She’s been in the UFC for less than two years, yet Paige VanZant has already become one of the biggest names in the female division of the sport. And it’s not just because of her fighting abilities. With her blonde hair, fit physique, and adorable smile, VanZant is considered by many to be the most attractive woman in all of professional mixed martial arts.Before discovering former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock’s gym in Nevada in 2009, VanZant was a dancer, a model, and an actress (her biggest acting role was a commercial that she did for Bissell steam mops, which can be found on YouTube). She is a self-professed tomboy, saying that she grew up hunting and fishing, but it’s clear from her modelling photos that she’s not your average tomboy.But make no mistake; despite being attractive and feminine, she is a skilled fighter, with a solid ground-and-pound game and an ability to end fights with her fists. At the age of 18, she won her first professional fight by way of split decision. She made her UFC debut with a decisive TKO win over Kailin Curran and would go on to win her next two fights. She was dealt her first loss in December at the hands of Rose Namajunas, the current #3 ranked fighter in the Strawweight division, but she showed a lot of heart by taking the fight into the fifth round despite being badly bloodied. VanZant is currently taking a break from the octagon to compete on Dancing with the Stars, where she is putting her former dancing training to good use.

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Before venturing into the world of mixed martial arts, the gorgeous Paige VanZant spent some time as a model, and it’s easy to see why. In this picture, wearing nothing more than (suggestively unbuttoned) blue jeans and a red bra. VanZant looks more suited for the runway at a Victoria’s Secret show than the octagon.

VanZant is every guy’s dream. As evidenced by this photo, she’s got feminine beauty, yet she considers herself a tomboy. She says that when she was young, she loved hunting and fishing and riding motorcycles.

13Bikini Selfie

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This one’s just your classic bikini selfie. Paige has more than her fair share of bikini pics on Instagram, but this one stands out for obvious reasons. Although she’s a fierce competitor in the octagon, it’s also clear that she doesn’t take life too seriously and knows how to have a good time, like relaxing poolside. We’re guessing she’s not the type of person who has trouble finding someone to put suntan lotion on her back. If she does, let us be the first to offer our services.

12More Than Just A Pretty Face


Paige has clearly proven that she’s more than just a pretty face… but boy is that face pretty. This picture almost makes you want to tell her to stop fighting. She’s more than aware of the attention that she receives because of her looks, but she doesn’t let it affect her. In response to the criticism that she has nothing more to offer to the sport than her good looks, she said: “We were born this way. It’s nothing we can change, and it just means we both have to prove that we’re the toughest people out there. I’m going to go out there and prove that I’m not just a pretty face.”

11Dancing With The Stars


Paige is currently competing on season 22 of the ABC show Dancing with the Stars and she’s doing quite well, as her and her partner are tied for the second most total points. It should come as no surprise, as, on top of being a tomboy growing up, she also did ballet, jazz, and hip hop dancing, and her parents even owned a dance studio. If fighting doesn’t work out, she could always have a second career as a professional dancer.

Perhaps more impressive than her dancing abilities, however, is the fact that she is competing against beautiful Hollywood celebrities, yet she is still the most attractive person on the show.

10Bikini Model

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Here’s another one from Paige’s modelling days. Wearing an interesting, and revealing, bikini and sporting an innocent smile, it’s easy to see why she is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC at the moment. This picture is also a good example of why she has been so successful in the octagon: She tricks her opponents into thinking that she’s just a cute, innocent girl with a nice figure, when in fact she’s a butt-kicking machine. In that sense, VanZant is kind of like a slow loris (google it); sure she might look cute, but if you get too close, she could kill you.

9 9. “It” Girl

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After making a name for herself both in and out of the octagon, Paige landed several big brand sponsorship deals, including Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Reebok. Here she is posing in a sports bra and shorts from Reebok, looking athletic and hot at the same time.

UFC President Dana White admitted that VanZant’s fighting abilities weren’t the only thing that helped her get a deal with Reebok. “Listen, people love that girl,” White said. “She has a great personality — I don’t know if you saw the Instagram of her dancing out in front of her car. That’s awesome. She has the personality. Some people have that ‘it factor’ that you can’t teach people, and Paige has it.” In case that was too ambiguous for you, by “it” he means drop dead gorgeous and with a great personality to boot.

