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Liv Morgan Hottest WWE Real Life Top pictures and video online

Liv Morgan Hottest WWE Real Life Top pictures and video online

15 Photos Of Liv Morgan Before Her WWE Fame Triple H Won’t Show Us

Here Are 15 Photos Of Liv Morgan Before Her WWE Fame Triple H Won’t Show Us.Картинки по запросу "liv morgan hot"

Liv Morgan is one of the youngest women in the WWE, and started back with the company in 2014 when she was just a teenager. So WWE has had a few growing pains to deal with as the teenage Morgan has turned into a WWE superstar. Over the last couple of years, she has chased for the NXT championship, was a member of the Riott Squad along with Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott, and now is in a singles feud with Riott after getting involved with the Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley storyline where she said she loved Lana.

It’s been a crazy run for the blue-tongued Diva, and so far it’s unclear where her career will take her. Triple H saw something in her to bring her straight to NXT without any time on the indies, but even he has something about her past that he would rather not be known, including a former job and a former friend who pops up multiple times throughout this list.

Liv Morgan WWE Real Life Top pictures and video online

15Pizza Tongue

Photo by Instagram

Liv Morgan was well known for her blue tongue before she went through her change, but we’re sure Triple H wouldn’t want fans seeing this pizza tongue, which really doesn’t put her in a great light. Putting a scarf in her mouth and not looking all that classy isn’t a great WWE Diva look.

14Biggie More Mayor

Photo by Instagram

Liv Morgan wearing a Biggie Smalls for Mayor shirt brings up a lot of questions, like who exactly made that shirt and does Liv Morgan even know who Biggie Smalls is, considering she definitely wasn’t born yet when he was a famous rapper. If she was trying to fit in as Enzo Amore’s manager, this look works.

13Friends With Zahra

Photo by Instagram

We’ll let the Nirvana shirts go in this photo, but the reason Triple H wouldn’t show you this photo is because of the other girl in it with Liv Morgan. That’s Zahra Schreiber, who used to date Seth Rollins and had a bad falling out with him. Not the best company Liv.

12Hooters Alumn

WWE Elimination Chamber: Liv Morgan on her big opportunity
Photo by IMDB

Prior to joining the WWE, Liv Morgan worked as a Hooter waitress. That’s not exactly the type of girls Triple H normally targets when he is looking to recruit new women to the division. But Liv Morgan found her way into NXT and hopefully, has put this part of her life behind her.

11NXT Royal Rumble

Photo by Instagram

Before she became famous in NXT, Liv Morgan was part of an NXT Royal Rumble. Except it had a Halloween theme. Now you would think that would be right up her way, but Liv decided to wear a baby outfit, complete with blanket and stuffed animal. Triple H isn’t going to promote that on the WWE Network anytime soon.

10Toy Story

Photo by Instagram

Not sure what is worse about this photo, the fact that it’s with Enzo Amore, or the fact that Enzo is playing Woody and Liv Morgan is playing Jessie. Considering the allegations against Enzo for sexual assault, this is definitely one friendship Triple H would want to Live to definitely cut ties with.

9Social Media Assistant

Photo by Instagram

Here is Dante Hall, who apparently is Liv Morgan’s personal social media assistant. That can be very dangerous for a young WWE superstar, considering who knows what kind of pictures he has of Liv. It’s probably best she worry about her own account and don’t ask non-WWE people to give her a hand. Especially one who seems a little obsessed with Liv.

8Fries Before Guys

Photo by Instagram

Another flattering shot of Liv Morgan with something in her mouth. And the message on the shirt is definitely screaming a little immature, which WWE has had to deal with Liv on a few occasions as she is a very young wrestler. At least she isn’t worried about guys as her top priority.

7Bathroom Selfie

Photo by Instagram

Out with one of her friends, Liv Morgan had to get the classic bathroom selfie. This is definitely not the type of photos Triple H wants to be seeing his women posting on social media, as they are role models for younger girls. Hopefully, Liv is looking up to older members of the roster.

6Thug Life

Photo by Instrgram

Liv Morgan in her early days of NXT and just before, had this massive thing for rap and the rap culture. Here she is in an Instagram post titled ‘Thug life’ trying to be something she really isn’t. Not a good sign when she is starting out as the female Enzo Amore.

5Mac N Cheese

Photo by Instagram

It’s not easy making it as a wrestler, but Liv Morgan never went through the indies to get to WWE, she went straight to NXT. So Triple H isn’t going to be too happy seeing one of his newest signees eating Mac N Cheese for dinner and posting that along with a message that she still is growing up.

4Cheat Day

Photo by Instagram

Similar to the Mac N Cheese, here is Liv Morgan about to take down a massive pizza slice when she says in the caption of this photo that she is supposed to be eating clean for the week. Chalk it up to a learning experience and maybe she shouldn’t be posting things that her boss can easily see.

3Wrong Crowd

Photo by Instagram

Here is another photo of Liv Morgan with at one time best friend Zahra Schreiber. After Zahra left NXT, it appears Liv moved on from their friendship, as she didn’t want to get in any more backlash. But hanging on to these photos with someone who caused some social media issues in WWE could be looked down upon.

2Bikini Show

Liv Morgan (Twitter). | Ронда роузи, Женские прически, Самка
Photo by Instagram

As a member of the Hooters team, Liv Morgan also took part in a few of their bikini shows and competitions. She was a bit late for that in WWE, as they got rid of the bikini contests years ago when they decided to give women a chance to wrestle. Not something Triple H would want to be showing girls today.

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1Hard At Work

Photo by Instagram

This is what Liv Morgan thought working hard was like when she was a Hooter girl. Again, not the message Triple H would want to send to any younger girls. At least Liv can chalk it up to being young, and it’s amazing to think she went from laying on a bar to the middle of a WWE ring.

Liv Morgan Hottest WWE Real Life Top pictures and video online

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