The Bella Twins are among the most successful wrestlers to come out of the WWE brand in the last decade or so. This is especially the case with one Nikki Bella. Perhaps it is because Brie herself has lived a slightly more low key lifestyle in recent years after having her first child, but Nikki – in the meantime – has tried her hand at dominating the entertainment industry, both with and without her sister.

Some may argue that dating John Cena once upon a time ago may have given Nikki a slight edge, but the fact that she can still maintain relevance two years after they broke up is admirable. What is even more admirable is seeing how much success she has found and how much she has truly changed since first signing with WWE back in 2007. Over the course of a 13-year career, let’s take a look at just how Nikki Bella has changed in the last 13 years.

Nikki Bella Hottest Evolution WWE Top 20 pictures and video online

18Their WWE Audition Tape

Nikki and Brie Bella’s quest to become wrestlers began when they sent WWE an audition tape to participate in the 2006 Diva Search. Although they didn’t make the cut, WWE saw something special in them to the point they reached out for a contract offer. After they signed in 2007, they trained for a year in WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling developmental program before debuting on TV in 2008.

17Her WWE Debut

the bella twins on smackdown

Nikki Bella’s WWE debut was rather creative. For weeks in late 2008, Brie Bella would dive under the ring exhausted and sweaty after a tough match, only to rise up from the ring sweat-less and energized enough to win the match. Eventually, it was revealed that this energized Brie wasn’t Brie, but her secret twin sister, Nikki, who had been helping her win matches all this time.

16With Her Ex, Dolph Ziggler

dolph ziggler nikki bella

We all know about Nikki Bella’s much-publicized coupling with John Cena, but her more recent fans may not know about her ex, fellow WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler. They dated for a while when she first joined the company but eventually parted ways. Their past was revisited on a 2015 episode of Total Divas.

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15Moving On To John Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena

To say that she hit the jackpot would be an understatement. Nikki Bella’s relationship with John Cena had been documented heavily both on WWE television and on Nikki’s reality shows. Of course, as we know now, despite being together for six years since 2012, there relationship simply was not meant to last.

14The Breakup

nikki bella and john cena

John Cena infamously proposed to his girlfriend at WrestleMania. This wasn’t a storyline either – him and Nikki Bella were really set to be married. That was in April of 2017. In April of 2018, however, a whole month before they were scheduled to marry, they broke up. The break up itself was documented on Total Divas.

13The Surgery

Despite being twins, it is pretty easy to tell the difference between Nikki and Brie Bella. All we have to do is look at someone’s chest to notice the difference (although, it’s smarter to look a woman in her eyes, fellas). Yes, Nikki Bella has had breast augmentation surgery, something she openly admits and embraces, as her wrestling finisher is called “Rack Attack.”

12Two Time Divas Champion

bella twins survivor series

Among her accomplishments as a wrestler, Nikki Bella won the coveted WWE Divas Championship not just once, but twice. The second time was the longest reign in the title’s history at 301 days. She was also one of the last Divas Champions before WWE rebooted the belt as a Women’s Championship.

11Reality Starlet

Nikki Bella is a jack of all trades, but among her biggest trades is conquering the world of reality television. For years, both of the Bella Twins appeared on Total Divas, which profiled different women in WWE. The show was a hit for the E! Network and allowed the Bellas to pursue a spinoff strictly around them called Total Bellas.

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10Twins That Workout Together Stay Together

Along with being actresses, models, reality stars, and of course wrestlers, Nikki and Brie Bella can admit to being fitness gurus of the sort. Comparing their bodies from when they first arrived into the WWE to now, both women have managed to rock iron enough to develop some ripped bodies.

9Media Gal

Nikki Bella truly has used the wrestling world to conquer all every spectrum of the entertainment industry. Reality shows, podcasts, acting, music video cameos (like in “Na Na” for Trey Songz) and even media appearances. Given how often she’s invited on talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the media loves Nikki Bella.

8Hot Rod

If there is one thing that Nikki Bella may have learned from her relationship with John Cena, it is how to pick up some gnarly looking cars. Cena is prolific with being an automobile enthusiast and judging by the impressive makeshift of this automobile, Nikki might have learned a thing or two from him about cars before the breakup.

7The Bella Podcast

Both Brie and Nikki Bella were able to successfully springboard out of wrestling to find success in other areas of the entertainment industry. Of those successes include a hit podcast called The Bellas Podcast, available on all platforms where podcasts can be listened to. These two really have done it all now.

6At The Oscars

Well, kind of. It is an Oscars Viewing Party, which of course is not as big as the Oscars themselves, but it is still a big accomplishment, especially for a former wrestler and WWE alumni. Not a lot of WWE wrestlers – former or current – can put something like this on their resume, but Nikki Bella sure can.

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5A Legend On SmackDown’s Blue Carpet

Last October, when WWE premiered its Friday Night SmackDown program on the FOX network for the first time, they invited former wrestlers and legends to walk the blue carpet to celebrate the move. Cementing their legend status, after over 10 years of being with the WWE, were The Bella Twins.

4Business Lady

via Instagram

More than just a former wrestler or even an entertainer. With all of the different business endeavors she is pursuing now, Nikki Bella is a bonafide businesswoman, so much so that she needed to build herself an in-home office just to manage it all. But who’s this fella helping her build her office, you may wonder? Oh, we’ll get to him in just a sec.

3Meeting Her BAE

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Nikki Bella participated in the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars as a contestant in 2017. As per the usual case, celebs are paired with professional dancers. Bella’s dance partner was Artem Chigvintsev. While Nikki did not make it to the final round of judging, she did grow a close friendship with Artem that blossomed into a relationship as of January 2019.

2Married To BAE

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Engaged

In January of 2020, after a year of dating, the couple announced that they have gotten engaged. While it seemed like a nice way to ring in the new year right, they were actually engaged prior to 2020. As she revealed in an Instagram post, Artem secretly proposed to Nikki in November of 2019, but she wanted to share the news last month to kick off the new decade in style.

1Having BAE’s Baby

wwe wrestler nkki bella

Nikki and Artem did not want to wait till the honeymoon to put a baby in the oven, as mere weeks after announcing her engagement, Nikki announced she was pregnant. In a far more interesting turn of events on the same day, her sister Brie announced she was also pregnant by fellow WWE wrestler, Daniel Bryan; Brie and Bryan will be having their second child together

Nikki Bella Hottest Evolution WWE Top 20 pictures and video online