Paige was put into a tough situation when suffering injuries that would prevent WWE from clearing her to compete. WWE missed out on more dream matches facing the likes of Alexa Bliss or Bayley. The unique scenario of being forced to retire at the age of 26 from the field she spent over a decade in is a nightmare for anyone. Paige bounced back from the difficulties with quite a few different projects and life changes since that time.

WWE still values Paige quite much in new situations even though they don’t foresee her ever wrestling for them again. Paige still has maintained a positive attitude as seen with her new Twitch channel. The views for Paige’s live streams playing video games or talking with friends show fans still care about her. Find out more about what’s been going on with more about Paige’s life since ending her wrestling career.

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13Helping Struggling Fans


One of the coolest recent stories to feature Paige showed her going the extra mile to care about her fans. Paige asked fans struggling with the effects of the coronavirus financially what they needed help with and sent dozens of them money through Venmo. The selfless action gave us an insight into Paige as a human being instead of just a wrestling personality.

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12Having Her Own Store


Paige launched her own store under her real name as a new way to make money outside of wrestling. The Saraya Store is both a physical store in California and an online store for others to get ordered shipped. Paige is selling clothing of her own designs and line to try to create a new platform for success.

11Partnered With Hot Topic To Launch Makeup Collection


Another similar project of Paige extending her reach outside of wrestling saw her partnering up with Hot Topic. The brand showed an interest in wrestlers as seen with Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Paige’s makeup line is called Saraya Jade Cosmetics and it’s a huge sign of success to partner with a huge brand this early.

10Great Run As Smackdown GM


WWE’s first move with Paige after her retirement was placing her in a new role as Smackdown General Manager. Many fans were skeptical since that role requires a unique character that doesn’t grow stale, but Paige hit a home run. It felt rare to have a face authority figure that wanted to improve the show and didn’t take over segments from talent. WWE, unfortunately, ended Paige’s run when scrapping the GM concept.

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9Managed Asuka And Kairi Sane


Paige was excited about getting the opportunity to manage Paige and Kairi Sane as the Kabuki Warriors. Both ladies needed something new and WWE felt Paige could cut promos for them due to the language barrier. The fit wasn’t right, but it did start the outstanding tag run of Kairi and Asuka.

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8Betrayed With Mist


The end of Paige’s time with the Kabuki Warriors saw Asuka give her the most savage farewell. Asuka used her green mist to spray Paige in the face as the two parties cut ties. WWE felt the Kabuki Warriors would work better as heels and it was hard to argue against the results.

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7Movie About Her Life


The ultimate sign of success for Paige in wrestling was The Rock wanting to make a movie about her life. Fighting with My Family was released in early 2019 and received great reviews. Paige did lots of press tours promoting the movie and provided her input to help make the best movie possible.

6Huge Part Of Backstage Panel


FOX investing a lot of money into WWE saw the Tuesday night talk show Backstage becoming an important product. Paige was one of the names selected to have a frequent role on the show along with Renee Young, Booker T and Christian. CM Punk eventually joined the show and Paige’s genuine shock was a top highlight in the show’s short history so far.

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WWE showed they still found value in Paige outside of the ring by negotiating a new contract when her prior deal expired. Both sides were clear that they wanted to continue working together. Paige signed a multi-year contract to continue appearing as a personality in WWE. The fact that Paige wasn’t one of the names recently fired adds further proof WWE wants her around in the long haul.

4Had Emergency Surgery


Paige had an emergency surgery in March of 2020 that was not expected at all. The wrestling injuries of Paige already made her have a few procedures, but this was completely different. Paige needed the emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. The surgery was successful, and Paige is already back on the Backstage show most weeks.

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3New Relationship With Singer


Prior relationships of Paige created controversial stories in the wrestling world. However, the superstar is now dating a singer outside of the wrestling business. Ronnie Radke of Escape the Fate and Paige have been together for over a year now. The two were first spotted together attending an Orlando Magic basketball game.

2Holding Out Hope For A Return


Paige is still at the point where she hopes for the slight chance of getting cleared to compete again. Daniel Bryan and Edge both came back from career-ending injuries despite WWE believing they’d never clear them again. Paige revealed after both scenarios that she felt inspired and hopes she can join them with a similar comeback story one day.

1Drama With Triple H


Triple H got into hot water when making controversial comments about Paige. The attempted joke saw him making fun of Paige’s wild reputation by saying she may have kids she didn’t know of. Paige was upset at her boss making such a disrespectful comment even in a joking sense. Triple H issued a public apology after seeing it upset Paige.