When the Bella Twins made their WWE debut in 2008, Nikki and Brie often wore matching outfits to the ring. Yet, as the years went by and the sisters branched out on their own, they got different ring attire.RELATED:WWE Top 10 HORRIBLE Divas champion photos and video onlineThe girls showed off their personalities with their new ring gear. Throughout the years, they experimented with their looks by using various styles and colors. Nikki was more tomboyish with her style, while Brie was more feminine. No matter what they chose, the Bella Twins had some of the best wrestling attire. So let’s take a look at some of Nikki and Brie’s best styles.

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Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella

10Nikki: Patriotic Gear

WWE Divas are patriotic and when it comes time to celebrate Independence Day, they wear clothing to show their pride for their country. During a July event, Nikki switched to a blue attire to show off her American spirit. The blue outfit looked great on Nikki as she posed for a quick photoshoot. White stars added to the patriotic theme of the attire, and Nikki’s signature catchphrase was embroidered in red and white lettering. Nikki was definitely in a festive mood that night as she spent the 4th of July competing in the ring.

9Brie: Fastlane 2016

In 2016, Brie Bella prepared to leave WWE so she could focus on becoming a mom. Prior to her departure, Brie got another chance to challenge for the Divas Championship. At the 2016 Fastlane PPV, Brie went up against Charlotte Flair in what would be one of Ms. Bella’s final matches. For the fight, Brie’s attire was all black with a red dragon emblem on her top and flames on her boots. To cap off the style, Brie incorporated faux fur onto her wrestling boots, which added a touch of uniqueness to the outfit.

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8Nikki: Pretty In Pink

Every October, WWE supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many wrestlers wear the color pink to help raise awareness for the cause. Nikki, who is considered one of WWE’s female role models showed her support by donning pink attire. Her top was light pink and sent a positive message to women by reminding them to be fearless. She also incorporated the awareness ribbon onto her gear. Pink sneakers, socks, wrist bands, and a hat were added to the look as Nikki helped women prove that they fight any battle that comes their way.

7Brie: Debut Outfit

The Bella Twins made their WWE debut in August 2008. Actually, it was Brie who debuted, while Nikki hid under the ring waiting to perform their Twin Magic routine. Brie’s choice of clothing for her debut match was memorable. She wore a black bra and silver halter bodysuit, which covered by black pants.

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While fans may be critical over this attire, Brie pulled off the look. She and Nikki would wear similar outfits like this during their early wrestling days. Brie would continue to maintain this style throughout her career, and it fits her very well.

6Nikki: Phoenix Gear

Nikki and Brie grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. When WWE held the 2017 Elimination Chamber PPV in Nikki’s hometown, she wanted to show off her city’s pride. For her match against Natalya, Nikki opted to wear the colors of the NBA team The Phoenix Suns. Decked out in orange trunks with a purple top, Nikki showed she had no fear when it came to Natalya. While Nikki ended up losing the match due to a double count out, she looked bright as the Phoenix sun as she and Natalya brawled all over the arena.

5Brie: Seahawks Gear

Even though she retired in 2016, Brie continued to come back for a few appearances. In 2018, she came back to team up with her husband Daniel Bryan as they took on their longtime enemies The Miz and Maryse. At the 2018 Hell in a Cell PPV, the couples competed in a mixed tag team match. With Bryan being a big fan of the NFL team The Seattle Seahawks, he and Brie chose blue and green as the colors for their ring attire. Despite walking away with a loss, Brie and Bryan looked cute in their matching gear.

4Nikki: Red And Black

When The Bella Twins returned to WWE in 2013, Nikki decided to switch up her style. She began wearing shorts and a sports bra featuring her signature catchphrase Fearless. Nikki’s new look was a bit tomboyish with her ball cap, knee-high socks, and sneakers. Sometimes she’d add other accessories such as a red and white letterman jacket.

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Bella fans loved Nikki’s new style, which has become iconic over the years. While Nikki often switches to different colors for certain occasions, a majority of her outfits consist of red and black pieces.

3Brie: Dazzling In Black

Being a creative person, Brie is always experimenting with her gear. One outfit that has become a fan favorite is this ensemble she wore during a RAW match with Charlotte Flair. Brie’s black, leather garment featured rips, which has become synonymous with her style. But she also added some sparkle with the sheer garment on her pants. Additionally, she showed off her Bella pride by having Team Bella embroidered on her top. While there was a lot going on with this attire, it definitely stood out and made Brie look flawless in the ring.

2Nikki: SummerSlam 2016

In October 2015, Nikki Bella underwent surgery for a neck injury, which had her out of action for a while. Due to the seriousness of the injury, fans didn’t know when or if she’d come back. At the 2016 SummerSlam PPV, the crowd went wild when Nikki’s music hit. She stepped out on stage looking happy, healthy, and ready to fight. For her return, Nikki wore her signature black shorts and a white bra with Stay Fearless in red and black coloring. All eyes were on Nikki proving she was back and better than ever.

1Brie: Vision In Red

Red and black have always been the signature colors of The Bella Twins. When Brie and Nikki decided to make a brief return to WWE in 2018, she broke out her old wrestling gear. Prior to stepping into the ring, Brie was covered up by a Brie Mode cutoff tank top and plaid shirt tied around her waist. Upon removing the accessories, Brie showed off her red leather, two-piece outfit which included black lace ups on the front of her tights. She was ready to unleash Brie Mode that night with this attire.

Bella Twins Hottest pictures and video Bio, Age, Career, biography