Although it’s been over a year since John Cena and Nikki Bella broke up and called off their engagement, fans still can’t seem to get over it. Both seem to have moved on, looking like they are happy with their new partners. Nikki has been dating her Dancing With the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev, for about one year now, and although John Cena has been a little more low-key about his new relationship, it now looks like he’s also confirming his new love affair with Shay Shariatzadeh.Considering how public John and Nikki’s relationship was, it was obvious that their break-up was going to make waves, too. When the engagement was called off on E! Network’s Total Bellas, fans thought it was all a work, but unfortunately, it wasn’t. Even though John seems happy with his new girlfriend, we can’t help but wonder if he misses Nikki.Here are 20 photos of Nikki Bella that might make John miss her. Enjoy, folks!

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20White Tank Top

Nikki Bella - Hot Leather by UniqueOneDesigns on DeviantArt

This shot of Nikki wearing some grey leggings and a crop tank top is sure to make a lot of dudes stare (including John). Although Nikki has left the WWE life behind, placing her focus on her various new business ventures, it’s clear that she hasn’t left physical training in the past with it. We know Nikki is staying in shape with Artem, making dance a part of their routine, and it shows.

19The Way She Looks At Artem

Now that the two have been an item for over a year, it’s clear that Nikki’s found happiness again. When her and John called it quits, many speculated that she had already begun a relationship with her Dancing With the Stars dance partner, but neither have ever admitted to the rumor. Regardless of when the two officially began dating, she definitely looks happy with him.

18That Leopard Dress

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All we have to say is “wow!” We don’t know how, but it seems as though Nikki continues to get better with age. Whether the Bella twin is wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, or is dressed for a night out, she is guaranteed to get some stares. This is especially true when looking at her in this leopard print dress. She wore this outfit for a Fox event in May, and we’re guessing it made John sweat a little.

17Athletic Nikki

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Here we have a recent photo of Nikki in some black workout gear that was seemingly snapped by paparazzi. The former WWE Diva was said to be working a photoshoot in LA, and it’s clear that she looks as good as ever. We know she used to put in a lot of time at the gym when she was wrestling for WWE, oftentimes working out with John Cena, but it looks like even though she’s left both WWE and John behind, she hasn’t given up on staying fit.

16Nikki Snacking On A Pop Tart

Nikki Bella and twin sister Brie step out in NYC – HienaLouca

A lot may have changed in both Nikki Bella and John Cena’s life since the breakup, but one thing is for sure, Nikki still looks as good as ever. We’re sure John always liked her in workout gear, and this photo of Nikki wearing a matching baby pink sports bra and pair of leggings is sure to make John a little nostalgic.

15Nikki For Nicole And Brizee

Looks like Nikki and Brie are not only placing their focus on their BirdieBee clothing line… Nikki posted this photo to her IG account to promote her and sister Brie’s skin care line, Nicole and Brizee, which claims that its products are gluten-free, paraben-free and are not tested on animals. We have to admire how hard the Bella twins are working since leaving WWE, and we are sure that John admires that, too.

14Building Nikki’s New Office

Nikki is independent, but she won’t refuse a little help from her man. A part of starting over after her and John called off their engagement meant that Nikki wanted to relocate, build her new home, and build her office space. Now, we don’t doubt that John would have agreed to help her with all these things if they were still together, but now she turned to her man, Artem for help.

She posted this photo to her IG and boasted about how happy she was that Artem was a handyman.

13Dancing With The Stars

We’re sure that John would hate seeing this photo. In fact, it was actually John Cena who encouraged his then-fiancé Nikki, to get on Dancing With the Stars, and we wonder if he regrets it now. Although Nikki and Artem were said to be just friends when partners on the show, there was some chemistry, no doubt.

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12When Nikki Found Her Wedding Dress

Brie Bella Says Pregnant Nikki Bella's Cervix Has 'Softened ...

This one’s gotta hurt. We have to admit, we do feel bad that there are so many photos available of John and Nikki’s wedding planning… The proposal was in front of a live crowd of over 75,000 (with millions of fans watching at home), after all. As if that wasn’t enough, a lot of the wedding planning, including Nikki Bella finding her wedding dress, was filmed for all to see on E!’s Total Bellas.

