Randy Orton is back at the top of WWE as the most ruthless heel on the Raw brand. The feud with Edge saw Orton getting the better of him in their 45-minute match and starting his motivation to return back to the villain that showed no mercy. Orton has started to brutally attack legends more frequently like his early days in WWE as the “Legend Killer.”

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Quite a few iconic names felt the wrath of Orton with some of the attacks standing out more than others. Orton built a reputation for having the savage side of his heel character come out in the form of beating up beloved icons. Without further ado, let’s find out which segments are worth seeking out when it comes to Orton’s most vicious attacks on legends in WWE.

Randy Orton WWE Top 10 OMG Attacks On Legends photos and video

10Hulk Hogan

The 2006 rivalry between Hulk Hogan and Randy Orton was viewed as disappointing due to the SummerSlam match, but the build was not bad. Orton started the issues by flirting with Hulk’s daughter, Brooke, to create tension.

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Hogan was shocked in the parking lot area when Orton came out of nowhere to hit the RKO on him on the hood of a car. Orton set his sight on the biggest legend at the time to set up the SummerSlam attraction. The match was a bore with the old Hogan winning again.

9Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s WWE contract expiring at the start of 2020 saw him finally being used on television for a noteworthy storyline. Randy Orton’s attack on Edge one night after Edge returned to WWE upset Edge’s old rival Matt.

The comments from Matt saw him calling out Orton for delivering such a cowardly attack. Orton responded by destroying Matt in the ring in back to back weeks with the always scary moment of a con-chair-to in the ring.

8Dusty Rhodes

There were layers to the storytelling of Randy Orton attacking Dusty Rhodes. Orton disrespecting Dusty led to a Texas Bull Rope match at the Great American Bash 2007 event. The violent match saw Orton physically destroying the older legend.

Cody Rhodes made the save after the match to prevent Orton from kicking Dusty in the head. However, this interaction laid the foundation for Cody joining Randy’s Legacy faction a little later. Orton once again hit an RKO on Dusty a year later when Legacy was formed with Cody having to accept it.

7Sgt. Slaughter

WWE used Sgt. Slaughter in storylines or one-off appearances that required a legend quite often since he worked backstage for years. Slaughter was once again selected when WWE needed a legend to put Randy Orton over.

Raw Roulette saw Orton chosen to have a “Legend Killer match” with Slaughter selected by Eric Bischoff. Orton lived up to his moniker by defeating Slaughter and adding him to the list of legends attacked. Slaughter challenged Orton again in the future and was punted in the head for his troubles.

6Ric Flair

The most recent example of Randy Orton returning to form saw his storyline with Ric Flair playing out. Flair started managing Orton shortly after his win over Edge and created an issue with Kevin Owens for a match Orton didn’t want.

The aftermath saw Orton verbally berating his former mentor before dropping him with a low blow. Orton punted Flair in the head to write him off television with the lights flickering to stop the visual from being filmed due to The Retribution’s presence.

5Triple H

Triple H was already considered a legend by the time Randy Orton delivered his most brutal attack on his former Evolution mentor. The specific attack in question saw Orton getting the better of Triple H before handcuffing him to the ring ropes.

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Stephanie McMahon arrived to try to save her husband before realizing the predicament. Orton delivered a DDT to Stephanie to leave her unconscious on the mat. The moment Orton kissed Stephanie as Triple H looked on in rage while cuffed sold the story of their feud.

4The Undertaker

The Undertaker was the one legend that was very hard for Randy Orton to kill in 2005. WrestleMania 21 saw them having a great match with Undertaker extending his undefeated streak adding another year on the record.

Orton moved to SmackDown and feuded with Undertaker for the first of the year. The most brutal attack from Orton saw him setting a casket on fire with Undertaker inside of it. Orton would see Undertaker making his return and getting revenge in a Hell in a Cell match.

3Vince McMahon

Randy Orton’s 2009 push as the most dominant heel in WWE started with an attack on Vince McMahon. The punishment from Vince for Orton crossing the line led to Orton snapping. Vince was attacked by Orton leading to one of the most vicious punts from The Viper.

This created the storyline that saw Orton protecting his job status by winning the Royal Rumble match and challenging Triple H to make his war on the McMahon family more personal. Vince sold the punt perfectly to make Orton come as a truly sadistic heel.


The back-to-back attacks on Edge and Christian saw Randy Orton returning to his old Legend Killer mentality. Christian made his first in-ring appearance in years to challenge Orton in defense of his best friend getting injured by The Viper.

Ric Flair hitting Christian with a low blow allowed Orton to deliver a punt to the head of one of his greatest rivals. Christian was stretchered out as Orton helped them and pretended to show concern after the brutal attack.

1Mick Foley

Mick Foley still stands out as the legend Randy Orton benefited the most from attacking. The hardcore legend was blindsided by Orton at a Raw episode in Madison Square Garden. Orton got the better of Foley before kicking him down a flight of stairs.

Another interaction ended with Orton spitting in the face of Foley to torment him verbally and emotionally before setting up a match. Orton defeated Foley in the violent encounter that featured barbed wire, thumb tacks, and various other weapons.