a male match these days, but it does happen occasionally. However, in Lita’s day, it was commonplace to have inter-gender matches including both men and women wrestling alongside and against each other.

Not only is Lita known for her hardcore wrestling style that would make most of today’s women shudder to even think about, but she could also held her own with those hardcore moves against anyone that WWE decided to put her up against. She’s defeated wrestlers such as Heath Slater, Spike Dudley, Dean Malenko, and many more before her days in WWE.

HARDCORE! This is the word that always comes to mind when I watch old Lita matches because from the way she dressed, her wrestling style, and even right down to her attitude, that is exactly what she was, hardcore. How many women in the WWE at the moment could take on the roles and matches that Lita did back then? WWE wouldn’t like for us to think this way, but some of us always will.

10Violently Manhandled In The Ring

Not only was Lita a great competitor when facing the opposite sex in the ring, but she also knew how to roll with the punches (or should I say moonsaults and powerbombs?). I’m pretty certain that the WWE would just love for us to forget all of the ways that Lita was been violently manhandled onscreen throughout her career.

There was the time Essa Rios went a little overboard after she caused him to lose a match and powerbombed her followed by a moonsault. Even John Cena defeated her in a match by using the FU (now known as the attitude adjustment) with one arm tied behind his back.

Then there was also one particularly violent encounter from back when she was with ECW. In the match, she was actually put through a table by Sabu. With their PG rating and the world’s current view on violence against women, we definitely understand why they hide this information and agree with it. But for those of us that are old enough to know that such things are not acceptable in real life, they made for some awesome matches and storylines and it showed that women in wrestling could be just as Xtreme as the men.

9Amy, Lita Or Should We Call Her Misty

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It probably was not too big of a deal to the WWE just how Amy Dumas got to them and became Lita back in 2000, however today it would at least create some form of controversy.

It turns out that in 1998 she went to Mexico for her training and after seeing Rey Mysterio perform, Lita decided that wrestling was a career she definitely wanted to know more about and to support her training she apparently began dancing in a club. Surprisingly, her stage name was not Angelica. She actually went by Misty and who really cares how she paid for her training as long as she got it and made it to WWE.

A tleast she was there to add to the conundrum that we love to call The Attitude Era. Besides, I am sure there are plenty of male fans out there that would have loved to have visited that club in Mexico and wish that they had met Misty.

8Bra & Panties Matches, Ripped Off Tops, And Censorship

It was not unusual for fans to get a peep show during matches back in the pre-PG days of the WWE, but I bet they would love for us all to forget about the Bra and Panties matches from those days in which Lita was a recurring competitor against the majority of her rivals. Actually, she was in the first Bra and Panties match ever put on by WWE against her long time rival, Trish Stratus.

This is not the only example of the company using female wrestler’s ‘assets’ to gain ratings back in Lita’s day. As a matter of fact, one of the first matches that she had against Trish Stratus was supposed to be a street fight, but the match was stopped when Lita ripped of Trish’s top and Steven Richards, who was forming the stable Right To Censor, interfered by wrapping Trish up in a sheet and taking her backstage.

7Lita’s Dating History

It is no secret that Lita has dated several wrestlers and that, at times, this could create some friction both on and off-screen. There are even some old rumors that go as far back as her time in ECW, but the most well-known relationships that Lita has had involving her coworkers started in WWE, when she was in what seemed to be a very serious, committed relationship with Matt Hardy while in the stable Team Xtreme. The two split after her infamous affair, resulting in Lita and Edge becoming a couple.

When she left wrestling, Lita dated one of her band members for awhile before popping back into the wrestling scene in 2009 with CM Punk at her side. They dated for a couple of years, split, and then got back together in time to attend the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame event before they broke things off for a final time. At the time, Lita was not signed as an in-ring competitor so at least the McMahon’s were not forced to hold their breaths in anticipation of what would happen on-screen as a result of their pairing up.

6First Ever Bra & Panties Tag Team Match – (2001): Torrie Wilson &. Stacy Kiebler VS. Trish Stratus &. Lita//[WCW vs. WWF]

From 2002-2003, Lita made appearances as a color commentator on Sunday Night Heat while remaining off of the main roster due to the neck injury that she received on the set of Dark Angel. Eric Bischoff made some passes at her and suggested that she pose nude for Playboy as Torrie Wilson had. Lita chose to turn down his advances and refused to do Playboy resulting in Eric Bischoff (kayfabe) firing her from the commentators position.

