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Bayley WWE paparazzi Hottest pictures and video Bio, Age Real Life

Bayley WWE paparazzi Hottest pictures and video Bio, Age Real Life

Pamela Rose Martinez, also known as Bayley, is an American professional wrestler. She is a four-time women’s champion in WWE and is recognized as the first woman to achieve Triple Crown and Grand Slam Championship in WWE history.

Since her wrestling career began in 2008, she has gained a lot of fame and fans. She once wrote in her high school, “Sports is serious to me…I want to be a women’s champion.” Likewise, she put her passion and obsession in sports and did win the titles in the championship. Bayley is one of the few female Latin-American wrestlers.

Moreover, she was listed as number one 1 in the 2020 PWI top 100 women’s wrestlers list.

Before digging a little deeper about her life, let’s have a look at quick facts.


Bayley | Childhood

Martinez grew up in Newark, California, to her Mexican parents. Her mother, Ann B, gave birth to Bayley on June 15, 1989. Her father’s name has not been revealed. She grew up alongside her three siblings, Melissa, Brenda Marie, and Manuel.

Martinez attended Independence High School, where she was actively involved in sports. From basketball to volleyball, she is very devoted to sports. While some girls dreamt about butterflies and teddy bears, she dreamt about punching and kicking.

Furthermore, her bedroom walls were filled with posters of The Rock, the Hardy Boys, Lita, and Randy Savage. As a part of her school’s assignment, she has written numerous essays regarding sports. For instance, in an interview, she said she would write about WrestleMania, where it was staged that year.

Bayley spent her childhood watching WWE and was glued to the TV once she saw Randy Savage making his entrance.

Although her father and siblings were supportive of her choice, she recalls her mother took a lot of convincing. She would not even let Bayley watch it on TV.

Today, her mother is Bayley’s number one fan and attends each show of hers.

Bayley | Career

Chasing her dream to be a wrestler, she started training at the age of 18. Her head trainer would call her mother, seeking permission for the training. Her mother knew all she wanted to do was wrestle; she finally gave in.

Bayley had been attending Big Time Wrestling’s show since she was 11. Thus, she attended Big Time Wrestling’s training classes in April 2008 and was trained by Jason Styles every week.

Bayley | Independent Circuit

After months of training, she made her debut in September 2008. For the independent circuit, she wrestled under the name Davina Rose. She wrestled for Big Time Wrestling till 2012.

Besides, she also wrestled for NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Shine Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Destination between 2011 and 2012.

In October 2011, she made her Shimmer Women Athletes debut.

Unfortunately, she lost all four matches. In 2012, she won her first game at the age of 23. She defeated Melanie Cruise and Mena Libra in Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 48.

She signed her contract with WWE in December 2012.

Bayley | WWE

In January 2013, she made her WWE’s developmental territory NXT at a live event debut. She wrestled under a mask and adopted the ring name “Bayley.” She made her NXT television debut but lost to Paige on March 20.

Bayley WWE paparazzi Hottest pictures and video Bio, Age Real Life


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Bayley WWE paparazzi Hottest pictures and video Bio, Age Real Life

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