8Those Legs

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VanZant, a Strawweight, is only 5’4” tall, but this photo makes it seem like she has long, gazelle-like legs. VanZant, who was born in Oregon but moved with her family to Nevada and eventually began training in California, always seems to have a perfect tan, as you can see in this picture. Her legs are practically glowing. It probably has something to do with the fact that she loves being outdoors. The sun does her good!

7Bikini Babe

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Modelling a pair of bikinis in front of the mirror, Paige looks like you’re dream girl next door. Judging by her Instagram, which is an absolute must for VanZant fans (Vans? Or better yet, VanZ?), Paige is just as comfortable in a bikini, rolling around in the sand, as she is in a pair of shorts and a sports bra, rolling around with a bloody opponent in the octagon. She’s a rare breed, that’s for sure.

Thanks to pictures like these, Paige has amassed an impressive social media following, with over 750,000 Instagram followers and 145,000 Twitter followers.



It’s clear from this picture that Paige did some serious training for her UFC Fight Night bout against Kailin Curran (4-2). You can tell by the smile on her face that she was confident going into the match, and for good reason, as she’d go on to win in a decisive manner, forcing a stoppage in the third round due to an onslaught of punches.

VanZant’s weigh-ins are a spectacle in and of themselves (especially her weigh-in against Felice Herrig, another UFC bombshell). In order to make weight, she often strips down to a tiny string bikini that shows off her incredible lean physique.

5UFC Fighter Portrait


There’s really not much going on this picture, but we felt it warranted inclusion on this list in order to highlight the fact that Paige looks amazing even when she’s not trying. This is simply VanZant’s UFC fighter portrait, with no added frills, yet it looks as though she’s a model hired to attract attention to the sport. Some other female fighters, who shall remain nameless, can only wish to look half as good as Paige with professional makeup and hair. What we’re saying, basically, is that Paige VanZant looks hot in any picture.

4Those Abs


Paige’s abs are a wonderful asset. As you can see in this picture, her core is absolutely ripped. She works hard to get that body. She posted a video on Instagram showing the workout routine that she went through in order to prepare for her fight against Alex Chambers at UFC 191 (she would go on to win that fight by submission in the third round, improving her record to 6-1). In the video, she can be seen doing weighted rope pulls, pull-ups, and barbell bent over rows. The result? A killer body complete with 6-pack abs. But despite being strong and muscular, she still retains her feminine charm.

3Legally Blonde

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Doing her best impression of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Paige dressed up in a sexy pink bunny costume, complete with a fuzzy tail and big ears, for Halloween. If there was a costume contest, we’re assuming she won.

There’s not much more that can be said about this picture, other than the fact that Paige looks even better than Reese Witherspoon in the costume. Don’t let her cute appearance fool you, as she might be the deadliest bunny since The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.

2Superhuman Recovery


A lot of fans, especially male adorers, are worried that Paige is too pretty to be a UFC fighter because it might cause permanent damage to her face. Well apparently there’s nothing to worry about, because it seems as though VanZant has a near-superhuman ability to recover after a fight. Take these pictures for example. The left shows her shortly after her hard fought, five-round loss to Rose Namajunas, while the right shows her about a week later, seemingly fully recovered, with no visible bruising, looking like her normal beautiful self. She must have amazing genetics!

1Less Is More

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In this photo, again taken during her modelling days, it seems as though Paige accidentally put on a shirt that was a few sizes too small… but you won’t hear us complaining. Paige can wear just about anything and still look absolutely gorgeous, but, as a general rule of thumb for beautiful women, less is more.

UFC has really come a long way since its inaugural event in 1993. Talented female fighters like Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and, of course, Paige VanZant, have helped to bring a touch of beauty and grace to an otherwise barbaric sport. Seriously, could you imagine Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, or, God forbid, Tank Abbott, posing for photos like this?

Paige VanZant Hottest Top 15 photos XXX and video online GIF | News