When it came to the topic of the most popular UFC fighters, Ronda Rousey used to be the only woman on people’s minds. How things have changed. Whilst Ronda’s successfully made the transition into another industry, more and more women are coming to the fore in the UFC. Paige is certainly up there when it comes to the popularity stakes. She doesn’t feel like she’s had the opportunities she deserves in the octagon and her career in UFC certainly hasn’t been a raving success to date.

But nevertheless, Paige is doing mightily well for herself, is all about the fame game and knows how to work it on social media to the delight of her millions of fans. Paige isn’t a fighter that only shares pics of herself doing her thing in the octagon. She knows how to appeal to her fans, posts different pics on socials, and that means people get to see a whole lot of Paige, Paige VanZant the woman and not just the UFC fighter. These are 16 pics of Paige VanZant outside the octagon.

Paige VanZant Hottest Real Life Top pictures GIF and video online


16Wedding Snap

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Of course, PVZ fans wish her well, are happy that she’s happy, that she’s met the man of her dreams. Nevertheless, it’s fair to assume millions of guys around the globe, and quite a few women for that matter, would’ve been shattered upon hearing the news that Paige is a single woman no more. She’s been with fellow MMA fighter Austin Vanderford, for quite some time. Here’s a pic from their wedding album when they tied the knot in 2018.

15Swapping The Octagon For The Dance Floor

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Paige VanZant is a woman whose popularity exceeds the sport she’s involved in. Acquiring that level of fame has resulted in plenty of other opportunities coming her way. Paige has made use of such opportunities and wasn’t about to pass up the chance of appearing on Dancing with the Stars. She actually faired quite well with her partner Mark Ballas. They ended up reaching the finals and achieving second place.

14Risky Pose

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It’s little wonder why when Paige posts a picture, it gets plenty of attention. She knows how to pose, knows how to work it. Such raunchy snaps result in social media going into meltdown. Who’d have thought Paige could pull off that geeky look? Paige can pull off anything, looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

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13She’s A Foodie At Heart

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Paige trains ferociously, burns off a lot of calories in the gym. For the most part, she backs this up and sticks to a healthy diet. But she has her cravings and occasionally indulges. Paige is a serious foodie at heart and sometimes there’s nothing better than tucking into a great big juicy burger.

12Family Pic

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Paige and her hubby are seriously loved up and she’s not hesitant about posting pics of the duo on one of their latest adventures. Here’s a pic of Paige with her pet, her favorite person in her favorite place. Any guesses where it is? It resembles Cannon Beach in Oregon.


1Stunning Photoshoot

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Due to her beauty, fame and level of popularity, understandably many companies are all going to want a piece of Paige, want her on board. Because of various sponsorship deals, she’s taken part in a number of stunning photoshoots over the years. This is a new look, the braided look and the leather leggings, and people love it.

10Morning Sunshine

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When Paige posts a beautiful pic and flashes that smile, all is alright with the world. In this instance Paige couldn’t help giving her fans a little something to start the date off on the right, bright note. She hasn’t yet rolled out of bed yet she still looks stunning.

9Paige The Poser

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When it comes to taking selfies and mirror snaps, Paige knows how to work it. She knows what her adoring fans love to see and is only too happy to oblige. That whole get up, the smile, it’s enough to make PVZ fans go gaga. It’s no wonder why she’s one of the most popular fighters in the UFC.

8Success Brings New Opportunities

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As a big foodie, Paige jumped at the chance to appear on KATU’s AM Northwest. She had a blast cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her host. One of Paige’s dreams is to actually have her own cooking show one day. When Paige puts her mind to something, she inevitably makes it happen. Keep an eye out for Paige switching up the octagon for the kitchen in the future.

7Hanging With The A-Listers

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Paige is adored by UFC fans and other celebrities alike. 50 Cent is a keen MMA fan and knows his stuff when it comes to the fighting game. He knows all about Paige, and who doesn’t know about 50 Cent? The guy’s a legend, something Paige hopes to become one day. It’s the type of company she keeps, hanging with the A-listers.

6Meeting The Heroes

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When outside the octagon, Paige does her bit, thinks nothing of giving her time to give others a few moments of satisfaction. Here’s a pic of her meeting the heroes on Memorial Day. She stopped for photos, met veterans, and gave a bit of an MMA masterclass too, teaching the soldiers a thing or two.

5In Training Mode

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Paige puts a great deal of emphasis on her social media profile. But Paige is first and foremost a UFC fighter. She may be out and about making the most of the opportunities that comes her way, but she recognizes that this is all because of her prowess as an MMA competitor. So, she doesn’t slack off when it comes to her training, approaches every session in beast mode mentality.

4Media Commitments

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Paige is a committed individual, committed to her craft. This includes drumming up hype for upcoming fights. She does all of her pre-fight promotional activities like a pro, doesn’t do so begrudgingly, remains smiling and in good spirits. It’s just another reason why people adore Paige, love everything she’s about.

3Biker Chick

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PVZ in leathers, on a throbbing, powerful machine – it just suits her image, her style. Paige VanZant is a motorcycle chick. She’s a biker girl alright and has been from a young age. She rides bikes, specifically dirt bikes, something that’s bound to worry Dana White and those who love seeing her compete in the UFC!

2Hardcore Training Session

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Paige has been associated with a number of companies, has had a number of sponsorship deals over the years. This is a pic from a photoshoot session she did with Monster Energy. It’s little wonder why Monster wanted PVZ on board modelling their workout attire. Seeing Paige at it in the gym in such apparel is bound to get those tops flying off the shelves.

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1Engaging In A Spot Of Yoga

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As a fighter, Paige has plenty of fire and ferocity burning within. She’s learnt to harness that aggressive streak, unleashes it all onto her opponents in the octagon. But when she’s not beating her opponents into submissions, she’s a chilled, jovial character. She keeps her mind healthy and happy by practicing yoga. The movements help with her flexibility, her MMA training too.

Paige VanZant Hottest Real Life Top pictures GIF and video online