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Nikki Bella and Brie News Total Bellas Video and pictures online

Swing and a miss!

On this week’s all-new Total BellasNikki Bella found herself flustered when The Bachelorette‘s Peter Kraus tried to kiss her. As you surely saw, in last week’s episode, Brie Bella arranged for her twin to go out with the Bachelor nation fan favorite.

While Kraus pulled out all the stops—we’re talking a romantic gondola ride and wine—the single Bella Twin wasn’t quite ready to lock lips with the new suitor. Not knowing how to reject the dashing reality TV veteran, the 35-year-old simply shouted “No!” as Peter went in for the smooch.

“Sorry, you caught me off guard,” Nikki explained to Peter. “At first, I thought you were going to tell me something and then I was like, ‘Oh, wait no. He’s going in for a kiss.'”

Thankfully, Peter took the rejection with dignity as he conceded that it was only a “first date.”

“I’ll save it,” Kraus smoothly responded.


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Nonetheless, Nikki admitted that she isn’t “ready for any of that.” This remark led Peter to ask Nikki if she was truly ready to date again.

“I think I was living in a way where I kind of lost myself in the relationship I was in,” the wrestling maven relayed. “Independence was always my strength and I lost that. And I finally have gained that back.”

“I can respect that,” Peter assured his date.

Nikki Bella and Brie News Total Bellas Video and pictures online

Though Nikki felt that Peter was “an absolutely amazing guy,” she realized that she’s “really not ready” to be coupled up again. Yet, Nikki did agree to stay in touch with Peter since he’s “very easy to talk to and hang out with.”

Even though a love connection wasn’t made, Brie was happy that her sister “at least tried” as it proved there was “hope” for Nikki to move on.


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“He didn’t know that if he wanted the rose he maybe shouldn’t have tried to kiss on the first date,” Birdie Danielson‘s mom quipped in a confessional.

Nikki’s whole encounter with Peter ended on a sweet note since the fitness expert sent the Total Bellas star “every kind of black licorice.” As some fans may know, Nikki is a “huge lover of black licorice.”

“That was just like the cutest, sweetest thing ever,” an impressed Nikki gushed later on. “I have to give it to Peter, he’s really smooth.”

Furthermore, this gesture had Nikki thinking that “maybe there will be a second date.”

Still, it was the Bella Twins’ WWE career that took center stage in this episode. After a successful appearance with Ronda Rousey in Australia, Nikki and Brie had an opportunity to rebrand their image.

During a tag match, the Bellas and Rousey pulled out their best moves to defeat the Riot Squad. Shockingly, as the match came to a close, Brie and Nikki turned on the women’s champion as they blindsided her with an attack.

“A great thing about our business is, we’re always throwing curveballs,” Brie concluded to the Total Bellas camera. “The Bellas are back…as bitches!”

See everything else that went down on this week’s episode in the recap video above!

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