The lovely ladies of the WWE garner a lot of attention, everywhere they go! We know these two women as the gorgeous wrestlers who make every car they stand next to, look really – really good. With Lana, it’s no wonder that this professional actress, model, and dancer has found her way to the spotlight in the WWE. Aside from performing on The SmackDown, WWE opened up the opportunity for her to meet her now-husband and combined, they are estimated to have a total net worth of over $3 million.Granted, that’s not a lot of money when compared to the likes of Nikki Bella who is worth $6 million. These two ladies have more than enough change in their pockets to live luxurious lifestyles, and their empires continue to grow. When peering into their garages, we can see that Nikki splurges more on cars than Lana does, but they both make heads turn, no matter what they drive!

Lana WWE Hottest Real Life (Nikki Bella) News pictures and video BIO

17Big Daddy Caddy

Lana is one of those ladies that looks great even when she’s all covered up! This skin-tight yellow jump suit stands out against her gorgeous car. It makes us notice how really dirty this car is and how badly it needs a wash though – for about 5 seconds, then we forget all about it again.

16Drop Top Cruisin’

These mountains have never seen anything so gorgeous …leave it to Lana to put on a furry jacket and show off her long locks, and long legs that go on for days. It almost makes us forget about the car entirely – almost. She may not have a huge car collection, but we definitely approve of her choices, this Cadillac is as beautiful as she is.

15Nikki’s Yellow Lambo

What better way to make a statement than with a Lamborghini? This is definitely a good way to enjoy her earnings from the WWE, especially after all the hard work she puts into her job. We have to give it to Nikki, she sure does know how to arrive in style.

14Maserati Luvin’

Now we’re talking! Maserati ownership is much more aligned with her image than the Prius. Lana stuns in this car, even though she looks like she’s posing in it with no idea how to drive it. This V8 with 345 horsepower would be a thrill to drive, and we’re sure the rumbling upon start-up is enough to entice her to drive it!

13Now For A Different View

Here’s another angle of ….the…um, Maserati. We’re sure you’re admiring the contours and gorgeous body …of the car, as much as we are! Slick in black, and sure to turn heads everywhere, Lana has a stellar car to take her out for a night on the town.

12Bella’s Rolls

A little more on the fancy side, Bella is seen here with her custom Rolls Royce.  There’s no telling how many custom upgrades she added to this vehicle, but one thing is for sure; she has great taste in cars!  This is a stunner, and let’s face it, so is she.

11Environmentally Aware

Lana can even make a Toyota Prius look good – and that’s no easy task! This low-powered electric car can be purchased for under $24,000 brand new, so we can only assume she is making an environmentally conscious statement. Whatever reason she had for buying it, we’re barely aware of the car when she’s standing next to it.


This hardly looks comfortable, but she seems to be posing with ease! We’ll credit her modeling background for these photos! Lana, whose real name is Catherine Joy Perry, previously modeled for the RIDGID Tool Calendar and was a spokesmodel for Red Bull. All that experience clearly paid off, as she now has the entire WWE platform from which she can further expand her career.

9Dramatic BMW Pic

This BMW X7 looks like a pretty fun daily-drive for Lana and Rusev. This $93,000 SUV seats 7 people – or comfortably stores her oversized fur coat and boots. No matter how you dice it, these are some pretty great wheels, and they’re well – suited for her image. This massive SUV will push anyone out of its way, much like Lana can.

8Puppy Love

It’s hard to believe this gorgeous gal makes a living by slamming people down on the mats. She looks graceful and gentle with this puppy, and not at all like a fighting-machine. Her hard-hitting matches and verbal slams with her competitors on social media are certainly a contrast to the lovely lady we see in this photo!


This car rumbles, and pushes the speed limits like no other Audi can.  Hats off to Nikki for having such amazing taste in cars. With over 650 hp on a stock motor and plenty of upgrade options, this is a fast little toy!  This is definitely WWE money well-spent.

6Ferrari For Nikki

Ferrari ownership is definitely a status symbol for any celebrity.  While she could be spending her hard-earned money any way she wishes to, we love that Nikki Bella makes sure her garage gets some love with her amazing rides.  There’s no denying that this red hot Ferrari is the perfect car for Nikki.

5Lana’s Lambo

Lana is seen here in Rusev’s Lambo, and what a lovely sight this is! She looks great in it, and we approve of this husband & wife’s choice of cars! If she had a thirst for speed, she’d definitely get her fix with this ride. We anticipate she’ll be buying more supercars as her career continues to flourish.


It’s not every day that a gorgeous model throws on a cut-out swimsuit and heels, and then perches on top of a convertible Cadillac like this. We consider this to be a bonus day! Her physically demanding job sure pays off when posing for photos like this one.

3Pretty In A Prius

Pumping gas has never looked so good, even when it’s a measly Prius in the photo. If these are the clothes that WWE stars wear when going to the corner pump, we definitely need to move in to their neighbourhood. This is a far cry from the pajama pants and tank tops we see most people running errands in – thanks Lana!

2Glam In The Passenger Seat

Lana looks completely transformed and ready for a night on the town – with that signature shaggy –fur coat we’ve seen in previous photos with this car. We sure hope she protects her face in the ring – she looks nothing like a fighter and everything like a lady in this photo. Clearly dressed for a fancy night out, she will be going there in style with these wheels!

1“I Wish They All Could Be California Girls ….”

If all the girls in California looked like this, we’d never leave! Lana is turning up the heat in this custom Cadillac, making all the girls jealous, and all the guys drool! She’s certainly comfortable in front of a camera, with no complaints from us at all.

Lana WWE Hottest Real Life (Nikki Bella) News pictures and video BIO