Nikki and Brie Bella just proved that they set Twinning goals in every conceivable situation. It’s already amazing enough that the twin beauties were able to both break into the wrestling world, and even more incredible that they went on to maintain their twin bond in their adult years. These ladies are even having babies at the same time!The Bella twins are not just going through their pregnancies side by side, but they are also in quarantine together too! Is there anything they don’t do as a team? Fans can’t get enough of this twin sister love!

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Twinning In Quarantine

What better way to be in quarantine than with your twin sister who also happens to be pregnant at the same time? These girls have one another to lean on through the good times and the bad, and right now, things are very unsettled in the world around them.

With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc on the world, it’s a very stressful time to be pregnant, and with a weakened immune system as a result. They both admit to feeling nervous about their current situation.

One thing they’ve done to keep their spirits up, is to quarantine together! The ladies live right next to one another and spend their days together, cut off from the germs in the rest of the social world.

During a digital interview with Marie Osmond, Brie stated; “It’s been tough. I mean, I’m lucky because we are next door neighbors. We literally have zero property line, so having each other’s company and support and staying positive really helps, but it’s a time when everything is so uncertain.”

Nikki And Brie Bella News COVID-19 REAL Life pictures and video online

Keeping Busy Together Amid The COVID-19 Scare

Nikki Bella News Real Life Rare pictures and video online

The ladies are taking good care of their bodies and spirits and are trying to remain positive and upbeat in spite of the obvious stresses that surround all of us these days.  When asked what they’re doing with their time, Brie commented;  “we’ve spent a lot of time together. We cook dinner most nights together. We have coffee every morning together.”

According to Daily Mail, Nikki stated; “I know for Brie and I, we both [are] terrified. Because even early on in my pregnancy, I got Influenza B and I never have gotten the flu. It was terrifying and it was terrible.”

The fear is very real for all of us, but it seems the pregnant twins are making the very best of their situation, and are leaning on one another for support and sanity. They’re definitely doing the right thing by staying home – and it’s adorable that their homes are basically connected to one another.

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