Paige Vanzant is known all over the world as a mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC, and as a model. She isn’t just a fighter though, she also has appeared in the television series Dancing with the Stars and Chopped. It goes without saying that Paige has to stay in shape to keep her career going smoothly. Whether it be in the ring or in front of the camera on TV or as a model she needs to keep her body in top physical condition.

We decided to show you some gorgeous photos of Paige when she is working out and doing other things to stay in shape. She is one of those women that always looks amazing, but she looks even more incredible in these photos. Here are 15 photos of Paige Vanzant staying in shape. You can thank us later.

Paige VanZant Hottest Real Life training Top pictures and video


15Attacking The Bag

As gorgeous as Paige is, would you really want to be that heavy bag that is getting kneed? Her parents owned a dance studio when she was growing up, and one can really see how flexible and light on her feet she is, both in the above photo and when she is fighting in the ring.

14Flexibility Matters

Here we see Paige showing herself, as well as the world how much range she has on her kicks. Even someone who is as successful and athletic as Paige is has to spend some time working on her range of motion. Some of this kind of thing is natural, but a lot is just hard work.

13You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

When you’re in the ring you need to have a lot of stamina. A fighter can look like they are in really good shape, but can they last the whole fight if they need to? If there is one thing for sure when it comes to the UFC it is that endurance matters. Here is Paige going off on a sprint and looking good doing it.


Did you think having abs like Paige just happens naturally? We can assure you it doesn’t and if you doubt us just look at the above photo. We can assure you this kind of thing doesn’t just happen overnight. Paige obviously keeps at her training regimen religiously and never lets up.

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11Taking A Moment

Paige is obviously just about to lift some serious iron, but she decided to take a moment for a quick selfie. One might mock a lot of fighters for doing such a thing, but not Paige. She has a career in the entertainment industry as well, and cares about her image and looking good.

10She Does It At Home Too

If you really want to be serious about working out and staying in shape you can’t just wait until you have time to go to the gym, you have to do it wherever you are, and that includes home. Here is a shot of Paige doing some crunches while she chills out in the living room. No time like the present!

9Is That Bruce Lee?

One can never forget that as gorgeous as Paige is, she is a fighter first and foremost. But do you think moves like this just happen on their own? Nope. Whether she is in the ring, with a sparring partner, or by herself Paige needs to practice her moves to stay in shape. Here she is doing just that.

8A Job Well Done

If you just spend all your time working out to stay in shape and never celebrate your accomplishments it won’t be long before you’re laying on the couch eating Oreos. In this photo we see Paige congratulating herself for a job well done, and looking pretty amazing while doing so.

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7Feel The Burn

If you think you have the guts and the ability to be a UFC fighter you know it isn’t all glamor. There are going to be times when you’re on the ground with someone on top of you and you have to figure out a way to get free. Here is Paige giving herself a bit of a workout to help with that matter.

6Pumping Iron

It doesn’t matter who you are if you’re going to do battle in the ring as a UFC fighter you’ve got to be strong. And we aren’t just talking naturally strong, we are talking about making your self stronger by hitting the gym. Here is Paige putting in the work and looking amazing while doing so.

5Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

When Paige was in high school she was bullied by her peers after some untrue rumors were started about her. She has said this was one of the reasons she became a UFC fighter in the first place. We wonder what those bullies think now seeing photos like this of Paige working out?

4Skipping Rope

As we have said before in this article, endurance is one of the most important things going on when it comes to UFC fighters being successful. Here is Paige working on her cardio by skipping rope which is one of the best exercises for that. She looks awesome as she always does.

3Paige VS Monster Truck

Okay, for real? We don’t know how much this tire weighs and if we were, to be honest with ourselves, we aren’t sure if we want to know. What we do know is that Paige is a petty small woman getting the best of a very large tire. Is there anything she can’t do in a workout?

2Looking Good

Sure it looks like this is a posed photo, but she is still working out and staying in shape while she is doing it, and looking pretty amazing at the same time. This is the thing with her, how is it possible to be involved in such a violent sport and still look incredible? She does it with ease.

1Not All Glamor

Here we see Paige just busting it out, with an enormous amount of weight on her shoulders. Sometimes we forget how much work it is to succeed at being a UFC fighter. With this photo, Paige reminds us that no matter how much work she has to do to succeed, she is up for it.

Paige VanZant Hottest Real Life training Top pictures and video