There was once a time when people thought that it was only men that could fight, so we’re glad to live in a time when women like Miesha Tate are allowed to show that this just isn’t true.She has spent most of her life working within the UFC in some capacity. Starting out as a Mixed Martial Artist, she is now a pundit for the organization! She has provided a lot of entertainment to a lot of people, while also acting as an inspiration for any young women who see her on television and realize they can follow in her footsteps.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the raunchy images that have been taken of Tate throughout the years, the ones that we’re sure Dana White wishes weren’t all over the internet. While looking at those, people have a chance to learn a little something about her as well!

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15She Was A Tomboy

Miesha Tate: I would rather have had Ronda Rousey's career over ...

It should probably come as little surprise that this woman was somewhat of a tomboy during her younger life, preferring to hang out with the boys at the playground.

We can only assume this is where she first started to learn about how to handle herself in a fight!

14Wrestling Started Early


When deciding on what sport to play while at High School, Tate struggled to really find something she wanted to do.

In the end, she nailed it down to either basketball or wrestling, before eventually deciding that wrestling was what she wanted to do with her free time.

13The Boys Team Beat Her Pretty Bad

Miesha Tate to commentate on Quintet 3 | UFC

Starting out, she practiced with the boys wrestling team at school. She had no previous experience with the sport, meaning that she was like a fish out of water.

She has noted that she got beaten pretty bad on a regular basis during this time, before competing in the women’s state championship during senior year and winning.

12A Friend Got Her Into MMA

Miesha Tate | ONE Championship - The Home Of Martial Arts

It was only when a friend asked her to come to the school’s MMA club with her that she found a love for the type of fighting that would follow her for the rest of her life.

Once there, she became interested in what it was that made a good MMA fighter, and whether she would have to strike others.

11She Was Hesitant At First

Miesha Tate grateful One Championship being cautious as Dana White ...

Tate was hesitant to enter into her first MMA match, as she wasn’t used to being hit. Starting out in wrestling meant that most of her fighting expertise centered on grappling and getting people onto the mat.

After seeing her friends take part in a few fights, she decided to get involved as well.

10The Best Way To Learn, Is To Do!

Video of Miesha Tate and Cowboy Cerrone Getting Too Close for Comfort

Taking part in her first fight was interesting for Tate, who mainly attempted to get her opponents into grapples. It wasn’t until the support in her corner reminded her that she should be striking while grappling that it all started to fit into place for her.

From that point on, she started to do better and better in the amateur scene.

9Going Pro

Miesha Tate on juggling momlife in Singapore | HoneyKids Asia

Tate went Pro with a 5-1 amateur record, showing that she had enough promise to fulfill any contract that was handed to her.

However, much of the beginning of her time as a professional fighter was with organizations that shy away from televising their fights, so it was a while before she hit the mainstream.

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8She Made Her Name With Strikeforce


Tate debuted with Strikeforce in the middle of 2008. It was through Strikeforce that Miesha Tate started to get her name out there, pushing her fame beyond the boundaries of MMA and into the mainstream.

She moved on from there to achieve huge success after winning her first title within MMA.

7Her First Title

Miesha Tate & Bryan Caraway: The Pictures You Need to See | Heavy ...

The first title that Tate managed to acquire was the FCF Women’s Bantamweight Championship, seemingly struggling in the first round after being knocked down.

It wasn’t long before she was clearly dominating the competition though, leaving that day with the title firmly in her hands.

6Signing With The UFC Brought Her Real Fame

After Strikeforce folded, the UFC was more than happy to sign up Tate after she had shown her prowess in various fights.

The moment that she started out with the UFC, she stated that her long-term goals were to become a UFC champion. Setting her sights on the Bantamweight Championship, she got to work.

5Tate And Rousey Had A Respectful Rivalry

Former UFC world champion Miesha Tate on her bloody road to MMA ...

Anyone that follows UFC will know that Tate and Rousey had somewhat of a friendly rivalry.

Tate went on record as saying that even though she didn’t agree with Rousey on everything, she did understand that she had done a lot for women in the UFC world, and for that, she had a lot of respect.

4She Became The UFC Champion!

Gorgeous Champion Miesha Tate!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when a determined woman like this sets her sights on something, it’s unlikely she will fail to get there.

At UFC 196, Tate was able to take home the Bantamweight Championship, as well as winning the bonus award of Performance of the night!

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3A Hiatus Quickly Turned Into Retirement

WATCH: Miesha Tate's Most Exciting Submissions (Videos) - Evolve Daily

Prior to UFC 205, Tate had made it clear that she was planning on taking a hiatus once the event was over.

However, after she lost against Raquel Pennington that night, she decided to announce that she was retiring from MMA for the foreseeable future. She received rapturous applause.

2She’s Now A Pundit

Miesha Tate, No Respect – FIGHT CHIX

Now that she doesn’t actually fight, Tate has decided to give her expert opinion whenever an event is taking place.

Many people seek her out as she has shown that she has a deep understanding of what goes into making a good fighter, someone who can rise to the top and become a champion as she did!

1Her Legacy Is Important To Her

Women's MMA in the Olympics? Strikeforce Fighters Miesha Tate and ...

Tate has mentioned numerous times that she wants to be seen as a role model for younger people.

This is somebody that has pushed their body to peak athleticism and knows how to win a fight. There are a lot of young women out there that will want to follow in her footsteps throughout their lives.

Miesha Tate Hottest Rare pictures and video online GIF | NEWS