When it comes to fashion, Nikki Bella is considered one of the best dressed WWE Divas. With the star now retired, fans are becoming used to seeing her in casual clothing or getting dressed up for a red carpet appearance. However, many wrestling fans won’t ever forget her iconic ring gear.RELATED:John Cena Top 10 Career moments WWE photos and video onlineWhether she was matching with Brie or finding her own look, Nikki wasn’t afraid to experiment with different styles for her ring attire. Throughout her career, she had plenty of memorable looks. Without further ado, here’s a look at Nikki Bella’s best outfits from her days in WWE.

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10Debut Look

In November 2008, Nikki made her debut as a distinct character on SmackDown. Actually, she made her debut earlier when she helped her sister Brie pull switcheroos so she could win a match. But eventually their jig was up when Victoria and Natalya discovered their ruse. Nikki and Brie looked adorable in their pink sparkly pants with matching tops. Nikki looked happy as she and Brie unleashed an attack on their opponents then celebrated their official debut as The Bella Twins. Little did the twins or fans know at the time just how big they’d become in the world of wrestling.

9Black Jumpsuit

During their early years in WWE, Nikki and Brie wore matching gear. The sisters often switched it up when it came to style. Sometimes they wore pants, while other times they opted for shorts. In this photo, the sisters went with a sultry look with their black leather jumpsuits. A vertical cutout in the torso had Nikki and Brie showing some skin, but it wasn’t too risque. There were plenty of more looks like this throughout the twins’ career, and they weren’t afraid to try new things when it came to their gear.

8Feeling Blue

Like many Divas, Nikki changed up the colors of her ring attire. Of course, everyone’s used to seeing her in her signature red and black outfit, but occasionally she broke out new attire. In this photo, Nikki looked gorgeous as she came out in blue shorts with matching top.

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To cap off the look, she added a black sparkly cap and green wristbands. Nikki definitely wasn’t feeling blue as she came out in this ensemble. The outfit and Nikki’s smile shined brightly as she made her way to the ring.

7WrestleMania XXX

When WrestleMania rolls around, the women of WWE start planning their outfits. For the biggest PPV of the year, the wrestlers want to showoff a spectacular look for their big moment. Nikki’s outfit choice for WrestleMania XXX was definitely eye-catching. For the event, she wore a sparkly beige outfit consisting of shorts and top. On her top, Nikki had the logo “Bella 02” embroidered in red. Nikki’s attire fit in with the glitz that New Orleans is known for. Despite not winning the Divas Championship match, Nikki still looked like a champ in this outfit.


For the 2013 SummerSlam PPV, Nikki decided to go with a vintage look. Even though she didn’t compete that night, Nikki wore a matching outfit to support her sister Brie. Nikki looked like she had jumped out of the pages of a 1950s magazine with her pin-up girl ensemble. Wearing a black and white polka dot outfit, Nikki could pass as a model from the Golden Age. To cap off her throwback look, Nikki styled her hair into a 50s hairdo and sported a red headband along with red sunglasses.

5Yellow Attire

One of Nikki’s biggest accomplishments is being the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all-time. During her 301 days as champion, she was unstoppable. While Nikki was great in the ring, sometimes she enlisted the help of her sister Brie and friend Alicia Fox to sneak out a win. Throughout the course of her title reign, Nikki looked flawless. One of her most memorable attires is this yellow and black outfit consisting of shorts and a bra top. Of course, as stated by her logo, Nikki was fearless when it came to her competition.

4Divas Glamour

Nikki and her sister Brie loved testing out new styles when it came to their ring attire. Some of their outfits were hit and miss with the crowd. But at the 2012 Extreme Rules PPV, Nikki pulled out all the stops for her outfit.

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g off Nikki’s toned physique. As Divas Champion, Nikki looked glamorous. However, the night would prove to be far from it. After losing the championship to Layla, Nikki and Brie were then fired by Eve Torres.

3Phoenix Gear

In early 2017, Nikki entered into a heated feud with Natalya. The rivalry between the two women led to a match at Elimination Chamber. With the PPV taking place in Nikki’s hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, she wanted to pay tribute to her home state. For the event, Nikki wore the colors of NBA basketball team The Phoenix Suns. Nikki’s orange shorts along with her purple top showcased her hometown pride. While Nikki looked as bright as the Phoenix sun, at the end of the night, she wasn’t feeling happy when her match ended in a double countout.

2Vision In White

Nikki’s second reign as Divas Champion came to an end when Charlotte Flair beat her for the title at the 2015 Night of Champions PPV. A few weeks later, Nikki was granted a rematch at Hell in a Cell. Nikki was fierce in her white outfit with black and red trim. What made the look stand out was the black mesh, which covered Nikki’s top along with the sides of her shorts. Even though Nikki failed at recapturing the championship, she still looked like a winner in this attire.

1Red And Black

Nikki Bella has gone through many styles over the years, but most fans will agree that her red and black gear is the best. When Nikki and Brie made their return to WWE in 2013 after a year-long absence, the sisters ditched the matching outfits to find their individual styles. Nikki’s new look was that of a tomboy with shorts, a top, baseball cap, knee-high socks, and sneakers. Aside from adopting red and black as her signature colors, Nikki also began using the slogan “Fearless”, which has now become synonymous with the Bella Army.

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