Paige VanZant is definitely an Instagram sensation as the UFC fighter is one of the most heavily followed UFC stars on Instagram with over 2.5 million followers. She only follows just over 700, lucky people. Paige shares everything from UFC training videos, to pictures with her husband, some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photos and of course, just some personal stunning photos she has taken of herself. It’s no question that Paige is one of the most beautiful women in UFC and that is why she has branched out to things like Dancing with the Stars and the TV food series Chopped.

Here are 14 of her most recent pictures that are simply stunning to look at, as Paige picks up her Instagram game and shows a different side of her than the tough chick who can kick butt inside the octagon for major UFC events. It can be a little hard to believe sometimes that this woman fights other women for a living.

Paige VanZant UFC Top pictures and video online

14Hitting High Kicks


It’s a stunning show of athleticism in this photo of Paige VanZant, she hits a high kick in a sparring session. That takes a lot of practice to be able to hit that high and she might miss her opponent’s head if she does. Just a pure showcase of athletic ability.

13Fanny Pack


Only a few people can make the fanny pack look good and Paige VanZant is definitely one of them. It’s not a usual accessory for Swimsuit models that appear in Sports Illustrated, but VanZant makes it work. And she is also in great shape in this photo, in what looks like she is packing for a trip.

12Ring Ready


You can definitely say Paige VanZant is ring ready in this photo, if not for a fight, then at least for a photoshoot as she looks stunning in this photo. UFC rules are against women wearing make-up in the cage when they fight, but maybe they could make an exception.

11Country Girl


You can take the country girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. Paige VanZant was a country raised girl when she got into MMA and this cute little photo is what you expect of a blonde-haired country girl, with daisy duke shorts and plaid shirt.

10Date Night


This is what Paige VanZant looks like for a date night and we can only be jealous of her husband for how cute she looks. Even with the cast on her arm, she looks simply stunning in this very simple look. Hard to think this is a bombshell who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

9Reebok Sponsorship


Has the Reebok sponsorship ever looked this good? UFC fights have to wear Reebok gear to the ring, including this t-shirt, and can’t wear any other brands. When you are this stunning, Reebok is probably very excited they became the official apparel of the UFC with a massive deal to make it happen.

8A Night Out With Hubby


Another date night photo in and it looks like Paige VanZant is ready for a rocking night out in this look of ripped jeans and low cut blacktop. It screams club night with her husband. And rather than the hair up, ready to throw down, she has the hair down which is a great look.

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7Athletic Wear


A common theme about an athletic woman is that they always, always look good in athletic wear. The form-fitting wear shows off the hard work they put on getting the best body they can and Paige VanZant has a killer body to show off, whether it be for a UFC fight or a photoshoot on the beach.

6Change Room Style


It’s almost weird to see Paige VanZant in regular clothing and nothing tight fitting, but this look is stunning on her and classy all at the same time. Well, there is still something tight with the black pants being very tight, as she pulls off a very mature look in the change room.

5Pretty In Pink


This photo of Paige VanZant is a simple, yet stunning photo of her with a pink Nike top and pink lipstick to match. And instead of the blonde hair fans are used to, she has colored her hair brown and red for a completely differentlook that works for her.


Paige VanZant might be gearing up for a fight as she has put her hair in braids which is what she does for a match. The pink braid is a nice touch and this intense look is stunning for one of the best women fighters in the UFC. Her husband captioned another picture like this, calling it spicy.

3Too Sweet


Again with the activewear that some people wear all the time as regular clothing. We would be perfectly fine if Paige VanZant wants to wear activewear all the time as she is simply stunning in it as it shows off her body and just looks right for a woman who dedicates herself to fitness.

2Rocking A Skirt


It’s actually pretty odd to see Paige VanZant in a skirt and it is simply stunning on her in this photo. We understand she trains a lot, but this look is amazing and we would love to see her doll up in a dress and skirt more often as she looks like a goddess here.

1Ready For The Beach


Paige asks the question if she goes to LA or Miami and the answer is, does it matter? Paige looks stunning with this beach look that includes mini yellow top. It’s almost a throwback to the old beach movie days and somehow, Paige can easily pull it off and make it look amazing.

Paige VanZant paparazzi UFC Top pictures and video online