Think of the most popular female UFC fighters out there, not necessarily the best, but the most popular. The mind’s going to be drawn to Paige VanZant. She hasn’t really achieved anything of note during her six-year career with the UFC.

She’s been longing for big fights, has said she doesn’t think she’s been given enough opportunities. Nevertheless, she’s one of the most popular fighters in the UFC, has an almighty fanbase, and is just loved and adored by the masses.

Even those who aren’t into MMA know Paige VanZant’s name. Her popularity transcends her sport. Paige has star appeal alright. That’s partly due to her personality, but largely because she’s one of the most beautiful women in the sporting world and knows how to play the fame game, get herself out there. We all know Paige VanZant the fighter. But who’s the real Paige? These are 15 photos that’ll give you a better idea of who the real Paige VanZant is.

Paige VanZant UFC Top 15 pictures GIF and video online

15Stunning MMA Fighter


How many other fighters look as good as Paige does when training? Ok, so she’s posing for the cameras. But Paige honing her fighting skills, in full flight is still a glorious sight! She’s deemed to be one of the most stunning female MMA fighters out there, and this is why.

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14An Angel In White


Ok, sorry to all the guys, diehard Paige VanZant fans out there. Yes, Paige is married. She married fellow MMA fighter, Austin Vanderford, in September 2018. The duo began dating the previous year before getting hitched. Paige posted all those key moments on social media, to the delight, and perhaps heartache, of her fans.

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13PVZ Loves To Get Her Grub On


Paige VanZant’s a massive foodie. She loves to get her grub on, and sometimes, after a hardcore training session, there’s nothing better than chomping down on a great, big burger! Paige has regularly spoken about her love for food, has even said she wants to start her own cooking show and explore other avenues in the food industry in the future.

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12She Loves A Boogie


It doesn’t take much for Paige to get down and give her fans an impromptu boogie. One thing people love about Paige is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. When it’s time to get down to business in the Octagon, she’s got her game face on. But otherwise, life is just a dance for Paige!

11Dancing Queen


Paige just loves to dance but took her dancing hobby to the next level when she was one of the celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars. She appeared on season 22 of the show and showed off her dancing prowess. Paige and her partner reached the final and eventually finished in second place.

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10Always Dressed To Impress


Paige doesn’t slack when it comes to her dress sense. Paige is a star, she knows it, and dresses like one, she dresses to impress. She’s so beautiful, she can pull off pretty much anything. In addition to her looks, Paige is a fashionista at heart, so she has all the attributes.

9Her Own Little Family


People see Paige doing her thing in the Octagon, or smiling on some show or other in front of the cameras. But when she’s switched off, this is what she enjoys the most; spending quality time with her family. It’s a pic of all that Paige loves; the beach, her hubby, and her beloved pet pooch.

8In Some Quiet Contemplation

This is a glorious pic of Paige, wrapping up her hands, getting ready for action, the calm before the storm. It’s in these moments that she’s able to engage in quiet contemplation, think about what’s ahead. It’s all about pushing past the pain barrier, overcoming obstacles, honing her skills and doing what she does best.

7Experimenting With Her Look


Paige VanZant’s beautiful and she’s also something of a style queen. It’s fair to say that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to pull off such a look. Paige pulls it off effortlessly. Some would say it rather suits her too, shows her off in a different light.

6Biker Chick


The only thing that that would serve to complete Paige’s profile, is if she loves bikes. Paige VanZant a biker chick – it’s something a lot of people would find awfully titillating. But yes, Paige frequently gets dressed up in her leathers and hops on the back of a throbbing powerhouse of a machine. She absolutely loves biking and recently took her test.

5Modeling Vibes


It’s unsurprising that companies and sponsors all want a piece of Paige, want to get her on board and offer her deals. An endorsement from Paige is sure to get any product or apparel flying off the shelves! Paige, in addition to being a UFC fighter, is a model, knows how to render fans speechless with her attire and poses.

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4Always Giving Back


Paige has achieved so much in a relatively short period of time. There’s still plenty to conquer on her journey. But whilst she’s on the journey, she never forgets how it all started, the people who helped her out and were influential along the way. Here she is imparting some of the wisdom she’s gained, giving some military personnel a masterclass.

3Testing Her Body To The Limit


Being a great fighter isn’t all about being the biggest and the best, isn’t solely about strength and conditioning. Flexibility plays a huge part of what it takes to be a great fighter. Paige recognizes this and regularly stretches and practices more difficult moves, doing handstands and gymnastic poses. It all has a purpose – not just to show off to her Instagram followers!

2Super-Sweet Selfie


Paige’s selfie game is on point. Pretty much every pic she posts wows and delights fans. But occasionally, Paige sees an opportune moment to take a selfie and when she does so, posts steamy pics such as this one, she renders her fans catatonic. It’s the Paige VanZant effect. It’s super-sweet, super-beautiful. That just about sums up Paige.

1Training Anywhere Anyplace


There are two things that Paige just loves. One is training, working on improving herself. She trains anywhere and in anyplace. Another is taking beautiful pictures. Paige couldn’t pass up this opportunity to take a snap, posed for the cameras in what’s an absolutely stunning setting. It’s just how Paige roles.