If we were to ask the average long-time WWE viewer who their favorite tag team was, it would be a pretty safe bet that most people will answer The Hardy Boyz. And with good reason. They may very well be every generation of wrestling fan’s favorite tag team having withstood the test of time to remain relevant and entertaining across three decades and more than 25 years of time wrestling together. They have wrestled in every major promotion there is and have taken part in some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history.

Needless to say, when both Jeff and Matt Hardy finally decide to hang up their boots and ride into the sunset for good, they are guaranteed to be first-ballot WWE Hall of Famers. Given their vast history in the ring, most fans have an encyclopedia textbook worth of knowledge and understanding on the duo, but we think even the most avid of fans may have forgotten the following facts.

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Edge vs. Jeff Hardy 

19They Founded Their Own Wrestling Promotion

the hardy boyz from wwe win belts

In 1997, a year before breaking out as official WWE Superstars, Matt and Jeff Hardy were able to save up enough money to form their own wrestling promotion, OMEGA Championship Wrestling. The company is technically still standing today, but it has been on hiatus since they re-signed with WWE. OMEGA helped launch the careers of future WWE wrestlers like Evan Bourne and Cameron Grimes.

18Jeff’s Victory Road Match

jeff hardy wrestles sting

In the lowest point of Jeff’s career, he walked into the TNA Victory Road Pay-Per-View to battle Sting for the World Championship but was visibly less than sober walking into the main event. His condition was so poor that Sting was forced to cut the match short by forcing the Hardy boy into a pin.

17Matt Is A Former World Heavyweight Champion

matt hardy holds belt

Matt Hardy is often viewed by fans as someone who should have won a World Championship, but those fans forget that he already is a former World Champion. He won TNA Impact’s World Championship twice while also winning the ECW World Championship on just one occasion. Not a bad resume.

16Why Jeff Left WWE In 2003

jeff hardy close up on his face

Jeff’s battles with substance abuse have been well documented over the years and arguably reached their zenith in 2003. At the time, WWE hoped to help Jeff Hardy by offering him a stint in rehab. Not only did he decline the offer, but he also exited WWE soon after as a result.

15Jeff Was In Ring Of Honor

Jeff Hardy under a mask for ROH debut as Will-o-the-wisp (later known as Willow the Wisp)

Fans remember Jeff leaving that year and going to Impact Wrestling for a while, but it is often forgotten that he wrestled exactly one match for ROH at their Death Before Dishonor. He was booed mercilessly on sight by the hardcore wrestling crowd and never came back to Ring of Honor until a decade and a half later.

14So Was Matt

Adam Cole and Matt Hardy in ROH
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Matt Hardy’s own singles run in Ring of Honor is oft forgotten about as he joined in 2012 and stayed there until 2014 when he opted out of his contract to re-join Impact Wrestling. Most notably in Ring of Honor, Matt briefly feuded with future NXT Champion Adam Cole before forming an alliance and serving as a mentor to him during Cole’s ROH World Championship run.

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13Jeff Was Supposed To Win At WrestleMania 24

jeff hardy face

In 2008, Jeff Hardy was booked for a Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 24 where he was supposed to win and, eventually, win his first World Title. Instead, two weeks before the PPV, he was removed from the match and even lost the Intercontinental Championship he had at the time to Chris Jericho. The next night, WWE announced that Jeff was suspended for 60 days due to violating their wellness policy.

12Matt Also Has His Own Trouble With The Law, Just Like Jeff

matt hardy mugshot

As often as Jeff Hardy gets profiled for his run-ins with the law, let us not forget that his brother used to have similar run-ins himself some years back. In 2011 alone, Matt Hardy was arrested three times in a single month, one reason being for a DUI.

11Jeff Had His WWE Debut At Age 16

razor ramon wrestling jeff hardy to the ground

Before officially beginning their WWE run in 1998, Matt and Jeff Hardy were used as young jobbers four years earlier putting over more established talent in squash matches with the likes of Razor Ramon and 123 Kid. Matt was 19 at the time, while his brother was 16. Since wrestling on TV as a minor wasn’t exactly legal, Jeff told WWE he was 18.

10They Wrestled The Day Before WrestleMania Return

Nick and Matt Jackson and Matt and Jeff Hardy surrounded by ladders in a wrestling ring

The Hardy Boyz made their return to WWE by winning the tag titles in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania 33, but the night before, they wrestled in Ring of Honor. They lost the ROH Tag Team Championship to future AEW executive founders The Young Bucks in what was, ironically enough, a Ladder Match.

9Matt Used To Date Ashley Massaro

wwe wrestlers go kart racing

The list of former WWE Divas who Matt Hardy dated is a small list, with the most memorable, of course, being Lita, but one relationship who few fans even know about is when he used to date the late Ashley Massaro during the late 2000s. They were very public about their dating status at the time.

8Jeff Had An Onscreen Romance With Trish Status

Jeff Hardy and Trish status in a wrestling ring

Before he exited the WWE in 2003, one of the final storylines that Jeff Hardy took part in was in an on-screen romance with top Diva, Trish Stratus. The relationship practically came out of nowhere and ended as fast as it started. After weeks of paling around and smooching, the relationship storyline quietly fizzled out.

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7Matt Was In A Real-Life Love Triangle With Edge And Lita

This is a situation that has been well documented, though WWE has tried to keep it relatively hush since Matt came back to the company. Matt Hardy prolifically dated Lita during the mid-2000s, but while he was injured at home and while Lita was on the road, she carried an affair with Edge. Matt learned about it while listening to an intimate voicemail left by Edge on the couple’s answering machine.

6… That Got Him Fired

matt hardy arrest

In a bitter rage over the breakup, Matt proceeded to air out his and Lita’s dirty laundry all over the internet. WWE thought this was unprofessional, so they released him. However, amidst crowds constantly chanting for WWE to re-hire him while shouting profanities at Edge and Lita, WWE had a change of heart. They brought Matt back and turned this whole love triangle into a wrestling storyline.

5Wasn’t The Last Time WWE Made The Hardy Life Into A Storyline

In 2008, while Jeff and his future wife were away from their home, their house legitimately caught on fire with their dog inside. A year later, WWE decided to use it as part of a television storyline where Matt was the culprit to burn it down because he became jealous of his brother’s popularity.

4Jeff Was Rumored To Date Mickie James

wwe wrestlers at a baseball game

Despite dating the same girl (a townie named Beth) since 1999 (eventually marrying in 2011), Jeff Hardy has been subjected to constant dating rumors claiming him to have dated Mickie James at one point in time. These rumors have never been confirmed and if true, we’d have to assume Jeff and Beth were on a break or something.

3Matt’s Wife Used To Wrestle …

hardy boys matt and jeff with wife reby sky

Fans have often seen Matt’s wife, Reby, by his side on his social media (particularly as part of his now infamous Deletion videos), but many of us forget that before the long-time lovers married in 2013, she used to wrestle on the independent circuit. She debuted in 2010, but seems to have quietly retired after having two kids with Matt.

2… And Dated Jon Moxley

Those who forget Reby Sky’s time on the indies most certainly forget her time serving as a valet for future AEW wrestler and former WWE Champion, Jon Moxley. We are not sure if they ever dated in real life outside of their storylines, but they sure did smooch a lot while working together in Dragon Gate USA.

1Jeff Has A Rock Band

wwe wrestler plays music with his band

Jeff Hardy’s in-ring character has always had a punk rocker attitude, but that’s actually closer to his real-life personality than some may think. He actually has a band called Peroxwhy?gen. A few of his songs, like “Modest” and “Obsolete” were used as his wrestling themes while he was in Impact Wrestling.