Besides television, social media plays a pivotal in professional wrestling today, helping to promote shows effectively. Being the largest company in the world of professional wrestling, WWE has a gigantic social media presence, with millions of followers on all social media platforms.With that being said, WWE Superstars also use social media platforms to connect with the WWE audience. While fans see their characters on TV, social media enables to have a closer view of the real lives of Superstars.Mandy Rose, the popular face from SmackDown women’s division, is highly active on Instagram, posting about her life regularly. Let’s take a look at the ten best Instagram posts of Mandy Rose.Mandy Rose paparazzi real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno Top photos

10New Love Birds

Currently, Mandy Rose is involved in an interesting storyline with Otis and Dolph Ziggler, making it a triangle romance. Rose broke the heart of Otis on Valentine’s Day when the latter was late for a romantic date. Taking advantage of the situation, Dolph Ziggler had a date with Mandy Rose, and they spent Valentine’s night together.

While it is ambiguous if Mandy Rose and Ziggler are a couple in real life, Mandy is keeping kayfabe alive on her Instagram. Rose posted a picture with Ziggler, and they looked cozy holding each other and smiling.

9Outdoor Exercise

Красное платье Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is one of the fittest women in WWE, having a background in bodybuilding. The Golden Goddess became WBFF Bikini World Champion in 2014, which was certainly an incredible feat to achieve.

Given her fitness record, she often posts workout videos on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of her fitness routine. In this post, Rose can be seen promoting her own app, and she was doing bodyweight exercises in an outdoor environment. The clip also got a huge number of views.

8Las Vegas Sunset

Мэнди Роуз попки

As WWE hosts wrestling shows in every part of the USA as well as the world, WWE Superstars travel frequently. As a matter of fact, they stay on the road for the majority of the year. Mandy Rose also gives an update on Instagram regularly wherever she travels for shows.

Wearing a deep blue dress, Rose posted a stunning picture from Las Vegas in January. With the caption ‘this sunset though’, the city of Las Vegas can be seen in her background. While the Las Vegas sunset certainly looked great, Rose was looking equally beautiful.

7Backstage Brawl

Горячая фотосессия Мэнди Роуз

Last year, Mandy Rose had an intense feud with Namoi, as Naomi’s husband Jimmy Usos was involved in the feud. Being a heel on TV, Rose often tried seducing Jimmy Uso multiple times and tried breaking their marriage on screen.

On an episode of SmackDown, Rose was walking in the backstage area with Sonya Deville. However, Naomi, Rose’s then onscreen rival, abruptly launched an attack on Rose. After taking out Deville, she tried assaulting Rose, but the numbers game caught the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. However, Jimmy Uso eventually came to rescue Naomi from The Fire and Desire.

6Birthday Celebration With Co-Workers

Сексуальное платье Mandy Rose

Since WWE Superstars spend most of their days on the road, they often spend their birthdays with their colleagues. Last year, Mandy Rose did a similar thing by celebrating her birthday with her co-workers from SmackDown, and her birthday celebration took place in Miami.

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Rose posted her birthday celebration picture from a nightclub in Miami. Rose’s best friend and tag team partner, Sonya Deville, can be seen in the picture. Furthermore, Liv Morgan can be spotted wearing a black dress. The birthday girl Mandy Rose looked mesmerizing in a pink dress.

5The Christmas Kiss

Мэнди Роуз горячие картинки

The storyline between Otis and Mandy Rose commenced in the latter part of last year. While giving an interview in the backstage area, Otis was greeted by Mandy Rose with a ham. It was a sweet gesture from the Golden Goddess, and she also planted a kiss on Otis’s cheek, surprising the Heavy Machinery member.

Showing the same gratitude on Instagram, Mandy Rose posted the picture of kissing Otis on the cheek. Wishing Otis birthday on that post, Mandy Rose certainly made the storyline more interesting for the fans.

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4Mother And Daughter Time

Мэнди Роуз горячая картинка

While Mandy Rose posts a lot about her TV character and workouts, she also posts her family pictures occasionally. In this post, Mandy Rose can be seen having a meal in a restaurant with her mother. Acknowledging how close she is to her mother, Rose called her mother bestie in the caption.

Mary Saccomanno, Mandy Rose’s mother, hails from New York, where she raised her daughter. Rose looked gorgeous in a stunning dress, and the post drew over one hundred and fifty thousand likes from the fans.

3Otis’s Catch

Мэнди Роуз жопа горячие

Otis and Mandy Rose created one of the best moments at Royal Rumble this year when the former saved the latter from getting eliminated from the match. Rose was part of the Women’s Royal Rumble match with her tag team partner, Sonya Deville.

While competing in the match, Alexa Bliss threw Rose out of the ring, yet Otis saved the day for Rose. As Otis saved Rose from eliminating, the latter got back in the ring. The clip was shared by Rose on her Instagram, and she also tagged Otis to appreciate his help.

2Happy 4th July

America celebrates its independence day on July 4th. A myriad of Americans show love and patriotism for their country through social media platforms, including Mandy Rose. Mandy Rose wished ‘Happy 4th’ to her fans by posting a sizzling picture of her in a one-piece bikini.

Showing her sculpted physique, Rose certainly looked like ‘God’s Greatest Creation’. Her bikini looked incredible in an American flag, and she was standing on a beautiful beach. Besides her bikini with the American flag, the background also had a small beach house painted in an American flag, which made the picture apt.

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1The Maxim Cover Girl

Maxim is one of the biggest magazines in the world, having readers from every part of the globe. Since it is a primary lifestyle magazine brand, a number of well-known faces have featured in it. Mandy Rose got the opportunity of becoming the cover girl of Maxim magazine last year.

Wearing a golden bikini, Mandy Rose featured on the cover of Maxim magazine, Australia. After posting the cover shot of her photo, Mandy Rose also expressed her happiness on Instagram. She wrote that it was always in her bucket list and thanked Maxim Magazine for the opportunity.

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Mandy Rose paparazzi real name Amanda Rose Saccomanno Top photos