Mandy Rose is a perfect woman to some people in the WWE universe. Just ask Corey Graves and he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks of how beauty Mandy Rose is. She has come a long way through her WWE career, first starting in the Tough Enough program and moving into NXT for a short run before she was called up to the main roster as part of Paige’s Absolution stable along with Sonya Deville. And after that faction went away, she and Sonya teamed up in Fire and Desire and look to win their first women’s tag team championships.But before WWE, before NXT, before Otis and Tough Enough, Mandy Rose as Amanda Rose and part of the fitness world as a bikini model. Here life outside of WWE wasn’t all that different, as she was flying around the country for shows and working out constantly. But here are just a few photos of Mandy Rose before she became a star in the WWE.Mandy Rose Hottest PAPARAZZI off camera pictures and video online

My Daughter is a WWE Superstar – Mandy Rose

15Tough Enough

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Before Mandy Rose became a WWE star, she had to go through the Tough Enough competition, where she nearly won and was the runner-up to eventually women’s winner Sara Lee. Also part of that Tough Enough competition was her Fire and Desire tag partner Sonya Deville, and the Velveteen Dream.

14A Little Help From Chris Jericho

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A big supporter of the Tough Enough competition was Chris Jericho, who got in the ring and showed the wrestlers a lot of what happens in the ring and took them through matches. Mandy Rose got some hands on experience from who many consider to be one of the greatest of all time in the wrestling business.

13Weights Are Your Best Friend

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Mandy Rose has been hitting the weights well before her Tough Enough and WWE days. She was a fitness model which meant getting her body to look muscular but also sexy at the same time. Well, mission accomplished Miss Rose, as she shows perfect form for this deadlift with some good weights on each end.

12A Master Of The Grill

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What guy wouldn’t love to see a woman like Mandy Rose over a hot grill cooking up something amazing? A woman like this who can be the master of her own grill is a dream come true. And for someone who takes care of herself the way she does, food is definitely a major part of her life so she definitely knows her way around cooking.

11Body Power

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Mandy Rose would compete in plenty of fitness competition shows around the country, including this one with teammate Tom Coleman at the Body Power Expo. It’s a flex-off here, as Mandy Rose shows off the powerful arms she has been working on that are nearly as big as her teammates are.

10Casual Outfit

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On Instagram, Mandy Rose captioned this as her casual outfit. Somehow, she managed to make a casual bathroom selfie look unbelievable. She has that perfectly toned athletic body which she spent so much time working on. You could almost say this is her barbie look, as the blond hair and makeup nearly match the iconic doll.

9Have Her Cake And Eat It Too

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Every fitness competitor has to have some kind of a cheat day and Mandy Rose goes straight for the cake with her best friend. Life can’t be all about healthy eating, low carbs, and low sugar. Sometimes, you just need to have your cake and eat it. Mandy clearly busts it hard in the gym, so she’ll be fine with a little slice here or there.

8The Real Queen Of WWE

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Move over Charlotte Flair, as Mandy Rose has the actual crown and sash and can call herself the queen. Mandy won this at the Montreal World Bikini Championships in 2015, one of her last crowns before getting the call to go on Tough Enough and become part of the WWE.

7Those Las Vegas Mornings

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Mandy Rose started in bikini fitness shows at a very young age, and by her early 20s, she was jetting off around the country for big competitions. That means waking up in penthouse suites in Las Vegas overlooking the Bellagio hotel fountain, in the morning, you are ready to compete for a championship.

6Magazine Centerfold Girl

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You can tell how far back we are getting as Mandy Rose looks a lot younger here in this photo from 2014. Here she is with the centerfold spread of the Fitness Gurls magazine swimsuit edition. In this edition was the 23 sexiest swimsuit models in fitness and yes, Mandy Rose is definitely one of them.

5Courtside Seats

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Mandy Rose didn’t need to be a big WWE star before she had her first taste of courtside seats at the Los Angeles Lakers game. She might have been a distraction for Kobe Bryant back in 2014, as you definitely couldn’t miss her sitting in the front row at all.

4Old Flame

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Mandy Rose is currently dating NXT wrestler Tino Sabbatelli, but before she came to NXT and met him, she was dating this man named Mike, who went with her to shows across the country. You wonder if he looks now and thinks what could have been, or rather, what he missed out on.


3Before Fitness

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This photo is all the way back from 2012, well before Mandy started getting into fitness when she was just getting out of high school. WWE wasn’t even in her mind and neither was earning a spot in the company on Tough Enough. She wouldn’t be in the WWE for another 3 years.

2In The Queen City

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Here is Mandy Rose in the Queen City of Charlotte, home to the WWE Diva Charlotte Flair. It’s interesting to look at this photo and see how much she transformed herself through working out and a strict fitness routine, as she is pretty small here compared to where she would get to.

1A Girl’s Best Friend

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Like many WWE superstars, waiting at home for them is their best friend, often their lovable pets. This is Mandy Rose’s dog Bella she had way back in 2012. It can be a lonely journey throughout wrestling and fitness, but there are always friends back home to snuggle up with and fall asleep.

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