News of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox splitting sent shockwaves to fans. The fact that she had ditched Green for Machine Gun Kelly was the cherry on top that quickly made fans lash out against Fox for her immature decision.Most fans view Machine Gun Kelly as a loose cannon, and very much a ‘punk’ compared to steady marriage she was in with her husband, and Fox was immediately viewed in a very poor light for the way her actions had such a negative impact on her family. Machine Gun Kelly is very controversial compared to Green’s more respectable demeanor. Brian Austin Green continued to keep things classy, and refrained from lashing out at Fox on public social media channels, but she hasn’t taken the same mature approach.

Brian Austin Green Has Very Loyal Fans

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Fox recently slammed Green for posting images of his own son in a Halloween costume, which was immediately viewed by fans as being irrational, controlling behavior. Fans from all walks of life and from all across the globe immediately sprung into action and aligned with Brian Austin Green. They commented on the Halloween post with encouraging words to him and sharp words against Megan. This was completely unprompted, and it became abundantly clear that Green has some loyal fans that are going to back him up against Fox’s wildly disrespectful behavior.

Brian Austin Green responded to Megan’s fury about the Halloween photo by cropping out the image of his son, and fans viewed this as a clear display of Fox’s controlling and destructive behavior. Green’s fans have become Megan Fox’ haters.

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Brian Austin Green’s Incredible Relationship With Fans

In a beautiful, touching, and honest post, Brian Austin Green put up a video of himself casually walking to his chicken coop to fetch some eggs for breakfast with his children. It captured the true essence of an honest man who is opting out of the Hollywood drama that often surrounds a couple during a divorce. He is remaining respectful and level-headed, and is not stooping to the level of out-of-control Megan Fox. Displaying a much more mature demeanor, Green humbly thanked fans for their support online and is clearly touched by the love and kind messages that fans have sent his way.

While Green remains composed, fans are lashing out on his behalf. They responded to his chicken-coop video by saying; “You’re a dad like anyone else who wants to share pics of your kids. F mis FOX and MGK.” Perhaps the most thoughtful message posted by a fan was; “You just keep doing you and being a great father to your kids. And like others have said keep showing off those beautiful kiddos. Some ex’s just like to makes others lives awful. Don’t let her get to you. And that’s amazing of you for not reacting or bad mouthing. She’s making herself look bad enough to the public eye. Much love Brian.”

Another fan wrote; “Your kids mom feels her own guilt so she had to attack you. Yes divorces causes tension, but it’s never appropriate to use social media to reprimand the other parent. Hopefully she will grow up soon. Sadly she’s too weak to allow public comments for real people to give her sound advice. You, keep being you! Your kids are lucky to have you.”

Megan Fox real life photos and video online | Love story

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