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McKenzi Brooke net worth biography tiktok ” growth plums photo age

McKenzi Brooke net worth biography tiktok ” growth plums photo age


McKenzi Brooke net worth biography tiktok ” growth plums photo age

Mackenzie Brook  is an American content creator, dancer, singer, actor, and social media personality. She is best known for posting comedy, sync, and dance videos on TikTok. In addition to her popularity on TikTok, Mackenzie Brook is also known on other major social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. Many of her videos, especially those on YouTube, feature her brother Rafe Howie; Mackenzie and Rafe are currently one of the most popular sister and brother duos on social media. Mackenzie Brook is also known for her role as  Sasha  on the television program  Attaway General.

Birthday:  December  27  , 2003  (  Capricorn  )

Place of birth:  USA

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Quick Facts

Age:  18 Years Old  ,  18 Years Old Women

A family: 

Siblings:  Rafe Howey

Country of Birth:  USA

Height:  5 Feet 5 Inches  (165  cm  ),  5 Feet 5 Inches (Women)

Early life and career

Mackenzie Brook was born on December 27, 2003 in the United States of America. She grew up with her younger brother, Rafe Howie. She showed an interest in dancing at a young age; she started dancing at the age of six. Her mother recognized her skills and talent and encouraged her to create social media videos. She then posted her first video to TikTok in January 2016. So far, her TikTok account has amassed over 10 million fans.

She also created the  McKenzi and Reif YouTube channel  with her brother on March 10, 2015 and began posting various videos. The channel currently has over 100,000 subscribers. Her Instagram account has over 385,000 followers.

Mackenzie Brook made her first television appearance in 2017 when she was seen in the TV movie  Music Celebration  . In 2020, she appeared on  New Generation Role Model  . The same year, she was also seen as  Mackenzie Howey  in the TV movie  Christmas in the Square  . Her big break as an actress came in 2021 when she was cast as  Sasha  in the series  Attaway General  . On the series, she appeared alongside other popular social media stars such as  Dixie D’Amelio  and  Griffin Johnson.. Mackenzie Brook is not only an actor and social media star, but also a professional dancer. Prior to Covid-19, she performed alongside her brother on  Playlist Live  and with  The Chainsmokers.

Rise to glory

Mackenzie Brook rose to fame when she started posting dance and lip sync videos on TikTok. Her popularity increased when she entered the  Max and Ruby competition with her brother. The video went viral on the internet, making her an internet star. Over time, her TikTok videos began to garner millions of fans and likes. So far, her TikTok account has amassed over 10 million fans and over 460 million likes.

Brook is also popular on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Her YouTube channel  McKenzi and Reif,  created on March 10, 2015, has over a million views and over 100,000 subscribers. Many videos such as  Tap in Tik Tok Tutorial Step By Step Danceatorial  ,  Mackenzie and Rife Tell You Their Siblings Secret  ,  A Day in Our Life Vlog  and  Blindfolded Makeup Challenge  have received thousands of views each. Her Instagram account, where she posts interesting video clips and photos relating to her professional and personal life, has amassed over 385,000 followers.

Family and personal life

Mackenzie Brooke has not yet been in a relationship. She enjoys spending time with her brother and father. She often features her father on her Instagram page. Mackenzie Brooke graduated from high school in 2021. Together with her brother, she works on the release of goods.

net worth

$2 million.

McKenzi Brooke net worth biography tiktok ” growth plums photo age

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