11On Jimmy Fallon

Nikki appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon earlier this year in June, 2019. We know that Nikki never fails to impress, but she looked especially gorgeous on this night, giving off some princess Jasmine vibes. She was wearing a hot pink matching skirt and crop top, and had her hair in a sleek ponytail. We don’t know if John happened to catch her on the late night show, but if he did, he probably felt a little sad.

10Nikki Having Fun With The Fam

If there’s one thing everyone who follows the Bella twins knows, it’s how close they are to their family. Nikki was often shown hosting family events when her and John lived together, and although it was rather obvious that Cena was pretty picky about a lot of things when it came to dining rules, everyone seemed to be on board, even when it came to getting dressed to the nines.

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9Nikki Goes Vegan

Looks like Nikki Bella has altered her life quite a bit since her and John Cena’s breakup, and one of the ways she did so was by going vegan. We applaud Nikki for making the choice, but we wonder what John would have to say about the matter. She posted this photo to her IG and captioned it: “First vegan PSL of the fall 🍂 one of the best local spots in Cincinnati @rootedjuicery”

8Post Dance Class

Looks like life with Artem is a little different than it was with John. Although it’s clear that Nikki loves to stay in shape (even though her WWE career is now over), we are so used to seeing Nikki getting a workout in at the gym, that seeing her stay active by taking dance lessons is a little strange. We’re sure that if John stumbled across this photo, it would make him a little sad, and make him miss the times he and Nikki used to stay in shape together.

7Sipping On Champagne

Anyone who’s watched Total Bellas knows all about how Nikki and John would enjoy dining out and sipping on a nice glass of red wine together. It looks like red wine is no longer Nikki’s beverage of choice now that she’s with Artem, though. Sorry John, but we think Nikki has moved on to enjoying some champagne with Artem now.

6Working It In The Gym

Not only is Nikki living a busy lifestyle with all her business ventures, but she still finds the time to get in workouts during her hectic lifestyle. She’s lifting heavy weights and taking her conditioning very seriously. Without a doubt, John misses that type of hustle from Nikki.

5John Teaching Nikki The Rules

If you’ve watched Total Divas or Total Bellas, then you probably know that John Cena had some pretty specific rules when it came to living in his house. Some of which might have been hard for Nikki to get on board with. We don’t know about the rules Artem makes when it comes to laundry, but we wonder if John regrets being so hard on Nikki when she moved in…

4Nikki In John’s Closet

If John ever looks back on photos of his and Nikki’s life together, this one might make him a little sad. A lot of their time together in John’s home was filmed by E! on Total Divas or Total Bellas, and lots of screenshots are floating around the web (unfortunately). Although this photo does not show them together, just a look at Nikki’s perfectly toned body, standing in John’s tidy closet, is probably enough to make him go a little crazy…

3Nikki, Artem And Brie

Total Bellas : Artem Chigvintsev Says He's 'Done' After Fight with ...

We know how close Nikki is to her sister Brie, and John, Brie, Daniel and Nikki used to spend a lot of time together. Now, it looks like Artem has taken John’s place with the family.

Nikki posted this photo to her IG and captioned it: “Had such an incredible time in Mexicali! Loved seeing the history of my Mexican roots, where the Garcia’s began and where they live on. So proud of my Garcia side. Thank you Mexicali for your warm welcome and embrace!!! And putting up with my Spanglish! lol And loved sharing it with you @theartemc You are a very special man. ❤️”

2WWE Days

As we mentioned earlier, everyone in the wrestling business were in on Nikki and John’s love story. After all, the proposal happened during the biggest WWE event of the year, WrestleMania, in 2017. We’re sure that John seeing photos of Nikki in her FEARLESS wrestling gear, alongside other divas Natalya, Ronda Rousey and sister Brie, brings back a lot of memories, and memories he likely wishes he could leave in the past.

1Poor John

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This one might hurt John Cena a little (or a lot). It is pretty evident by now that John was willing to make a lot of sacrifices for Nikki during the final stages of their relationship, but it seemed like it was too little, too late for Nikki at that point. She has clearly moved on now, and is happier than ever with her new man. Nikki posted this photo to her IG and captioned it: “Aww date night in the moment (I even said oh maybe some more) and he said no just wanted that smile when I said your name. ❤️”

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