Paige is one of WWE’s most popular female stars. With her goth and anti-Diva gimmick, she immediately connected with the audience. Paige has hit some bumps along the way in her career. After sustaining a neck injury, the star was forced into retirement at the age of 25.While she may no longer be wrestling, Paige continues to be an onscreen personality for WWE television. Paige is known to be outspoken and at times a little wild. Being a WWE talent, she’s often the subject of media attention.

However, prior to her WWE career, she maintained a low profile. Paige loves to keep up with her persona of being tough and an anti-Diva; however, some photos from her early days would prove she’s just the opposite. As a teen wrestler she loved to be goofy and cut up for the camera, so let’s take a look at some of her photos before WWE.

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15Original Ring Attire

During her WWE days, Paige was known to wear black leather and studded ring gear. However, during her indie wrestling days, she didn’t have much money for lavish ring attire. Instead, she had to opt for shorts and a crop top. But she did keep her signature colors of black and purple.

14Early Days Wrestling With Mom

Paige’s wrestling career began when she was just 13 years old. Using the name Britani Knight, she began working on the independent circuit in England. She’d often team with her mom Saraya Knight, and the two would continue to work together in Shimmer. However, a few times the wrestling storylines had mother and daughter fighting each other.

13Indie Tag Team

During her indie days, Paige teamed with a wrestler named Melodi, and the two ladies called themselves The Norfolk Dolls. While both ladies were athletic in the ring, it was their outfits that caught the crowd’s attention. Dressed in white pants and a white tank top, Paige looked more like a pop star than a wrestler.

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12Teen Years

While most teens are worried about school and fitting in with the crowd. Paige’s focus was on getting a jump start on her wrestling career. She comes from a wrestling family and at the age of 13, she began training with her father Ricky Knight. After training was complete, a teenage Paige would then go on to work the indie circuit.

11Beach Day With The Girls

After signing with WWE, Paige moved to Orlando, Florida so she could train at WWE’s Performance Center. When Paige wasn’t training or filming a match for television, she liked to explore the sights of Orlando. During one of her off days, she decided to have some fun in the sun at the beach with a few other girls from FCW.

10FCW Photoshoot

Paige was one of the wrestlers part of FCW before WWE renamed it NXT. As a member of WWE, Paige had to get used to participating in photoshoots. During one of her early shoots, Paige is dressed nicely in a black skirt and sleeveless top. However, Paige didn’t appear to be in the mood for pictures that day.

9FCW Bikini Contest

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These days WWE is focused on their Women’s Revolution movement. But in the past, WWE was criticized for using their female wrestlers as eye candy. Paige is often credited with helping to start the women’s revolution. But during her FCW days, she competed in a bikini contest during an FCW event.

8Autographs With Seth Rollins

Paige and Seth Rollins were two of FCW’s rising stars. Seth took over the men’s division, while Paige was starting her career in the women’s division. At one point during their FCW days, it looked like WWE was going to pair them together onscreen. Even though WWE scrapped the storyline, you have to wonder what a Paige and Seth pairing would’ve been like?

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7Christmas Fun

The holidays are a time to have fun, and for Paige, she seemed willing to get in on the festivities. Dressed in a festive holiday outfit, Paige and Summer Rae were ready to celebrate Christmas. While Summer opted for a Santa outfit, Paige decided to stick with a simple gold attire.

6Goofing Off With Summer And Emma

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Paige’s two best friends in WWE were Emma and Summer Rae. The trio worked together in FCW and on the main roster. They often traveled and bunked together when on the road. During one of their road trips, the girls are relaxing in their hotel room when they decided to goof off by taking a group selfie.

5Watching Emma Dance

Emma was known for her bubbly personality and dance moves. Whenever she appeared onscreen, fans mimicked her dancing. Emma tried to get her best friend Paige to participate in the dance, but Paige didn’t seem interested in showcasing her dancing skills. Paige decided to leave the dancing to Emma, while she watched.

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4With The Pink Power Ranger

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Wrestlers are known for dressing in costume for special occasions. During an indie match, a female wrestler dressed up as the Pink Power Ranger. The crowd was entertained by the Pink Ranger, and they’re not the only ones. During the match, Paige couldn’t resist having some fun with the Pink Ranger.

3Early Days With Becky Lynch

Paige and Becky Lynch have worked together in WWE, but what most fans don’t know is that the two worked together previously. In 2011, when Paige and her mother Saraya were wrestling for Shimmer, Becky served as their manager. It’s hard to believe looking at this photo that these two would go to become big stars in WWE.

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2More Holiday Fun

Paige can’t help but participate in the holiday fun. This time we see her again celebrating Christmas backstage at FCW. Paige is seen with Raquel Diaz, and while Raquel’s dress is simple, Paige’s outfit is more festive. Dressed in an elf costume, Paige looks like she’s ready to deliver gifts for Santa.

1Hanging Out With Alicia Fox

Upon arriving on the main roster, Paige became friends with Alicia Fox. The two were often photographed hanging out together while on the road. During one night out, Paige and Alicia ran into former WWE star Rene Dupree. The trio is all smiles as they gather for a photo in front of the camera.

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