It was also an example of how Lita sometimes would blend her career gimmicks and real life. She had actually been approached for the magazine, but turned the offer down in order to set a good example for the young teens that she felt looked up to her.

However, WWE would love us to forget this example of sexiest storytelling.

5Matt, You Are Not The Father

WWE seemed to resemble a soap opera or bad daytime talk show at times back in The Attitude Era. This was definitely the case with the storyline that they prepared for Lita and Kane when he began stalking Lita and trying to seduce her. At one point, he even kidnapped her and had her tied up backstage. Later, when Lita came forward with the news of her pregnancy, Matt decided to propose to Lita onstage, thinking that he was her baby daddy. Meanwhile, Kane came forward, claiming that he was the actual father. It turned out that Kane was in fact the father of Lita’s child. A match was set up between Matt and Kane in a comical affair, with the stipulation being that if Kane won, then Lita would be forced to marry him. Of course Matt lost and the nuptials proceeded on-screen with Lita as an unwilling participant.

4That She Cheated On Matt

Both WWE and Matt Hardy made sure that it was common knowledge that Amy Dumas cheated on him with Edge. At the time, Matt was recuperating from injuries sustained while wrestling and Lita had been working a new storyline with Edge, where she had divorced Kane so she could marry him.

Off-screen Matt was planning to propose to Lita in real life and had been looking for rings, but Adam’s wife relayed some suspicious text messages between Amy and Adam to him and Matt later leaked the information to the world. Adam had just recently been married to Lisa Ortiz with Matt and Amy in attendance at the wedding. In interviews, Matt recalls trusting Edge and Lita’s work arrangements from that time because he and Edge were good friends and thought that his relationship with Lita was more than solid enough that he could have trusted her. Shortly after the affair was leaked, Matt was released from the roster and told to stay clear of events. Lita’s fans quickly turned on her, calling for Matt instead, who inevitably returned to feud with Edge.

3Blurring The Lines

After her affair, the WWE decided that the complicated love triangle would make for an interesting storyline, so they brought Matt back and used their love life to get a ratings boost.

They had the obvious heels in Lita and Edge, who were now a couple. Then they had Matt whose heart had just been broken, yet he worked the angle in a respectable manner and Lisa Ortiz (Edge’s wife at the time of the affair), who was barely mentioned and often forgotten, was also affected. It turned out to be a popular and well remembered storyline, but it had to have at least some impact on each life involved. Lita has insinuated that incorporating the story was her idea, which makes her seem a little cold-hearted. I wonder if they ever stop and consider that these were real people’s lives and feelings that they were broadcasting? I’m not sure the WWE wants us to remember this story, especially in this climate.

2Edge And Lita’s Steamy In-Ring Affair

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In January of 2006, Raw got its highest rating of the year following The Rated R Superstar’s win against John Cena for the WWE Championship at New Year Revolution. At the next Raw, a bed was placed in the middle of the ring in honor of the win. Edge and Lita both stripped down to their underwear and got under the covers of the bed, intending on celebrating by having a live ‘sex show’.

Just as things were beginning to get steamy, Ric Flair interrupted, drawing Edge out of the bed to fight. This allowed Cena the opportunity to grab Lita and perform the FU, temporarily exposing her bare breast. This definitely would not be a great fit with WWE’ s current PG image, however, it did boost ratings back then and probably still would today. Actually, with the way things get around these days, I would think it would become a trending topic rather quickly.

Lonely Road of Faith: Lita

In 2006, Lita decided she had done everything there was to do for a woman in the WWE and announced her retirement. At the time, she was the current holder of the Women’s Championship Title and was hoping to retire with it, but WWE had her lose the belt to Mickie James instead. She was also still playing the heel role and receiving backlash from fans at the time, so this is how she is most remembered from her days in WWE.

Lita was easily one of the most athletic woman in the history of the WWE with her high flying stunts, incredible story writing abilities, and willingness to include fans in her personal life and here she was retiring to calls of terrible words from her fans and co-workers. Not only that, but one of the most degrading moments for a woman in WWE history was when Cryme Tyme came out with a box claiming that they were Lita’s personal things and sold them in a “H* Sale.” Thankfully, fans still gave her a proper send-off calling “Thank You Lita” as she left

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