According to Low Kick MMA, Paige is ready to make a return to the octagon following successful surgery. She made her highly anticipated return in early 2019, picking up a much-needed victory. Paige dropped three of her last four fights prior to the win, though she still has a great record of eight wins and four losses.Despite the time away, VanZant remains in the headlines whether it be for an appearance on a reality show, steamy IG posts or her recent SI pictorial spread that had everyone talking. In this article, we take a look at such photos along with pics Dana and the UFC might want us to avoid.

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15Recent SI Shoot

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VanZant has taken part in several shoots over the last couple of years. However, her most recent work with SI has to be regarded as the steamiest she ever worked.

Some of the bikinis rocked in the shoot are definitely of the not so PG variety. Even Dana would blush a bit seeing the shoot.

14Working For The Competition

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When Paige shows up, fans are definitely going to watch. The only problem in this situation is that she appeared for the competition.

Her current man Austin “The Gentleman” Vanderford recently signed with Bellator picking up a victory in his latest matchup. VanZant showed up post-match, we assume White wasn’t too pleased.

13Candid Yoga Pants

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She gets the people talking with her performances in the octagon, though we can also say that she does the same thing with some of her photos out of the UFC arena.

This one is a clear example, most fans salivated at the visual of Paige rocking yoga pants. She comes across as a true beauty in candid pics.

12More Malfunctions

via Daily Mail

Daily Mail was all over this story. Now the wardrobe malfunction was nowhere near the magnitude of the one on Dancing with the Stars, though it was still something she might want us to forget about – along with Dana White who might also object to such moments.

Thankfully, she hasn’t experienced any type of malfunction inside the octagon.

11Taking It Off In The Sauna

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UFC fans might overlook this factor, during their offseasons, UFC fighters typically gain weight, that makes the process a lot more challenging when it is time to cut down.

VanZant knows all about that, using the sauna prior to a fight in order to make weight. That’s fine and all, though the photo she posted was definitely not so PG, completely removing all her clothing for the post.

10Partying In Vegas

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UFC fighters love to enjoy a good time following a fight. Heck, we’ve even seen the boss enjoy a cold one post-fight in celebration.

In this rare photo, VanZant is enjoying a good time out in Vegas, a typical party spot for UFC fighters. MMA star Urijah Faber is also visible in the photo alongside VanZant.

9UFC Defeats

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VanZant has an impressive UFC record of eight wins and four losses. She picked up a big victory during her octagon return in early 2019. Current rumors suggest that she might be slated for another match very soon.

However, what Dana might want us to forget is the fact that she dropped three of her last four fights prior to the victory.

8More SI

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Here’s another shot from her recent SI shoot. This one had the fans buzzing as she rocked a white bathing suit. VanZant also has photos in a white dress, one that can drop anyone’s jaw to the ground.

The shoot is definitely one of her best – have a look for yourself if you don’t believe us!

7Steamy IG Post

Paige VanZant finishes as runner-up on 'Dancing With The Stars ...
via IG

Although she isn’t in the octagon regularly these days, we’re still able to follow VanZant through platforms like IG.

She has quite the following with more than two million people hitting the follow button – that makes her one of the most followed MMA women on the planet. Not too shabby.

6Sponsorship Force

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Similar to lots of the other fighters, VanZant makes an additional income with various sponsorship deals. When you look that good, these opportunities tend to fall on your lap.

She was trying to sell us on a high tech scale in this shoot, though fans were really just amazed by her beauty in the picture above.

5Throwback Photoshoot

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Her steamy photoshoots date way back prior to her recent work with SI. In fact, White would want us to avoid some of the not so PG pics from the past.

VanZant’s modeling career really is no joke, she worked for popular brands such as Columbia and the juggernaut Nike.

4Halloween Costume

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Time and time again, athletes, celebs and basically everyone we know might be inclined to go all out during Halloween. Some love to put a not so PG twist on a costume similar to VanZant in the picture above.

We assume Dana approves of this costume, though secretly that is.

3Taking It Off At The Press Conference

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Some of the YouTube videos out there are quite misleading titling this incident as “forced to strip at a press conference.” No, she wasn’t stripping it off for no reason, instead, VanZant had to in order to try and make weight.

One would assume this would be done backstage but oh no, it was done in front of everyone at a live press conference.

2Dancing With The Stars Malfunction

PAIGE VANZANT RECORD - Paige VanZant inks new UFC contract, next ...
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MMA fans might say that Paige’s run on the show was more impressive than her actual career in the octagon. Now that might be a stretch, however, Paige came so close to winning it all finishing as the runner up. Not only that but she also finished a routine with a perfect score.

Things weren’t as perfect during this moment as she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

1The Reveal

via Daily Mail

Fans noticed a difference in VanZant during this post. Paige wasn’t trying to hide the truth, she would go on to admit after this photo that she got a certain surgery done.

Now UFC might frown on this decision, though we appreciate her honesty on the matter. There aren’t many athletes that would do the same.

Paige VanZant Hottest UFC Top pictures and video online GIF