Mercedes Martinez finally made her long-awaited appearance on NXT recently after weeks of hype, and the experienced wrestler has started with a bang. She’s a name who had a lot of hype behind her, and rightfully so.

But for wrestling fans who are unaware of NXT’s latest talent, there is plenty to learn about Martinez, who is set to be a major star for the company. Within this list, we will provide ten things that everyone should know about Martinez.

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10Basketball Injury

While everyone may now know Mercedes Martinez for her wrestling skill, the fact is that being a professional wrestler wasn’t her original plan. That’s because she was more interested in another sport…basketball.

She was a star at basketball during her youth and she actually wanted to become a police officer originally. The main reason for the change is because of an injury she sustained, which simply put her on a new career path.

9History With Bullying

One of the big reasons that she went down the path of professional wrestling is because she had a lot of aggression that she wanted to get out. That is down to the fact she has a history with being bullied.

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While she is a very strong woman who people certainly wouldn’t want to mess with, when she was younger, Martinez was sadly bullied. This is what put her to wrestling as she wanted to get out her anger in a productive and safe manner.

8She’s A Veteran

Mercedes Martinez may have only just signed with WWE, but that doesn’t mean that she’s new to the wrestling industry. Martinez is actually one of the most experienced female wrestlers on the WWE roster right now.

She’s been around the industry for over 20 years now and has built up an incredible reputation for herself in the meantime. Her hard work has now paid off and it can be guaranteed she’ll be making the most of this run.


Mercedes Martinez certainly is a tough individual and over the course of her career, she has proven that she has no problems battling with the very best. She has also showcased having no issue in wrestling for a long time either.

That’s because back in 2018, Martinez took part in an epic 75-minute iron-woman match. Taking place for RISE, she and Tessa Blanchard stole the show with one of the greatest women’s matches of all time.

6Mae Young Classic Appearances

Some fans may not have watched either of the Mae Young Classic tournaments and if they didn’t they will not be aware that Mercedes Martinez actually competed in both of those matches.

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She was incredibly impressive in both of the two tournaments and it was a surprise it took WWE so long to sign her. But if fans want a real glimpse at what she can do, those performances are certainly ones to look back upon.

5AEW Appearance

While she is now officially signed with WWE, things did come close for her actually working with AEW. Mercedes Martinez had made appearances in the Mae Young Classic tournament, but WWE then didn’t sign her, which led to her making appearances with AEW.

Martinez was a surprise entrant in the women’s battle royal at ALL OUT in 2019 and she also worked an episode of AEW Dark. Some fans may have missed her appearances, but she is someone who has worked for both companies.

4World Traveled

As mentioned earlier in the list, Mercedes Martinez is a 20-year ring veteran and therefore it’s no real surprise that during that time she has traveled the world, competing in various countries with different styles.

Whether it’s America, England, or Japan, Mercedes Martinez has been there and that’s why she is such a versatile performer, making her a fantastic signing not only for the quality of the show but for teaching younger stars.

3Former Shimmer Champion

Shimmer is one of the top places for female wrestlers to work, and many incredible athletes have gone through those doors at one point in their careers. As a sign of how talented Mercedes Martinez is, she is a former Shimmer Champion.

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The title has been held by many of the very best female wrestlers, and Martinez is part of that, just proving what a fantastic and legitimate threat she will be to the title scene.

2Royal Rumble Appearance

Another impressive note about Mercedes Martinez is the fact she’s not even been signed for a year and she’s already made a Royal Rumble appearance. WWE put her into the 2020 Royal Rumble earlier this year, giving her a taste of the main roster straight away.

Some fans may have forgotten that she was part of that match, but it’s certainly worth knowing as it shows the faith the company has in her and the experience that she’s got.

1She Mentored Shayna Baszler

Mercedes Martinez might be new to the world of WWE, but she has a longstanding history with one top female talent. That person is Shayna Baszler, as the two of them used to work together on the independent scene.

Martinez actually worked as a mentor to the former NXT Women’s Champion, teaching her about the industry early on in her career. It’s something that WWE touched on during the Mae Young Classic, showcasing that WWE is more than aware of their history.